Netflix’s ‘Daredevil’ Season 3 Trailer Finally Introduces Bullseye to the Series

Daredevil has played a major part in expanding the Netflix-verse’s roster of classic Marvel characters. The first season brought us the Kingpin, aka Wilson Fisk, followed later by the introduction of The Hand, Elektra, and The Punisher. And now with its third season just a matter of days away, there’s an intriguing new arrival: Bullseye.

At New York Comic-Con over the weekend, the Netflix show officially announced the addition of the psycho assassin in the new season. The mysterious villain will be played by Wilson Bethel (How To Get Away With Murder). While Bullseye’s comic book origins are a little more mysterious, in the show his real name will be Benjamin Poindexter, an FBI agent, and ace marksman.

The footage shown during the panel insinuated a troubled history for Poindexter that Fisk will be manipulated to his advantage, whispering that no one else understands him. It’s worthwhile to note that in the comics, Benjamin Poindexter is actually just an alias used by Bullseye who has never officially been given a civilian alter ego–so this season really has an open runway as far as its story is concerned.

The trailer teases how Daredevil Season 3 will include homages to a key storyline in the comics where a masked man wearing the Daredevil outfit starts impersonating the real Daredevil, Matt Murdock, and committing crimes to ruin his image.

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