Top Highlights Of 2023: Hip-Hop Mourns The Passing of Gangsta Boo

Gangsta Boo

Gangsta Boo, the talented member of Three 6 Mafia, tragically met her untimely demise on January 1, 2023. As SOHH reflects on the top 23 stories of 2023, the loss of Gangsta Boo comes to mind and continues to impact many within the hip-hop community. Her sudden passing at the age of 43 deeply impacted fans who still mourn her presence today.

23. R.I.P. Gangsta Boo

As 2023 slowly comes to a close, SOHH reflects on the loss of Gangsta Boo, which took place at the beginning of the year. The late rapper’s death continues to impact many within the hip-hop community.

The late Gangsta Boo rose to prominence as a member of Three 6 Mafia, leaving an indelible mark on the rap industry. Sadly, on New Year’s Day, the music world was shaken when news broke of her passing.

The rapper’s cause of death was revealed through an autopsy, pointing to a fatal combination of fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol. 

Crunchy Black Calls Out Late Rapper’s Brother

Throughout the year, new details surrounding Gangsta Boo’s death emerged, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding her untimely departure. 

Rapper and former member of Three 6 Mafia, Crunchy Black emerged with controversial allegations, claiming that Gangsta Boo’s brother, E Gutta, played a role in her demise. Crunchy Black took to Instagram to share screenshots of a text supposedly written by an individual who had been incarcerated with Gutta, implicating him in her death.

R.I.P. Takeoff

The loss of Gangsta Boo adds to the string of heartbreaking tragedies that the hip-hop community has witnessed in recent years. In 2022, the world mourned the loss of Takeoff, one of the founding members of Migos, who tragically lost his life at the age of 28 in a shooting incident in Houston, TX. 

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Russell Simmons Talks Taking Multiple Lie Detector Tests & Addresses ‘Deadbeat Dad’ Allegations

During the latest episode of In Depth with Graham Bensinger, Russell Simmons addressed his sexual assault allegations, disclosing that he underwent nine lie detector tests. The Def Jam co-founder also confronted allegations of being a “deadbeat dad.”

‘I Took Nine Lie Detector Tests, People Don’t Know That’

Russell Simmons has recently spoken out about the sexual assault allegations against him. 

In the interview with In Depth with Graham Bensinger, released on Dec. 6, the longtime music executive opened up about his decision to take nine lie detector tests. Simmons explained that he felt compelled to take a test for every serious accusation against him. Simmons stressed that he had never been violent and had never apologized for assaulting anyone. 

However, faced with claims from multiple individuals, he felt it necessary to address these allegations through polygraph tests.

“I took nine lie detector tests, people don’t know that,” said Simmons, who was first accused of sexual assault in 2017. Nine separate , seven from the Chairman of the Polygraph Association. One for each and serious accusation,” Simmons said. 

Since 2017, a total of 18 women have come forward with allegations against Simmons, ranging from inappropriate behavior in the workplace to instances of assault and rape. 

‘Violent’ Allegations

Simmons also said that he took one test per “violent” allegation or per claim that he felt could be compounded because several accusers said the same. He explained:

“When someone said, for instance, ‘I was violent,’ one person said that — and I’ve never been violent. Took that. And one said I apologized. I never apologized about assaulting anyone. But if two people say it, because one said it, and #metoo, and the second person said it, then I took a test for it.”

Footage of women who accused Simmons of rape and sexual assault were shown during the interview and each described what happened to them. Users on Twitter (X) reacted to the claims number women and the amount of sexual partners Simmons confessed to have, which he says is over 1,000. 

One user named @eeshgeebor commented “I mean, he moved to a country with a no extradition treaty. If that doesn’t say guilty I don’t know what does,” and one other user named @Yaboit80sbaby commented, “I would think that’s low for Russell Simmons but some of the stories that’s come out about him are cringing!” 

The ‘Deadbeat Dad’ Allegations

Simmons also addressed the allegations of him being a “deadbeat dad.” 

“They know that I love them unconditionally, I can’t unlove them. It’s very hurtful, but you know what my job is? There’s nothing that I can do to convince anyone nor should I need to convince people. I have not responded to any of the negative stuff in the media, the attacks, at all,” Simmons said. 

Simmons also said he is not a deadbeat since he has paid $50,000 a year for 20 years in child support and that he has to talk to his children behind ex-wife Kimora Lee Simmons’ back. 

One user named @heacybagofrice commented, “bull, the youngest is  on tiktok and exposing his  crappy ways.” 

Family Feud

In June 2023, Simmons’ daughter, Ming Lee Simmons, stirred controversy when she excluded any mention of her father in her Father’s Day tribute on social media. This public omission raised questions about the relationship dynamics within the Simmons family and sparked a wave of speculation and discussions on social media.

Updated By: Chris Samuel (12/7/23 at 6:50 pm)

Russell Simmons Takes Lie Detector Test & Challenges Accusers, Results Come In

Music mogul Russell Simmons is really out here saving his image. The hip-hop icon has reportedly taken a lie detector test in an effort to respond to rape accusations with evidence showing he’s in the clear.

According to reports, Simmons took a polygraph test Wednesday (December 13) in Los Angeles to address a recent sexual assault accusation from model Keri Claussen Khalighi.

According to Simmons’ attorneys, Michael Sterling and E. Carlos Tanner, Simmons passed with flying colors, and plans to repeat the test for allegations made by 4 other women. They say Russell will release all the results once he’s completed the tests. Russell and his legal team are inviting any of his accusers, including Khalighi, to also take a polygraph. (TMZ)

A few hours ago, Simmons went to social media and promised to fight back against the growing sexual attack claims.

This week, multiple women stepped up and singled Russell out over sexual misconduct.

Following the latest accusations, Simmons immediately came forward with a statement to deny the graphic claims.

Originally Written By: SOHH Squad

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Kodak Black Arrested On Cocaine Possession & Other Charges

Kodak Black

Kodak Black has once again found himself in legal trouble. The South Florida rapper was recently arrested for cocaine possession and other charges.

Kodak Black Arrested

Kodak Black, whose real name is Bill Kapri, is facing charges of possession of cocaine and tampering with physical evidence. This arrest adds to Kodak’s list of legal troubles and his recent saga of arrests, further fueling the controversies surrounding the artist.

On Dec. 7, the “Walk” rapper was arrested in Plantation, Florida, and was subsequently booked into the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. The specific details of his arrest have not been disclosed to the public at this time. 

Kodak’s Past Legal Woes

However, this arrest marks another setback for the rapper, who has made headlines for his previous brushes with the law.

The recent arrest is not the first time that Kodak has faced legal issues. In July 2022, he was arrested in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, on charges of possession of a controlled substance and trafficking oxycodone. His lawyer, Bradford Chen, had alleged that the arrest was a cover-up and sought a dismissal. 

Users on Twitter (X) reacted to Kodak’s arrest, with many not being surprised. One user named @Cejezy commented, “Bro can’t go a whole year without getting in trouble,” and one other user named @Troyse1 joked by commenting, “Trump is not coming to save him this time,” referring to former United States president Donald Trump pardoned him in January 2020.

Is Kodak OK?

On October 24, during an interview with Drink Champs, the South Florida rapper was seen exhibiting signs of being under the influence. His speech was slurred, and he appeared unable to sit still. Fans took to social media to express their worries, questioning why the hosts, N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, decided to have Kodak on the show, given its promotion of alcohol and marijuana use.

‘Kodak Black Day’

On a more positive note, in November 2023, Kodak Black received an honor from Palm Beach County, Florida, as he was awarded his own “Kodak Black Day.” During the ceremony, he sported a blue jacket and hat featuring the slogan “Make America Great Again,” associated with former President Donald Trump. 

YSL Mondo Faces Drug Charges

Another rapper who recently faced drug-related charges is YSL Mondo. In August 2023, he was arrested in Georgia on multiple drug and gun charges after a search conducted at his residence.

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Yo Gotti Returns To School To Study Business At UCLA

Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti has made an unexpected announcement. The CMG music mogul will return to school to study business at the prestigious University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). This surprising move marks a new chapter for the rapper as he seeks to expand his knowledge and skills in business.

Business Casual Gotti 

Yo Gotti is officially set to pursue business studies at the esteemed University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

UCLA Anderson School of Management, where the Untrapped artist will be studying, ranks among the top 20 business schools in the country, according to the U.S. News & World Report. Gottil’s chosen “Corporate Valuation” course will equip him with analytical tools relevant to valuing projects, corporations, mergers and acquisitions, and more. 

Back 2 School

Professor Lori Santikian will be leading the course, which explores the impact of real options on investment decisions and how to identify and value them. 

Upon completing the course, Gotti and his classmates will gain the expertise to conduct comprehensive equity valuations using both qualitative strategic analysis and quantitative financial analysis. This new knowledge will undoubtedly benefit Gotti as he continues to navigate the music industry and his various business ventures.

While the start date for Gotti’s classes has not been disclosed, this decision showcases his commitment to personal growth and education. By enrolling at UCLA, Gotti demonstrates that he is not only focused on his successful music career but also expanding his horizons and acquiring valuable knowledge in a different field.

Gotti Ventures 

In other major news, Yo Gotti recently surprised his fans by announcing a highly anticipated sequel mixtape with DJ Drama on Twitter (X). 

The duo will release I Showed U So, a follow-up to their 2006 Gangsta Grillz branded mixtape, I Told U So. This upcoming release further solidifies Gotti’s influence in the music industry.

Yak Attack For Higher Education

This move to pursue further education mirrors the decision made by fellow rapper Kodak Black earlier this year. During the Super Bowl weekend, Kodak revealed his plans to enroll at Alabama State University (ASU) to work on his major after completing the necessary prerequisites.

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Sauce Walka Hospitalized After High-Speed Police Chase

Sauce Walka

Sauce Walka recently found himself in a dangerous situation as he was involved in a high-speed police chase in Houston. The rapper reportedly reached speeds of 130 miles per hour in an attempt to flee from police, ending in a violent crash. 

Sauce Walka In High-Speed Chase

Sauce Walka, whose real name is Albert Walker Mondane, was recently involved in a high-speed police chase in Houston, TX. 

After reaching speeds of 130 miles per hour, Sauce Walka’s reckless attempt to evade police ended in a violent crash that left him hospitalized. The court documents detail his evasion from law enforcement for over two miles before the harrowing accident. The vehicle involved in the chase was a Trackhawk, which tumbled over four times, leaving Sauce Walka to be sent to the hospital and handcuffed to a hospital bed. 

‘I Appreciate Y’all’

Despite his confinement, the rapper’s spirits remain high as he addressed his fans through a phone call on Instagram. In the call, he stated:

“I wanna tell all my fans, I appreciate y’all for y’alls   Right now I’m incarcerated, I should be getting out soon, Imma drop a video for y’all.. I know ya’ll miss me. It might drop tonight or tomorrow.” 

The news of Sauce Walka’s incident quickly spread, prompting an outpouring of support and calls for his freedom from his fans. 

Many took to social media writing, “Free Sauce Walka,” as one fan named Ocho_Loko wrote, “I can’t lie that Sauce Walka news hurts. That TSF Rico plus pure stupidity prolly bout to take away one of the most talented artists Houston ever seen.”

His first court appearance is scheduled for Friday, Dec. 8, where the charges of evading arrest or detention – motor vehicle, watercraft, or tire deflation device will be addressed. 

Legal Woes

This is not the rapper’s first encounter with legal troubles, as he has previously faced affiliation-related issues.

 In 2022, Sauce Walka’s crew, the Sauce Factory, faced a RICO charge involving drug trafficking, gun possession, and a “glock switch.” However, Sauce Walka himself was not directly implicated in the case. The FBI charged more than ten members of the Sauce Factory with the RICO offenses.

Tiffany Haddish Arrested

Another celebrity who recently found herself involved in legal troubles stemming from incidents with cars is comedian Tiffany Haddish. She was arrested on DUI charges in Beverly Hills, California, shortly after Thanksgiving, marking her second DUI dispute.

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Soulja Boy Makes Fashion Moves With New SODMG Store

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy is making headlines once again. The rapper/entrepreneur has introduced his successful clothing brand, SODMG, to the iconic Melrose Ave in Los Angeles.

SODMG On Melrose

In an exciting Instagram post on Dec. 3, Soulja Boy couldn’t contain his excitement as he shared the news of his new Melrose Ave clothing store. Inviting fans to visit and shop, he wrote:

“I got my own store. Worked so hard for this. Dm for address, first come first serve. Grand opening soon. If you come now I got drip for you.” Just two days later, he announced the official opening of the store, stating, “Dreams do come true. My store opens this Friday. LA. Dm for addy if u wanna shop today and tomorrow.” 

Soulja Boy has poured his heart and soul into this new venture. The “Lamb Flow” rapper’s brand, SODMG, which stands for Stacks on Deck Entertainment, first launched online in 2021. Now, with the opening of the Melrose Ave store, fans can experience the SODMG lifestyle in person. 

Soulja Boy Style

The store is expected to carry a variety of fashionable items, including tracksuits, hoodies, and accessories. With affordable prices ranging from $20 to $75, SODMG aims to make hip-hop fashion accessible and stylish for everyone.

The support for Soulja Boy’s new store has been overwhelming. Fans flooded his Instagram posts with congratulatory messages, expressing their excitement for the grand opening. One user named @just.jerneal wrote, “Congratulations!!!! Wishing you a long life of prosperity.” 

Soulja Boy’s Ventures

This expansion into retail is just the latest addition to the Chicago native’s impressive list of business ventures. 

In 2022, he made history as the first rapper to have his shoe line with the Italian company Alive Shoes. Additionally, Soulja Boy has been involved in various business endeavors, including his Soulja Stars shoes, Exotic Pop, SODMG record label, and his video game console. 

Rihanna x PUMA

The intersection of hip-hop and fashion is constantly evolving, with artists making impactful crossovers in the fashion industry. Recently, it was announced that singer and business mogul Rihanna would be collaborating with PUMA for her highly-anticipated shoe collection.

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WATCH: Joe Budden Apologizes to NBA YoungBoy for Calling Him Trash

Joe Budden Blasts ‘Fresh & Fit’ Podcast: “I See Why They Hate Some of You Having Microphones”

Joe Budden is owning up to his “NBA YoungBoy is trash” take and apologizing. Returning on the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, Budden admitted to owing the rapper an apology.

“I owe him an apology,” Budden said. “He don’t even bother nobody. And the pod was over. I was in my notes. My notes is for my brain. That ain’t to put out there like that and if you’re gonna have the conversation, there’s a much better way to articulate what you’re tryna say and have the conversation. That’s just lazy to do that at the end of the pod.”

You can hear Budden’s full message below.

NBA YoungBoy is letting fans know there are no hard feelings toward Joe Budden. Speaking in a video released overnight, YoungBoy states everything is entertainment.

Joe Budden, I love you bruh,” YoungBoy said. “They don’t understand our plot twist. It was strictly for us to do an interview after that. Don’t take us too serious, everything is for entertainment.”

Joe Budden and NBA Youngboy went back and forth over a few days. Their rift began after Budden delivered his opinion on Youngboy’s music during episode 680 of his self-titled podcast.

“You ready to tell the truth about NBA Youngboy,” Budden said. “That nigga is trash. He is horrible. He is horrible. He is really, really, really, really, really bad.”

For clarity, Budden’s co-host Ish asked if he was speaking about music or as a person. “I don’t know him as a person, I’m only speaking about the music,” Budden replied. He then details how he is a star due to a record label push, which he seems to have backed away from.

The post WATCH: Joe Budden Apologizes to NBA YoungBoy for Calling Him Trash first appeared on The Source.

The post WATCH: Joe Budden Apologizes to NBA YoungBoy for Calling Him Trash appeared first on The Source.

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Today in Hip-Hop History: The Notorious B.I.G.’s Posthumous Third LP ‘Born Again’ Dropped 23 Years Ago

tumblr ac90ef634f0cb2d633af08d2fe8a0d34 06601417 500

On this day in Hip Hop history, the late Notorious B.I.G. released his second posthumous album, Born Again. This project was a compilation album featuring old recorded verses over newer beats with guest features. The album had a high reception rate, debuting at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart and selling 485,000 albums in the first week. It sold so well that it was certified double platinum a month and seven days after its release.

The album’s critical reception was mixed, to say the least. Many critics were stuck in between whether this album was merely a way for Bad Boy Records to cash in on an opportunity or a tribute album to arguably the best rapper of all time. Rolling Stone wrote that the “album won’t damage his legacy, but Born Again won’t improve that legacy much either.” Late in 2004, the magazine stated that “The posthumous Born Again proved Biggie was still dead, but his place in the MCs Hall of Fame remains untouchable.” Whether or not these reviews ring true to listeners is up for debate, but what is certain is that the star-studded cast of features on this project definitely helped Biggie flex his abilities even from the grave. Features on the project included greats such as Busta Rhymes, Redman, Method Man, Missy Elliott, Ice Cube, and Snoop Dogg and although these are titans of rap, none of them were able to outshine the Notorious B.I.G. For Biggie fans, this project was a gift from the afterlife. It has become a must-have among all diehard fans of the late king of New York.  The album made appearances on the top music charts all over the world and has sales that continuously increase due to the successes of Biggie in his life. After this project, Bad Boy released one last posthumous album titled Duets: The Final Chapter in 2005.

The post Today in Hip-Hop History: The Notorious B.I.G.’s Posthumous Third LP ‘Born Again’ Dropped 23 Years Ago first appeared on The Source.

The post Today in Hip-Hop History: The Notorious B.I.G.’s Posthumous Third LP ‘Born Again’ Dropped 23 Years Ago appeared first on The Source.

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Today In Hip Hop History: Cam’Ron Dropped His ‘Purple Haze’ Album 19 Years Ago

tumblr b49a954f85799717688c0ddc5312df82 69f3cf1a 1280

On this date in 2004, Cam’Ron released his fourth solo album entitled ‘Purple Haze’ released on the Diplomats, Roc-A-Fella, and Def Jam imprints.

This was the first solo album from the Dipset capo following the Dipset craze, where he switched from his obsession with the color pink to the more regal purple. Songs such as the anthemic “Down And Out” featuring a fairly new artist named Kanye West and Syleena Johnson, “Bubble Music” and “Adrenaline” featuring Twista and Psycho Drama help to popularize the highly anticipated album that took about a year to be released following several label delays during the Roc-A-Fella break up.

The album was propelled by samples from old soul and reggae music, which only helped to add to the LP’s popularity.

Salute to Cam, Dipset, and everyone involved with this timeless Hip Hop gem!

The post Today In Hip Hop History: Cam’Ron Dropped His ‘Purple Haze’ Album 19 Years Ago first appeared on The Source.

The post Today In Hip Hop History: Cam’Ron Dropped His ‘Purple Haze’ Album 19 Years Ago appeared first on The Source.

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50 Cent Compares Rick Ross to Diddy by Recalling Drugging Lyric in “U.O.E.N.O”

50 Cent Eyes Revolt Purchase After Diddy Stepped Down as CEO

50 Cent and Rick Ross are back at it again. Their ever-existing beef escalated after 50 joked on Ross and Meek Mill’s joint album sales. Rozay responded, which now receives an answer of 50, comparing The Biggest Boss to Diddy.

50 posted Ross’ controversial lyrics from his feature on Rocko’s “U.O.E.N.O.,” which Rozay rapped about drugging a woman. 50 connected Ross’ bars to recent drugging and rape accusations levied against Diddy. He then posted an image of the two together. You can see the post below.

Previously, 50 said in a video, “If you sell 31,009 CDs, I shouldn’t talk to you,” referencing the album sales. Ross made a more pointed statement.

“Got a DM say, ‘Rozay, we believe 50 Cent just made a comment about you online,’” Ross said. “I said, ‘Y’all don’t know 50 Cent like I do. He wouldn’t do that.’ For one, his bitch Dreamchasers. She been a Dreamchasers bitch for many years, still is. That’s when she told me I was her favorite.”

The post 50 Cent Compares Rick Ross to Diddy by Recalling Drugging Lyric in “U.O.E.N.O” first appeared on The Source.

The post 50 Cent Compares Rick Ross to Diddy by Recalling Drugging Lyric in “U.O.E.N.O” appeared first on The Source.

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