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The Cult Leaders – Ipso Facto (Video)


Matlock and Dreamtek have dropped off the accompanying visual for their 2nd single Ipso Facto off of their high anticipated Oh Yeah LP which is now available. Watch below:




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Cult Leaders – “War On Drugs” (Single)

Chicago Hip Hop MCs Matlock and Dreamtek have joined forces in collaboration under stage name, The Cult Leaders.  Check out the Audio for their new track, War On Drugs; taking aim at vices in many forms, the two drop dope lyricism {For Promotional Use Only}.




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Bliss N Esso – Shakkafest

Last chance to grab some tickets for Shakkafest ! See you soon Gold Coast!

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Ty Mikado Teams Up With His Brother On New Single ‘Monster’

‘Monster’ is the latest offering from one of Australian Hip-Hop’s best-kept secret ’Ty Mikado’. Released digitally on all major platforms and accompanied by a dark masterpiece of a music video, complete with some levitation because, well why not? The video visually represents the feelings of depression and anxiety expressed throughout the lyrics of the track.


The instrumental was originally crafted by Sydney beatsmith ‘Patrick James’, who also happens to be Ty’s brother, with post-production on the beat performed by Mikado. The mix and master were executed by Ty at the Indigo Embassy, and the music video was even directed and edited by the man himself. So it seems it’s true, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself…

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Candace Owens Sends Out an Apology To Kanye West After He Denounces “Blexit” Movement

Many people had ambivalent feelings yesterday after Kanye West announced he’d be taking a step back from politics, also in the process admitting fault on his end in regards to his political alignment. Should we forgive? Is it a little too late? All of these things left former fans and current supporters in a state of confusion, but now the one looking for forgiveness is ‘Ye’s former (?) friend and fellow Trump supporter, Candace Owens.

Opening up in a long-winded blog post on her personal website, Owens decided to publicly apologize to Kanye for involving him in a movement that he didn’t particularly agree to be apart of. It’s a pretty extensive read, but here’s the part where she mentions the “Touch The Sky” MC directly:

“There are so many people in this world who love Kanye West because they know he is great and powerful and cool, but not every person in this world knows what it means to have someone’s rap lyrics literally save you.

The people that attended the BLEXIT launch do, however. The emotion in that room was real and was raw, and to them – like to me – Kanye is a literal superhero.

The moment we were building— a moment that included kids who had similar backgrounds and experiences to me; the moment that included people who had served prison sentences, grown up without fathers, were currently living in group homes, or took their first plane rides that day— was never about cameras or celebrities or press or designs. It was about superheroes. It was about the Herculean strength it takes to chase after your dreams when everyone tells you that they can’t be realized.

#BLEXIT was always about teaching those people to fly.

If I had to imagine what it would feel like to have a bullet pierce my heart, it would be exactly like the moment I learned Kanye told the world he felt I had used him.

I wouldn’t wish the way I felt last night upon my worst enemy.

I never once said that Kanye designed the t-shirts for BLEXIT. This is a lie that seems to have made its way around the world; a lie I would like to again correct for the record. Kanye was completely right to feel used in that regard and as I have done personally, I would like to publicly apologize to him for any undue stress or pain the effort to correct that rumor has caused him, his business relationships, or his family. He simply never designed them.

I am a leader, and I would like to lead in this moment by stating that any and all confusion relating to this topic is therefore my fault, entirely.

I would also like to publicly apologize to President Trump, as I know that Kanye’s tweets were rapidly misinterpreted as a shot to this administration.

His tweets were aimed at me and me only, rightfully, for my personal failings.
I bare full responsibility.”

Although she writes that she “never once said that,” take a look at the video below from the rally at hand that alludes to ‘Ye’s involvement in the “Blexit” design:

In the speech, Candance clearly states, “Blexit is a renaissance, and I am blessed to say, that this logo — these colors — were created by my dear friend and fellow superhero Kanye West.” It sounds a little like she’s skirting around the language, but anyone could take the speech above as a clear declaration that Kanye had some involvement in the design. Meanwhile, he’s maintaining that he had “nothing to do with it.”

Listen, fam…


Let us know what you think about Candace Owens’ apology to Kanye. Should she be forgiven? Should he be forgiven? Does he even want to be? Sound off with your opinions over on Facebook and Twitter to let us know.

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Day of the Dead: The Serial Killers Observe Día de Muertos with Sophomore Album

While October 31 is usually associated with Halloween,  it’s also celebrated by millions throughout the Americas as the start of the Day of the Dead (also known as Día de Muertos), which lasts until November 2. Traditions are a major part of Día de Muertos, with celebrants building private altars called ofrendas, in honor of the deceased, offering up flowers, calaveras (painted sugar skulls), foods, beverages, and other gifts.

While we aren’t dead (yet), The Serial Killers (a group comprised of Xzibit, B-Real, and Demrick) offered us the perfect gift this Day of the Dead- an album of the same name that delivers one of the best Hip-Hop experiences of 2018.

Contrary to popular belief, the Day of the Dead isn’t just about death (although paying homage to deceased family, friends, and relatives plays a large role), but it’s also largely about a spiritual journey, which is exactly what The Serial Killers deliver on Day of the Dead.

The Serial Killers couldn’t have chosen a better day to release an album that is darker in nature than most of the artists’ prior work, but with the right amount of beauty that showcases their range and talent. The multi-ethnic group effortlessly combines party rock anthems with political messages, segueing from pina coladas to police brutality in “(W)e (A)re (R)eady.” The variety from track to track keeps listener attention in a way that is borderline mystical.

Día de Muertos is about looking to the future as much as honoring the past. While The Serial Killers have all been in the game for a while, they take a break from the darker nature of the album, to introduce new artists Brevi and James Savage on “Fruit Punch.” Plus, it’s one of the few times that woodwind instruments have appeared on a Hip-Hop album.

A major Day of the Dead theme is family and the skill demonstrated on Day of the Dead shows three artists at the top of their game playing off of each other perfectly, creating the newest Hip-Hop family we didn’t know we were missing.

If Day of the Dead is any representation of The Serial Killers’ work to come, we can’t wait for the nest family reunion.


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10 Spooky Hip-Hop Tracks For Yours Tricks Or Treats #HappyHalloween

Moon Behind Trees At Night

Source: Jan Hakan Dahlstrom / Getty

Halloween is upon us and surely, the spirits will be taking over the streets and back blocks this evening while some of us will be door knocking with our costumed cuties. However, some of us might want some chills and thrills to go along with our night, and we’ve compiled a number of Hip-Hop tracks perfect for your night of tricking or treating.

Truth be told, we could probably list way more than 10 tracks, but we want to just go baseline with it and open up our comment section and social media accounts for more suggestions. Who knows, maybe you all will put us on to tunes we missed in our brief roundup. And as a fair warning, some of these tracks could be disturbing to some and we understand that so tread carefully.

Check out these 10 spooky (salute Jim Jones) Hip-Hop tracks for Halloween.

Photo: Getty

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YG Announces Triple One As Support For Australian Tour

YG has revealed that Sydney motley crew Triple One will be the national support for his Australian tour which will hit our shores in two short weeks.

Continuing their whirlwind year, sharing the stage with YG will be among the many highlights. Their breakout hit ‘Tarlo’ brought their vicious and volatile raps to the masses with an add-on triple j, leading the way for singles ‘Valentine Kid’ and ‘Showoff’ to follow. The crew boast over 600,000 monthly Spotify listeners and were crowned triple j unearthed’s Feature Artist of the Week in June.

YG will be joining us to launch his most recent, third studio album ‘STAY DANGEROUS’ released in August and features guest appearances from A$AP Rocky, Nicky Minaj, Ty Dolla Sign and more. The full length debuted at #5 on the US Billboard 200 – his third top ten in the US – with single ‘Big Bank’ going Platinum. In Australia, it debuted at #15 on the ARIA Album Charts.

The tour will coincide with his slot at Spilt Milk in Canberra which has sold out, making the national tour the only place to catch YG.

YG’s debut album ‘My Krazy Life’ dropped in 2014 with features from Drake and Schoolboy Q amongst its guests, sending the 14-tracker to number two on the album charts. His follow up ‘Still Brazy’ took a more political route, the viral, anti-Donald Trump single ‘FDT’ became an anthem during the presidential election in 2016. YG also entered the ARIA Top 20 charts in 2016 with Jeremih, featuring on his international knockout hit ‘Don’t Tell Em’.

Over his time in the music industry, YG’s collaborated with the best including Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and 50 Cent solidifying his heavyweight status.

YG heads back to Australia after his debut 2015 co-headline tour with long-time collaborator Ty Dolla $ign. His follow up 2017 tour sold-out in record time and forced a reschedule to accommodate all his die-hard fans. He then returned to the US to support Kendrick Lamar on the 15-date D.A.M.N tour, ensuring his incredible high energy live show is certified by the best.

Get ready to party this November as YG and triple One storm through the nation.


BBE & Complex AU present
Friday 16 November
Festival Hall, Melbourne – ALL AGES
Facebook event here

Saturday 17 November
Spilt Milk Festival, Canberra – SOLD OUT
Facebook event here

BBE, Fuzen, Sniffers & MaiFM present
Wednesday 21 November
Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland – 18+
Facebook event here

BBE & Complex AU present
Friday 23 November
Hordern Pavilion, Sydney – 18+
Facebook event here

BBE & Complex AU present
Sunday 25 November
Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane – 18+
Facebook event here

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Too $hort Hints At One Interesting New Theory About How He Thinks Eazy-E Died

Hip-Hop is full of fairy tales, fake news and a fair share of characters in the game — one of them being the always-entertaining ’90s rap icon Too $hort.

While promoting his new album The Pimp Tape that arrives next Friday (Nov 9), the veteran MC gave Page Six a head-turning exclusive in regards to the fate of Eazy-E, the former member of NWA who we all know tragically passed away in 1995 due to complication from AIDS. Or did he?

Here’s what Short exclusively told Page Six (“cryptically” as the publication put it) in regards to the fate of his departed fellow rapper friend:

“I don’t really want to get into that right now. But that is not how I think it happened. I just like to think of it like this: Since you brought up Eazy-E. Let’s say if there was no Eazy-E, how does that impact hip-hop? If you had no Eazy-E, you got no NWA, no Dr. Dre, no Ice Cube, no Tupac Death Row years…no Bone Thugs. No Aftermath, no 50 Cent, no Eminem — the way we know them. The branch that is called Eazy-E on the hip-hop tree is massive.”

While he didn’t really go into detail about what he really thinks happened, all this really does is add yet another salacious tale to the long history of Hip-Hop urban legends. What do you guys think? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter!

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Tasman Kieth Releases Debut EP ‘Mission Famous’

Following up the fire-spitting ode to personal triumph, My Pelopolees, Tasman Keith has flipped the table with the music video for Divided; a smooth flow about the harder times, depression and the blurred lines between shared experiences.

Divided was the final taste of Tasman Keith’s debut EP ‘Mission Famous‘ ahead of its release today, Friday, October 26. To celebrate it’s release Tasman is now the cover photo for the official Australian Hip Hop Spotify playlist, ‘All Aussie Hip Hop’. 


A loud voice in the fight for recognition, compassion and acceptance for individuals struggling through mental illness; Tasman takes the stories of those in his circle, combines them with his own personal stories and challenges his audience to find the line.

“Divided speaks from a standpoint in which I’m finding myself in the same position as many people do, dealing with depression and issues that are tough to face. Throughout the entire song, I dip in between speaking from a personal experience and taking the experience of others that I have seen be affected by these issues, people in my circle, family. The challenge for the listener is trying to find where that line is drawn, which parts are my truth and which parts are the truths of others,” said Tasman.

2017 marked a major milestone for Tasman; bursting on the independent hip-hop scene with his debut studio single ‘Might Snap’ which followed multiple underground mixtape releases since 2014. ‘Might Snap’ went into rotation across several community radio platforms including FBi Radio and received critical acclaim on triple j Unearthed. Shortly after, Tasman teamed up with ARIA nominated producer James Mangohig and Bad Apples Music’s Nooky to begin the process of compiling his debut studio EP.

Tasman has since shared the stage with renowned artists such as A. B. Original, Briggs, Birdz and Caiti Baker and performed at the Blue Mountain Music Festival and the Bad Apples Music House Party. Tasman had also collaborated with renown writer, poet, and rapper Omar Musa for the lead single ‘Assimilate’ on his album, ‘Since Ali Died’. 

Tasman echoes the powerful message he presents in his music, using his platform to be a powerful voice for social justice and Indigenous issues. He was invited by lauded UK hip-hop artist, poet, writer, and activist Akala to sit on the Sydney Ideas Panel during which Tasman spoke passionately about the importance of using hip-hop as a medium to shed light on important issues facing his community and society at large.

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