Machine Gun Kelly Drops His ‘Binge’ EP, Releases ‘Lately’ Video

Machine Gun Kelly has packed his spitfire personality and rapid rhymes into his latest EP BINGE, now available on all digital platforms. The project comes during a high-profile time for the rapper who just made headlines with controversial diss track, “Rap Devil,” which debuted this week at #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 while also peaking at #1 on iTunes. Machine Gun Kelly emerged as a force to be reckoned with, unleashing his fury on the four-verse track. MGK also treats fans to an intensely personal video for the EP track, “Lately”. The expectedly dark video emphasizes the rapper’s present state of mind as he lyrically weaves in details of his life.

The eight-track project also features the single, “LOCO,” produced by BazeXX and SlimXX. Released last month, the song was accompanied by a haunting visual which featured a cameo by actor, Pete Davidson. Over the summer, MGK hosted his annual EST Festival in Butler, Ohio before joining Fall Out Boy on The M A N I A Tour. In addition to music, the Cleveland artist recently appeared as Tommy Lee in the upcoming Motley Crue biopic, The Dirt, and is set to star in Sandra Bullock’s new film, Bird Box. BINGE marks MGK’s first major effort since 2017’s bloom.

Check out MGK’s new EP Binge HERE

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TONIGHT! MC Lyte To Celebrate 30 Years In Hip-Hop With A Kennedy Center Concert

Thirty years ago on the 12th of this month, legendary Brooklyn rapper MC Lyte dropped her debut album Lyte As A Rock, which became the prototype for female emcees that could rock the mic better than some of the guys.

She’s the first female MC to be nominated for a Grammy Award as well as the first female MC to rock at the White House. Tonight (September 21), the Brooklyn, New Yorker will honor her debut with a special 30th-anniversary concert at Washington, D.C.’s Kennedy Center. Performing in the Eisenhower Theater, the event promises a full album performance with backing by a live band. Lyte will rock selections from her handfuls of other releases.

This Hip Hop show will be the latest of its kind in the Kennedy Center since Q-Tip took over the John F. Kennedy Center as the Performing Arts artistic director in early 2016.

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KXNG Crooked Reveals Now-Shelved Slaughterhouse Glass House Album Tracklisting

Kxng Crooked

Slaughterhouse‘s KXNG Crooked is giving fans a little hope. The hip-hop veteran has revealed a now-defunct Glass House group album actually existed.

Crooked went to Instagram Friday (September 21) and revealed a screenshot of Glass House’s partial tracklisting from 2015.

Recently, Slaughterhouse member Joell Ortiz recently talked about a fan interaction he had regarding his group’s breakup.

A few days ago, Shady Records boss Eminem talked about falling out with ex-Slaughterhouse member Joe Budden and putting his efforts into supporting the group.

“Me and Joe Budden, we’re not friends like that. We didn’t go to the same f*cking high school or something. So I get that part. But when I’m out here flying around to different places and doing interview sand trying to use my platform to pump up Slaughterhouse every chance I get and you’re using your platform to f*cking trash me. I’m one of the things that keeps this sh*t moving. You’re doing something, you’ve got a voice in hip-hop so you actually could be affecting the ship a little bit because you don’t owe me nothing. But I’ve never got into a f*cking interview and been like, ‘Joe Budden sh*t is f*cking trash. That last album he put out is f*cking trash.’ So that’s kind of the attitude I took to this whole album, Kamikaze. What if I gave everybody my opinion about them?” (The Kamikaze Interview Part 2)

Slim Shady also spoke on Slaughterhouse catching backlash during their time on the label.

“Where we had left it, about two years ago, was everybody came in and some of the guys in the group picked certain beats and some of the guys didn’t feel those beats were like the other beats and it was like definitely enough songs to put an album out but for the most part it wasn’t a complete picture because everybody wasn’t on the same page with what their favorite songs were. So I thought they were going to go back home, regroup and try to make a few more songs. I didn’t hear anything from that and at that point I started getting really deep with Revival. I was recording everyday. So a couple months go by and from what I understand it to be, what I was told, I didn’t hear this first-hand but Joe said ‘Slaughterhouse ain’t hot right now. We don’t have a buzz. We need to put out a mixtape.’ From that point, everybody started branching. Royce went and did his album. PRhyme. Everybody started doing their own solo sh*t so I thought they were just happy with that. They just wanted to work on their own albums for a while and we’d just come back and visit this or whatever. When we made the first Slaughterhouse album, Welcome to Our House, that was another album that I felt like, ‘Holy sh*t. People just literally trashed this. They trashed this album.’ It was a huge f*cking backlash. ‘Nah, this ain’t what we want to hear. It sounds too polished.’ You’re critiquing these guys that are f*cking wordsmiths.” (The Kamikaze Interview Part 2)

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Diddy, Nas, JAY-Z, Beyoncé, Pharrell & More Flex Black Excellence In Must-See Pic


New York rap mogul Diddy, Nas, JAY-Z, Beyoncé and more have social media’s attention. The group recently linked up for an incredible black excellence moment.

On Friday, iconic record label Def Jam shared the must-see pic across social media.

Last summer, Diddy shared his frustrations with the lack of industry execs not investing in black enterprises.

“You have these record companies that are making so much money off our culture, our art form, but they’re not investing or even believing in us,” says Combs of hip-hop’s commercial dominance, especially through streaming. “For all the billions of dollars that these black executives have been able to make them, [there’s still hesitation] to put them in the top-level positions. They’ll go and they’ll recruit cats from overseas,” he continues. “It makes sense to give [executives of color] a chance and embrace the evolution, instead of it being that we can only make it to president, senior VP. … There’s no black CEO of a major record company. That’s just as bad as the fact that there are no [black] majority owners in the NFL. That’s what really motivates me.” (Variety)

Diddy also referenced the massive results which come from black-owned ideas and rollouts.

“We only get 5% of the venture capital invested in things that are black owned — black-owned businesses, black-owned ideas, black-owned IP,” he says. “You can’t do anything without that money, without resources. But when we do get the resources, we over-deliver. When Adidas invests in Kanye and it’s done properly, you have the right results. When Live Nation invests in artists and puts them in arenas the same way U2 would be, you have the right results. ‘Black Panther,’ ‘Black-ish,’ fashion; it’s all about access. If you’re blocked out of the resources, you can’t compete. And that’s my whole thing — to be able to come and compete.” (Variety)

In a past GQ interview, Diddy revealed his plans to launch a new app with rap icon JAY-Z to help people locate black-owned operations.

He said he wants to develop an app that will allow users to look at a given city or neighborhood and see where the black-owned and black-friendly businesses are. He didn’t want to say too much about the app. It wasn’t finished. He didn’t have a name for it yet. “This is not about taking away from any other community,” he said. “We’ll still go to Chinatown. We’ll still buy Gucci!” He laughed. “But the application will make it possible for us to have an economic community. It’s about blacks gaining economic power.” He and Jay-Z have been talking about this, he said, about moving the race forward actively, by means of: making a lot of money and putting it back into the community. (GQ)

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Anderson .Paak Looks Unrecognizable In Flashback Pics: “Came A Mighty Long Way! Fat Boy Friday!”

Anderson .Paak

West Coast rapper Anderson .Paak is making the best out of this Flashback Friday. The hip-hop newcomer went to social media with a few must-see throwback shots.

.Paak hopped on Instagram Friday (September 21) and showed just how much his body’s changed since his high school days.

This week, .Paak revealed rap icon Dr. Dre mixed the entire studio project.

Earlier this month, Dre announced he had wrapped up production on the new LP.

Over the summer, .Paak dropped his cinematic-looking “Bubblin” video.

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Machine Gun Kelly Keeps Reminding Eminem Fans He’s Winning: “F**king Love You”

Machine Gun Kelly

Ohio rapper Machine Gun Kelly has a ton of support on his side. The hip-hop artist has come through to show just how hard his fans are riding behind him.

MGK went to Instagram Friday (September 21) with a screenshot showing his new Binge EP is sort of a big deal.

A few hours ago, Kells released his new “Lately” video.

Last night, Kells came through on dropping his new Binge EP project.

View this post on Instagram

BINGE EP drops at midnite. 😝😈

A post shared by BINGE EP 9.21.18 (@machinegunkelly) on

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BINGE EP. out now. 😝😈

A post shared by BINGE EP 9.21.18 (@machinegunkelly) on

This week, Kelly talked about his now-epic rap feud with Shady Records boss Eminem.

“The narrative is becoming a little unfair right now. I’m in a boxing ring with one person. I came as one person. I never asked Puff to retweet a thing. I never asked any of my celebrity friends to get on my side. I never asked them to comment under my pictures – I never asked for none of that. I stepped in a boxing ring by myself in which I was evoked to do and I just stepped up. And here is this audience throwing banana peels while I’m fighting – you fake edited boos into a performance of me performing ‘Rap Devil.’ Not only did I not get booed but every time for the last two weeks, Michigan included, I step out in the crowd after that song plays and walk through the entire arena. There is a video of this every single day and I have one person with me walking through. I give 10,000 people a chance everyday to do what they want to do, say what they wanna say, it’s me and one dude. I’ve done this for two weeks. You can’t edit the narrative to be what it’s not. I’ve seen fake edited ghostwriting credits. What are we doing? Your boy got – his knees are weak. You gotta stop it. I even see today, [‘Killshot’] is the most popular video on YouTube. Everyone wants to tune in. The legend just got punched in the mouth.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

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Drake and Migos Postpone Miami Shows

Drake and Migos’ trip to Miami has been postponed.

The rappers have delayed a pair of shows on their “Aubrey and the Three Migos Tour,” which were set for Friday (Sept. 21) and Saturday (Sept. 22) at Miami’s AmericanAirlines Arena. The concerts will now take place on Nov. 13 and 14.

The AA Arena made the announcement on Twitter, citing “circumstances beyond our control.”

This is the latest setback for the arena trek, which was originally set to kick off July 26, but was delayed twice due to production issues. It eventually kicked off Aug. 12 at Kansas City’s Spring Center. Drake also postponed his first of three hometown shows in Toronto to reportedly visit a young fan in the hospital.

The “Aubrey and the Three Migos Tour” is now set to continue on Sept. 24 in New Orleans before traveling to Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.

White African American History & Culture Museum Hip-Hop Exhibit Curator Sparks Twitter Debate

Facade of the new 'National Museum of African American History and culture' at night

Source: Allan Baxter / Getty

Twitter is ablaze with an ongoing debate about how Hip-Hop should be presented at the National African American History and Culture Museum, and by whom. Timothy Anne Burnside, a cultural historian and museum specialist with the Smithsonian, happens to be a white woman, and a question raised by a Twitter user has morphed into varying strands of opinions.

Twitter user @DJChubbESwagg caught wind of the fact that Burnside has been the curator of the museum’s ongoing Hip-Hop exhibit. On Thursday, he wrote, “THERE IS A WHITE WOMAN CURATING THE HIP HOP PART OF THE NMAAHC SMITHSONIAN?!?!?!?!?!?!? WHO LET THIS SH*T HAPPEN!?!?!”

From there, many of Burnside’s compatriots and colleagues have come to her defense despite getting a strong co-sign from Public Enemy’s Chuck D earlier this year when the exhibit was announced to the public. In @DJChubbESwag’s question, he pondered openly how Burnside became the best point person for such an exhibit, and he took on heavy criticism for his initial salvo.

From there, others began to chime in from all sides of the debate, largely supporting Burnside as a qualified figure for this venture

“that’s a wild thing to say. This is a museum created specifically to highlight Black people and our experience in America and you’re talking about diversity? Really? We crave inclusion and acceptance that much? God bless,” @StefIsDope wrote.

In contrast, Twitter user @_viciwill writes, “[N]o one said Timothy Anne wasn’t qualified to do this role. that’s not even what was up for discussion. the discussion was “were there no Black people who could have filled this role?” which is a valid question to ask about the curators of the Blackest museum in the US.”

A fair point that has been contended by some of Black Twitter’s more visible voices who supported Burnside, and bandied about by some who feel the point of @DJChubbESwagg’s question was missed overall.

“I don’t know the white woman curating the hip hop section in the NMAAHC, but I hear she is knowledgeable, respected, and an ally. But question is, wouldn’t a true ally feel it’s not their place to take a role such as that? As a straight male, I wouldn’t curate an LGBTQ exhibit,” @FredTJoseph wrote.

For context, Burnside has been collecting Hip-Hop related artifacts for the museum and the exhibit for years, including the late J Dilla’s MPC machine among other items since 2006.

She has built strong relationships in the music community and abroad and has been noted as someone who respects Black music and culture without centering herself in the work. She has remained relatively silent on the matter, while a quick look on @DJChubbESwagg’s page proves that the debate is still onging and “NMAAHC” is now trending on Twitter.

What are your thoughts? Is this debate worthy tackling? Sound off in the comments.

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London On Da Track, Wiz Khalifa and Taylor Bennett Help Busta Rhymes Crown The Doritos ‘Blaze The Beat’ Winner

London On Da Track took the Doritos Blaze The Beat Stage to give the crowd to give a taste of Atlanta.

The ATL producer was joined by Taylor Bennett, Wiz Khalifa as well as the campaign’s ambassador, Busta Rhymes. Both Bennett and Khalifa are fresh off new releases this summer. Wiz released Rolling Papers 2, while Taylor released his Be Yourself  EP a day before Wiz’s July 13th release. Bennett’s EP featured Atlanta rapper, Young Thug, who is a frequent collaborator with ATL producer, London Holmes a.k.a. London On Da Track. Atlanta has been prominent for grooming artists and producers such as Holmes and many others.

“We support each other. We all stick together,” said London. “With the city of Atlanta, we’re all a family.” Holmes is behind the boards on French Montana’s new Drake-assisted single, “No Stylist.”

View this post on Instagram

I performed no stylist it went up!

A post shared by Got My Beat From London (@londonondatrack) on

London looks to continue his success with the release of his upcoming album featuring Young Thug, Nicki Minaj, 21 Savage, Ty Dolla Sign and many more.

The Doritos Blaze The Beat Campaign launched in July to give up and coming emcees a chance to display their skills. Hundreds of up and coming artists submitted their verses to the beat, produced by Terrace Martin. Ultimately, five finalists were chosen to Blaze The Doritos Stage and be crowned champion at the festival’s pre-show.

After London and Taylor took the staged, they were followed by the five finalists.

Although there were five finalists, there could only be one winner. Busta Rhymes took the stage to crown Enoch Tolbert as the Doritos Blaze champion and the $50,000 bag.

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Fans Speculate True Release Date for ‘Tha Carter V’

All yesterday [September 20] fans anticipated Tha Carter V being released at midnight. Although there was never any official announcement from Lil Wayne himself, fans were adamant about such a notion — so much so that they found themselves highly disappointed in Lil Wayne when the album didn’t drop.

But here’s the catch. Floyd Mayweather took to Instagram posting the album cover art with the caption #21. James Harden then took to Instagram to post the album cover art with the caption #13. Odell Beckham Jr. posted the album cover art on his Insta-story, while Reginae Carter posted the album cover art with the caption #C5. All but Reginae posted and deleted leaving everyone to wonder if Carter V was set to be released at midnight on September 21st but some unforeseen obstacles postponed the release or if  Carter V was ever even going to be released on that date.

According to TMZ, a source close to Wayne explained, “the hype surrounding September 21 as the release date for Carter V was all generated by pure speculation that somehow morphed into conspiracies. Fact is … all Young Money did was tease the cover and NEVER once mentioned an album release date.”

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