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Oddisee’s 6th EP “And Yet Still” Pulls Inspiration From a Myriad of Genres & Musical Styles (EP Review)

Oddisee is a 39 year old MC/producer from Washington D.C. whom I got introduced to through his incredible 7th album & Mello Music Group debut The Good Fight almost a decade ago weeks before my high school graduation. I also happen to enjoy his work with Diamond District, the Odd Seasons mixtape series, his 4th EP Alwasta & The Good Fight’s successor The Iceberg. He just returned last summer by releasing his 9th LP To What End & only 16 months later, Oddisee is taking no time to slow down whatsoever by officially releasing his 6th EP as we near the end of 2024’s halfway point.

“Had to Improve” officially begins the EP with a hypnotizing self-produced instrumental talking about taking some time off in order to step up his craft using a drill flow whereas “Live from the DMV” throws it back to the mid 90’s with the 2 stepping, house party vibes. “Words on Fire” mixes crooning background vocals with kicks & snares talking about the world being out of rhythm this day in age while “Thankful For” merges a 4/6 Moroccan inspired rhythm with jazz rap & a promising message. “Give Way” fuses soulful rock, hip hop & spoken word to tackle themes of acceptance, but then the title track mellowly ends the EP talking about nothing being certain.

To help get the summer started, Oddisee presents a modern hip hop EP inspired by myriad of genres & musical styles with each song revolving around a different understanding of the fact that we have to wake up & make a living no matter what’s going on. His love to all genres really culminates within the production during the 19 minute offering, displaying his range artistically without any guest appearances whatsoever. If this is to hold us off until a potential 10th full-length sooner than later, it’s surely an eclectic one.

Score: 8/10


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Big Hit’s Sophomore LP “Blacks & Whites” Prod. by Hit-Boy & The Alchemist Elevates Him Artistically (Album Review)

This is the sophomore full-length LP from Los Angeles rapper Big Hit. The father of Hit-Boy, he was found guilty & convicted of a hit & run resulting in great bodily injury almost a decade ago & unlawfully being sentenced to 12 years & 4 months in prison including a 5-year GBI enhancement connected to Count 1. Last February, his petition for a writ of habeas corpus was granted & became a free man on his son’s 36th birthday. Hit would have his father join forces by making Surf or Drown 2 a collab effort tailored for Father’s Day Weekend & put out a debut album of his own The Truth is in My Eyes only 6 months later. Blacks & Whites here raised my expectations after learning Hit-Boy was producing half of it & most importantly, The Alchemist doing the other.

“Drug Tzar” is this murky boom bap opener to the album talking about being a drug star as opposed to a rap star whereas “Only Weight I Feel” works in more kicks & snares reminding that he’s the one who sold these cats the news & gave them the rules. “Godfather, Pt. 2” featuring Boldy James is this piano-boom bap hybrid with both of them calling out the cross-artists out here just before “Heartless” goes drumless revealing that he’s suited up ready for y’all.

Moving on from there, “Foreclosure” takes the heinous route instrumentally cautioning that you better count your fingers when you shake his hand while “Temperature Check” kinda has an atmospheric flare to the beat talking about being ready for war. The title track featuring The Alchemist & Hit-Boy themselves finds the trio lavishly keeping everything black & white prior to “Champion” coming through with a warmer vibe talking about being a winner.

“Count Your Blessings” featuring Figg Rarri, Killa Twan & LongBodyy brings the quartet over more keys as they discuss keeping track of one’s blessings while “Sly, Slick & Wicked” featuring Hit-Boy’s son & Big Hit’s grandson C3 soulfully talks about disliking these n****s. “Dirtball” nears the conclusion eerily explaining that everyone else can’t keep up with him while “Gank Move” featuring Hit-Boy’s sister & Big Hit’s daughter HitgirlLena cloudily samples “Murderer” by the titular Detroit duo to end the LP detailing the gangsta lifestyle.

Big Hit’s been steadily getting his name back out there ever since coming home from the pen, but Blacks & Whites as I had anticipated takes himself to a whole new level & dethrones The Truth is in My Eyes as the best album of his discography thus far. Hit-Boy & Uncle Al’s production are like yin & yang with their own distinctive styles, complimenting Big Hit’s gangsta lyricism stronger than the debut we got last winter.

Score: 9/10


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TwoGether Land Festival Makes a Spectacular Debut in Dallas

Summer Walker | Lil Wayne | Latto

The inaugural TwoGether Land Festival, a partnership between ONE Musicfest and Live Nation Urban, transformed the historic Fair Park into a vibrant celebration of urban music and culture this past weekend. With headliners like Lil Wayne, Summer Walker, Latto, and Gucci Mane, the two-day event drew thousands of music enthusiasts to Dallas, establishing itself as the Southwest’s hottest new festival.

The festival kicked off with a bang, setting high expectations from the start. Gucci Mane’s entrance was nothing short of electrifying, as the crowd erupted in cheers at the sight of “1017” displayed on the screen. Gucci treated fans to an array of hits including “Lemonade,” “Wasted,” and “Freaky Girl.” A highlight of his performance was when he brought his wife, Keyshia Ka’oir, on stage to dance to “Freaky Girl,” dazzling the audience with her glamorous outfit.

Dru Hill also left a lasting impression, celebrating their 25th anniversary with a performance that felt like a nostalgic trip back to the ’90s. They paid tribute to the late DMX, encouraging fans to “put your X’s up” during a spirited rendition of “What These B****es Want.” Hits like “Beauty,” “These Are The Times,” and “In My Bed” had the crowd singing along in unison.

Summer Walker’s performance was another standout, opening with a striking electric guitar riff. Her set included hits like “Session 32,” “You Don’t Know What Love Is,” “Playing Games,” and “Over It,” enhanced by stunning lighting in shades of purple, pink, and gold. She was joined on stage by guest artists, including Dallas native 4batz, who gifted her a large Louis Vuitton bag, and Tink, who performed “Treat Me Like Somebody.”

Memorable Moments and Star-Studded Sightings

The festival wasn’t just about the music. Kenyon Dixon mingled with fans in the VIP section, posing for photos and signing autographs. Houston’s Tajah The DJ, and K104’s Tre G and Kayla Brinkley were spotted among the VIPs, along with Jason Lyric.

Latto kept the energy high, performing her hits and engaging with the audience by tossing water bottles into the crowd, much to their delight. Her dynamic presence added to the festival’s exhilarating atmosphere.

A Grand Finale by Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne closed out the festival with a captivating set that left fans in awe. His performance included a comprehensive catalog of his greatest hits, providing a perfect end to an unforgettable weekend. As the final notes echoed through Fair Park, attendees knew they had witnessed something special.

TwoGether Land’s Promising Future

With its debut, TwoGether Land has set a high bar for urban music festivals in the Southwest. The diverse lineup and vibrant performances, coupled with the sense of community and celebration, promise that TwoGether Land will become a staple event for years to come. As festival founder J. Carter noted, “We look forward to TwoGether Land becoming a must-attend event, much like ONE Musicfest.”

TwoGether Land has indeed answered Dallas’ call, uniting music lovers from all corners to celebrate the creativity and soul of Black music. The festival’s successful inaugural year hints at an even brighter future, with anticipation already building for next year’s event.

Additional reporting by De’Aundrea Kidd, Mya Sims and Khalid Gray

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Last night, Killah Priest of Sunz of Man performed an epic show at The Virgil in East Hollywood. On Sunday, May 26th, 2024, the Wu-Tang Killa Beez affiliate debuted their latest single, ‘The Path,’ from the upcoming project titled ‘Abraxas Rebis Simha Pleroma,’ fully produced by Purpose of Tragic Allies. Make sure to tune in on Monday and Wednesday nights at 5pm PST on the Killah Priest YouTube Channel for updates on hip-hop and more from Priest!

Click here to tune in on ‘The Path,’


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Exploring the Influence of Hip-Hop on Other MusicGenres

pexels chuck 2820896 (1)

Hip-hop, which emerged from the streets of New York City in the late 1970s, has grown into a global cultural phenomenon. Its influence extends far beyond its own genre, permeating various musical styles and reshaping the landscape of popular music. This article delves into the profound impact of hip-hop on other music genres, examining how its distinctive elements have been integrated, adapted, and celebrated worldwide.

From pop and R&B to electronic and rock music, hip-hop’s rhythms, production techniques, and lyrical styles have left an indelible mark. Artists across genres have embraced hip-hop’s beats and storytelling methods, creating hybrid sounds that push musical boundaries. The genre’s impact is evident in the mainstream success of collaborations between hip-hop artists and musicians from diverse backgrounds, further illustrating its universal appeal. As hip-hop continues to evolve, its dynamic influence on the global music scene remains a testament to its power and versatility. Incorporating the 400% casino bonus, hip-hop’s reach parallels its dynamic influence, resonating across genres and captivating audiences worldwide.

The Fusion of Hip-Hop and Pop

Hip-hop’s influence on pop music transcends boundaries, shaping the sound and style of some of the biggest hits in the industry. Artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Justin Timberlake have seamlessly incorporated hip-hop elements into their music, infusing their pop tunes with the genre’s infectious rhythms and dynamic energy. By integrating rap verses, sampling techniques, and hip-hop beats, these artists have produced chart-topping tracks that resonate with a diverse audience, blurring the lines between pop and hip-hop.

Impact on Pop Music:

1. Michael Jackson: Known for his groundbreaking collaborations with hip-hop producers, Jackson infused his pop anthems with elements of rap and urban flair, setting new standards for crossover success.

2. Madonna: The Queen of Pop embraced hip-hop’s influence in her music, experimenting with rap verses, urban beats, and street-inspired fashion to create bold and iconic pop statements.

3. Justin Timberlake: Transitioning from boy band heartthrob to solo superstar, Timberlake incorporated hip-hop elements into his pop sound, earning critical acclaim and commercial success with chart-topping hits.

The fusion of hip-hop and pop continues to evolve, with artists continually pushing boundaries and exploring new sonic territories. As the lines between genres blur, the influence of hip-hop on pop music remains a driving force, shaping the sound of contemporary chart-toppers and redefining the musical landscape for generations to come.

Hip-Hop’s Impact on R&B and Soul

Hip-hop has significantly shaped contemporary R&B, leading to the creation of subgenres like hip-hop soul and neo-soul. Artists such as Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, and Usher combine soulful melodies with rap verses and hip-hop beats, crafting a sound that appeals to a broad audience. The neo-soul movement, spearheaded by artists like Erykah Badu, D’Angelo, and Lauryn Hill, fuses traditional soul music with hip-hop’s modern elements, emphasizing organic instrumentation and socially conscious lyrics for a modern take on classic soul.

Key Influences of Hip-Hop on Contemporary R&B:

1. Mary J. Blige: Blige’s pioneering blend of soulful vocals with hip-hop beats has made her a central figure in hip-hop soul, appealing to diverse listeners.

2. Alicia Keys: Known for her rich, soulful voice and hip-hop-inspired production, Keys bridges traditional R&B with contemporary influences, creating a unique sound.

3. Usher: By integrating smooth R&B melodies with hip-hop rhythms and rap features, Usher has crafted numerous hits that resonate globally.

4. Erykah Badu: Badu’s work in neo-soul highlights her commitment to organic sounds and introspective lyrics, merging hip-hop’s edge with soulful tradition.

5. Lauryn Hill: Hill’s fusion of hip-hop and soul, particularly on her groundbreaking album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” has influenced countless artists and genres.

These artists have not only enriched contemporary R&B with hip-hop elements but have also expanded the genre’s reach and depth. Their innovative sounds and meaningful lyrics have made a lasting impact on the music industry, showcasing the transformative power of hip-hop.

The Global Reach of Hip-Hop

In South Korea, the K-pop industry has seamlessly integrated hip-hop elements into its music and performances. Major groups like BTS, BLACKPINK, and EXO often incorporate rap sections and hip-hop choreography, enhancing their global appeal and showcasing the genre’s influence.

Key Contributions to K-Pop:

BTS: Known for their dynamic rap verses and hip-hop beats, BTS has revolutionized K-pop, blending genres to create unique soundscapes that resonate worldwide.

BLACKPINK: This group frequently features hip-hop-inspired tracks, combining powerful rap segments with catchy pop melodies to captivate a diverse audience.

EXO: By integrating rap and hip-hop rhythms into their songs, EXO has expanded their musical versatility and global fanbase.

Stray Kids: Known for their intense rap lines and hip-hop influences, Stray Kids push the boundaries of K-pop with their innovative sound.

ITZY: This group blends hip-hop beats with energetic choreography, creating a distinct and modern style that appeals to fans globally.

The influence of hip-hop on K-pop extends beyond just music; it shapes fashion, dance, and cultural trends, reflecting a broader acceptance and appreciation of the genre. As K-pop continues to grow in popularity, its integration of hip-hop elements highlights the genre’s versatility and enduring global impact.


Hip-hop’s influence on other music genres is a testament to its versatility and enduring appeal. From pop and rock to electronic and Latin music, hip-hop has left an indelible mark on the global music landscape. As artists continue to experiment and collaborate across genres, hip-hop’s legacy of innovation and cultural fusion will undoubtedly persist, shaping the future of music for generations to come.

The fusion of hip-hop with various musical styles has not only expanded the sonic palette but also opened doors to new creative possibilities. As seen in collaborations between hip-hop artists and musicians from diverse backgrounds, the genre continues to evolve and adapt, giving rise to exciting hybrid sounds that defy traditional categorization. Whether it’s blending rap with reggae, infusing trap beats into jazz, or incorporating Latin rhythms into hip-hop, the intersection of genres continues to push boundaries and redefine the music industry’s landscape.

The post Exploring the Influence of Hip-Hop on Other MusicGenres first appeared on The Source.

The post Exploring the Influence of Hip-Hop on Other MusicGenres appeared first on The Source.

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Insane E Returns After a Decade to Balance the “Scales” (Album Review)

Insane E is a 39 year old MC & graphic designer from East Palestine, Ohio starting out as 1/4 of the No Clue Crew in the early 2000s before branching out in favor of a solo career releasing The Fine Line at the very end of that decade. Subsequently, he became the Head of Graphic Design for Majik Ninja Entertainment & a graphic designer for the label’s founders Twiztid in November 2013 only 11 months after the demented duo had departed from Psychopathic Records to do it themselves. And to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of E’s sophomore effort The Art of Blaowww, I was eagerly waiting for his 3rd album.

“In the Balance” kicks off the LP on some rap rock shit produced by Fritz the Cat opening your mind & taking a look inside whereas “Tell Me Do You Really Care?” heinously talks about hoping everyone’s paying attention to him since the end is near. “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me 2099” is a remix version of a highlight track off E’s solo debut The Fine Line, but then “Limitless” moves forward passionately talking about keeping your head up & giving it all you got.

The trap metal vibes on “Alien” suit the lyrical content of not fitting in or not belonging just before the anthemic “Chambers” featuring Zodiac MPrint finds Blaze Ya Dead Homie & The R.O.C. assisting E in running around circles chasing after what they’re looking for. “Get a Clue” takes an ominous trap route hoping that someone out there can hearing him crying leading into “Excedrin” marking a turn into boom bap territory talking about passing the over-the-counter medication to him.

“Welcome to My Gallery” fuses trap with metal once again coming to terms that he’s simply an artist searching for his inner self while “Brainwashed 2099” is another remix, this time of a Gemini Projekt track off the duo’s only album Experiment 17. “Scapegoat” brings a futuristic flare to the beat from Godsynth not giving a fuck about who hates him since he’s only moving faster up the ladder that he’s been climbing while “Bury It” featuring Jamie Madrox goes full-blown rap rock feeling like they’re losing their sanities.

We get more guitars & hi-hats on “Time” so E can ask how long will it take until Father Time starts crumbling down on us all while psychedelic “Life by Design” wants to know if everyone is living by default or design. “Let It Burn (No Return)” grimly talks about being past the point of no return while “Next Level” featuring Mr. Grey has this morbid trap groove to it discussing that they’ve been waiting too long to move up & move on.

“Homesick” nears the climax of balancing the Scales working in a stripped-back sound altogether with some acoustics courtesy of Stir Crazy talking about how there will always be a part of him back home & that the family he’s started meaning the world to him ahead of “Shift” properly concluding the album fusing electronic music & trap asking if you can feel him now.

Over a decade since we last heard from him on The Art of Blaowww & roughly 15 years that he began carving a path for himself as a solo artist, Insane E has returned to provide what I consider to be my new favorite solo effort of the 3 in his entire discography. It’s more well-produced than his last couple LPs were, he sounds focused addressing more personal subject matter & we get stronger feature performances on top of it.

Score: 8/10


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Intre – “Dvrk” | MIC SESSION

Texas based artist Intre stops by our DTLA HQ and drops his Mic Session performing “Dvrk”.


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Panic In LA, May 2024 Recap

This past Wednesday, May 15th 2024, Slum Village, Talib Kweli, and Rakim Allah Tha God Emcee shut down the house at DTLA’s 1720 venue. The Detroit duo and East Coast emcees hit the Los Angeles stage and delivered an epic show, performing classics. With Rakim headlining, LA anticipates his upcoming project ‘Gods Network,’ set to drop later in July, brought to you by Holy Toledo.

Images provided by Loe Kee (IG: @ LoeKeePhlicks)

Follow Panic In LA IG: @PanicinLA


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GOZ Drops “I’M ALIVE (Right Now)” From The ‘Mr. WHOM’ Series EP

Continuing his push for his ‘Mr. WHOM’ Series EP, GOZ, also known as The West Coast Visionary, stays in the spotlight with his latest single “I’m Alive,” following his previous release featuring Dizzy Wright titled “Standards.”


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Adrien Lamont’s “God is Love” Offers a Melodic Reminder in Troubled Times

Adrien Lamont‘s latest single, “God is Love,” emerges as a poignant anthem in the tumultuous landscape of today’s world. With heartfelt lyricism, Lamont extends a universal call to humanity, urging listeners to embrace love as the ultimate guiding force amidst uncertainty and strife. In an era rife with challenges, “God is Love” serves as a resonant reminder of the enduring power of compassion and connection, offering solace and hope to hearts in need of healing.


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