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X Clowns Jermaine Dupri’s Apple Music Halftime Show Fit, Say His Socks Were So So Trash

X Clowns Jermaine Dupri's Super Bowl Halftime Performance Outfit

Source: PATRICK T. FALLON / Getty / Jermaine Dupri

Jermaine Dupri thought he got a fit off, but X users vehemently disagreed.

Usher’s highly anticipated Apple Music Halftime performance at Super Bowl LVIII blessed us with many moments worth talking about and, most importantly, joking about.

One person catching heat on social media is So So Def general Jermaine Dupri and his choice of drip, which many believe was so so trash.

Dupri hit the stage during the performance, rocking a black short suit with a white button-up underneath paired with some eyebrow-raising socks and loafers.

Many viewers thought Durpi was CeeLo Green at first. One person wrote on X, formerly Twitter, “MY MAMA THOUGHT JERMAINE DUPRI WAS CEELO LMFAOOOOOOOO.”

Others couldn’t help but clown Dupri’s fit, especially his choice of socks.

Even Suge Knight got in on the fun. Also, how the hell is he running an X account from prison?

Of course, the slander of his fit didn’t get past him, and Dupri decided to respond via Instagram by showing that his socks were from Louis Vuitton.

In the caption for the post, he wrote, Ha!! ok I ain’t have time for y’all last night I was too drunk, me and my homies performed at the Super Bowl!so I’m just really seeing y’all got me fucked up !! But I will say it’s funny as hell,yoooo!! @pharrell you see this !? PS we came into this game with our clothes on backwards, i ain’t no regular nigga.”


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jermaine Dupri (@jermainedupri)

Little did Dupri know that his responding by showing us he bought a pair of overpriced socks would only worsen the situation.

We’re glad Jermaine Dupri is being a good sport about the jokes. You can see more reactions to his awful fit in the gallery below.

Source: HipHopWired.com

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Supreme To Open A New Store in Milan On May 6

Nike x Supreme 2021

Source: Supreme / Supreme

The rumors were true. Ubiquitous streetwear brand Supreme is opening a new brick and mortar store in Milan, Italy in May.

Per NSS magazine, the purveyors of the box logo will be opening up shop on May 6. The store’s address is Corso Garibaldi 20, and the building reportedly unveiled a huge Supreme logo as part of the reveal.

The recent Supreme social media posts tagged in Milan were surely a dead giveaway, too.

Supreme has plenty of ties to Italy, good and bad. The luxury Air Max 95’s the brand dropped in late 2019 sported Italian leather. However, also in 2019, there was a brand called SUPREME Italia finessing and selling blatantly knock-off gear throughout Europe, and flourishing.

But the legal battle with Supreme and Supreme Italia is over, so now hypebeasts will get to cue up locally for the latest dropped, socially distanced, of course.

Supreme was acquired by the VF Corporation in late 2020 for a cool $2.1 billion. Supreme Milan will be the brands 13th physical store.

Source: HipHopWired.com

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‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Ceaser & Ted Build Their Case Against Walt, Ban Him From All The Shops

Ceaser & Walter Black Ink Crew

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83

Last week’s Black Ink Crew: New York premiere, we learned that Walt allegedly “broke into” the 125th shop and stole jewelry, merchandise, and $5K. Ceaser, Ted, and Puma break the news to the crew and make a tough decision about their brother.

The episode picks right up where last week’s ended with Walt explaining to Ted exactly what happened that night in the shop when the alleged break-in happened. The season 9 premiere ended with Walt admitting that he took the money out of the register, leaving us with a cliffhanger.

Walt tells Ted he took the money because he needed it to handle some personal situations, and when he was able to recoup it, he planned on paying the bread back before anyone noticed. As far as the break-in is concerned, Walt says it was an isolated incident that happened a week later after he took the money.

Unfortunately, Ceaser and Ted’s minds are already made up, and they think he definitely was behind the robbery. Ceaser has heard enough and tells Walt to take a hike. He feels he has been betrayed and isn’t trying to hear any excuses from Walt due to the evidence pointing to suggesting that Walt did.

The following day Ceaser links up with Ted, Puma, and Ceaser’s cousin Feezy to survey the crime scene. Ceaser breaks it all down, alleging Walter jimmied the lock to gain entry to the shop and hit a secret stash that only an employee would know about before hitting the register and taking the jewelry and merchandise. While Ted, Ceaser, and Feezy are all but certain it was Walt, Puma isn’t sure yet and asked why Walt would have to jimmy the lock if he has the key to the shop?

Now, it’s officially time to break the bad news to the crew. Ceaser shares all of the evidence against Walt with his other employees, and they are shocked, but some more revelations are revealed. Black Ink’s newest couple, Krystal and Rokmatic, reveal they saw Walter engaging in some really funny business with the money and even shorting tattoo jobs and pocketing the cash.

The allegations dumbfound Ceaser, and it only helps him make the decision easier to ban Walt from all of the tattoo shops from now on, labeling him persona non grata. Puma is still not there and feels he needs to have a conversation with Walt due to Walt’s history with alcoholism and feels he could be going through something that would force him to make such a rash decision.

Following the meeting, Puma links up with Walter where it all began, the old flagship shop on 113th. The two friends have a conversation about the whole theft matter, and Walter sheds more light on the situation. He revealed the only reason he took the money was that he was behind on his child support and was looking at jail time. Puma, who, for the most part, tried to be very understanding, didn’t think that was a great excuse to steal from the person who helped him.

Before the two walked away, Puma wished Walt the best of luck and tells him it would be best if he stayed away from the crew. Walt believes this is a situation that time will eventually heal, and all indications point to that happening based on Ceaser’s track record when it comes to “beefing” with his friends.

Other notable moments from Monday night’s episode include:

Puma decides to seek therapy because he feels overwhelmed by the COVID-19 pandemic and shootings of unarmed Black men by the police. Good for you, Black man, get that help.

Young Bae, who is looking marvelous, tells Ted she is not coming back to Black Ink… yet and reveals she has had her own tattoo shop for 12 years.

Oh, and Rok and Krystal are “dating” and claim they love each other. Krystal doesn’t want to go public to express their feelings for each other when they are in the shop. We shall see how long that lasts.

Oh, and last but certainly not least, Tatti revealed that Donna bought Alex’s mom a new ass. What an interesting gift to give your future mother-in-law.

You can peep more reactions to the episode in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83

Source: HipHopWired.com

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Recently Divorced Dr. Dre Allegedly Caught Creeping With Apryl Jones, Twitter Salutes Her

Dr. Dre Spotted With Apryl Jones, Twitter Salutes Her For Securing The Bag

Source: Leon Bennett / Getty

Well, that was fast. Dr. Dre isn’t letting his recent divorce from his estranged wife Nicole Young, and a brain aneurysm scare stop him from moving on to someone new.

Twitter has been thrown into a tizzy after “Xplosive” (see what we did there?) photos of a masked Dr. Dre and a “mystery woman” leaving BOA Steakhouse in Los Angeles Wednesday (Feb.10) hit the web. It didn’t take long for Twitter detectives to decipher who the mystery woman was, and it’s none other than Omarion’s baby mama and his dirty macking B2K brother Lil Fizz’s ex Apryl Jones.

The Shaderoom is confirming that it is indeed Jones seen with Dre. Now, the two don’t necessarily have to be on a date and could have just been discussing music, but that is highly unlikely. Speaking exclusively with Madame Noire, Jones revealed that she is single and dating but did not disclose exactly who.

Per Madame Noire:

“I am dating. And…I’m not looking for anything,” she says. “I’m a say I’m not looking. I just feel like…I am dating, and I’m open, and I feel like what I am hoping to experience is just a great exchange of energy with somebody that feels different, and I’ll know it when I feel it. But that’s just where I’m at with it. I’m not looking for anything. I don’t have a particular type. I’m just enjoying life and exchanging energy, and enjoying company. And that’s it. And when I need what I need when I need it, I get what I need when I need it! Keep it pushin’ [laughs]. That’s where I’m at.”


Twitter has been giving Jones her props for scooping the 55-year-old near billionaire, putting her in elite company with Lori Harvey.

We don’t know if she’s quite there yet. Lori Harvey is a legend.

You can peep more reactions to Dr. Dre and Apryl Jones allegedly dating below.

Photo: Leon Bennett / Getty

Source: HipHopWired.com

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HHW Gaming: Sequel To ‘Pokemon Snap’ Announced For Nintendo Switch, Fans Can’t Wait To Get Snapping

Pokemon Snap 2

Source: Pokemon Company / New Pokemon Snap

Awwwww snap, this is the news Pokemon fans have been waiting a long time for.

It’s been 21 long years, but Pokemon Snap is finally back. During today’s Pokemon event, the company announced New Pokemon Snap, as it is aptly titled, is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The game will be based on the original N64 game that was released back in 1999, which instantly became a cult classic with fans. In it, you took the role of the character Todd Snap are tasked by Professor Oak to take photos of wild Pokemon that inhabited the album. Using specific items, you could make the Pokemon perform certain poses to capture the perfect shot.

New Pokemon Snap, which is being developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, will pretty much follow that same formula. One can safely assume that it will have some new features thanks to the latest technology that Nintendo Switch features like its Joy-Con and the gyroscopic controls.

No release date has been announced, but the Nintendo exclusive is currently in development.

As you can imagine, fans are understandably excited about the news about the games return and have taken to Twitter to share their reactions to the announcement.

After you watch the trailer, you can peep them all in the gallery below.

Photo: Pokemon Company / New Pokemon Snap

Source: HipHopWired.com

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HHW Gaming: ‘Madden 21’ Official Gameplay Trailer Arrives, Gamers Are Not Impressed At All

Gamers Are Not Impressed With 'Madden 21's' New Gameplay Trailer

Source: EA / Madden 21

We already accidentally learned Lamar Jackson was going to be the cover athlete for Madden 21 now, it’s time to see the game in action.


Lil Wayne helped reveal Lamar Jackson’s Madden 21 cover.

Ahead of EA Play Live and the game’s cover reveal, the official gameplay trailer for Madden 21 arrived. Both the cover and gameplay trailer was supposed to be shown on June 1, but due to the death of George Floyd, EA correctly decided to delay it.

The trailer shows off some of the new gameplay mechanics coming to Madden 21 most importantly the new all-out control system that includes:

  • Skill Stick ball-carrier system
  • Fresh pass rush moves
  • More open-field realism with tackle improvements
  • User-controlled celebrations.

Combine that with the montage of on the field moves we are used to seeing our favorite NFL players do, and you got yourself the typical Madden trailer.

The trailer arrived alongside EA teasing Madden 21’s cover release, which will be fully unveiled Tuesday (Jun.16) at 10:00 am EST.

While we’re still wondering what it even looks like, Jackson’s Ravens teammates got to peep it and shared their reactions to it in a video shared by The Checkdown, and they all loved what they saw.

As for the fans of the famed NFL video game franchise, they were not that impressed with what they saw in the trailer, basically saying it looks the same.

Honestly, this has become a broken record, every year people complain Madden is dropping the same game every year and they do have a point but when you don’t have any real competition like an NFL 2K to make you step your game up what do you expect?

In the same breath, those same folks complaining pony up the money for the game every year. But we understand, they have no other options. We will update this story when the cover drops, but until then, you can peep the reactions to Madden 21’s gameplay reveal trailer below.

Photo: EA/Madden 21

Source: HipHopWired.com

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HHW Gaming: Sony’s PS5 Reveal Event Is Upon Us, Gamers Ready To Risk It All For The Console

The PS5 Reveal Event Is Upon, Gamers Are Ready To Risk It All

Source: Sony / PlayStation 5

Sony announced on Monday (Jun.8) that its PS5 reveal event is back on. Now that we’re just under 35 hours away from the epic moment, gamers are freaking out.

We get it, we are hyped as well. We have no idea what Sony is going to show during this PS5 games reveal event, but if the rumors pan out, it’s going to be amazing. Dead Space creator threw more fuel on the fire by announcing the big game he has been working on for 2 years will be shown during the event. We just hope it’s finally a new game in the ridiculously scary but oh so good franchise.

There is also a chance that we will FINALLY get to see what the PS5 console looks like…WE HOPE

Sony has already broken down the impressive specs the PS5 will have. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has been raving about the possibilities calling it a “remarkably balanced device.” He also added:

“It has an immense amount of GPU power, but also multi-order bandwidth increase in storage management. That’s going to be absolutely critical. It’s one thing to render everything that can fit in memory.” 

Sony has also introduced us to the new DualSense controller, which makes the DualShock 4 looks like child’s play.

Gamers, most importantly, have been salivating to see the “future of gaming” after being let down a couple of times by Sony.  On Twitter, they are once again hilariously tweeting the ridiculous lengths they are willing to go to for the console in anticipation of the PS5’s high price. Even ready to “sell themselves” as one user put it on Twitter.

We totally understand. Until tomorrow’s event, which goes down June 11 at 1:00pm Pacific time, 4:00pm eastern time indulge yourself in the hilarious reactions and predictions below. Be sure to follow us on Twitter as we will be live-tweeting the event as well.

Photo: Sony / PlayStation 5

Source: HipHopWired.com

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HHW Gaming: ‘Call of Duty’ Drops Black Lives Matter Loading Screen, MAGA Gamers Hate To See It

'Call of Duty' Drops #BlackLivesMatter Loading Screens, Black Gamers Hyped

Source: Bernard Smalls / PS4 Screen Share

While there a still some companies to utter the words, the video game community hasn’t hesitated to acknowledge Black Lives Matter while standing in solidarity with Black protesters.
We can now add Activision/Infinity Ward’s insanely popular first-person shooter, Call of Duty to the allyship list. Gamers were pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a Black Lives Matter screen before engaging in gameplay following a quick update to the game. It reads:

“Our community is hurting. The systemic inequalities our community experiences are once again center stage Call of Duty and Infinity Ward stand for equality and inclusion. We stand against racism and injustice our Black community endures. Until change happens and Black Lives Matter, we will never truly be the community we strive to be.”

No lies detected.

The response to the move has been relatively positive on social media.

Of course, there were definitely some who are not too happy that their favorite video game is taking a stance and is pointing out that the lives of Black people — who also play video games — are important as well.

Oh well, one less person we don’t have to hear during the chat abusing the N-word while catching L’s on Call of Duty. Speaking of in-game chat while Call of Duty is addressing the system racial problems that Black and people of color endure on a daily basis, they definitely should find a way to curb the racism that takes place during online gameplay.

BUT, we must give them credit, when it’s due, we’re also sure the MAGA clans in the game are BIG MAD they hate to see it and always be reminded of it, and we are here for it.

You can peep the reactions to Call of Duty’s Black Lives Matter shoutout in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / PS4 Screen Share

Source: HipHopWired.com

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HHW Gaming: ‘Call of Duty’ Indefinitely Postpones Season Updates Out of Respect For Protests

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 3

Source: Activision / Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

We are truly in some sensitive times, and the video game world recognizes that.

As protests continue to happen across the United States and the rest of the world, video game companies are either making the correct decision to announce they are standing in solidarity with Black protestors by pushing back announcements, events, and now… game updates.

Call of Duty announced on Twitter that “now is not the time” for it to release seasonal updates for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Warzone, and Call of Duty: Mobile.

“While we all look forward to playing the new season of Modern Warfare, Warzone and Call of Duty: Mobile, now is not the time.”

“We are moving the launches of Modern Warfare Season 4 and Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 to later dates.”

“Right now, it’s time for those speaking up for equality, justice, and change to be seen and heard.”

“We stand alongside you.”

Activision wasn’t alone either. PlayStation and EA Sports both announced they were pushing back reveal events. Naughty Dog even released a statement in support of #BlackLiveMatters as well.

Of course, the news of Season 4’s postponement was met with positive reactions, BUT some feel a video game update is more important than Black people demanding justice and voiced their “disappointment” in Call of Duty’s decision.

You can peep all of the reactions to Call of Duty’s great decision in the gallery below.

Photo: Activision / Call of Duty: Modern Warfare


Source: HipHopWired.com

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HHW Gaming: Gamers Postively React To PlayStation’s ‘The Last of Us Part II’s State of Play Stream

Gamers React To New 'The Last of Us Part II' Gameplay Footage

Source: Naughty Dog / The Last of Us Part II

Everything is looking good again for the Naughty Dog’s forthcoming title, The Last of Us Part II.

The Playstation exclusive was the latest game shown off during Sony’s State of Play live stream event. Naughty Dog Vice President and The Last of Us Part II Director Neil Druckmann gave gamers a special look at the sequel to The Last of Us. He not only brought us up to speed on the game’s characters but also showed off the new large environments, gameplay mechanics, the human and infected villains plus Ellie going absolutely ham.

Unlike like reaction, the “massive leak” that saw a lot the game’s biggest plot details, which saw some gamers extremely disappointed with the direction The Last of Us Part II went in, the reactions following the stream have been positive.

Also, Naughty Dog can head towards The Last of Us Part II’s launch feeling very good. The game has already gone gold, and pre-orders for the PS4 Pro The Last of Us Part II bundle have sold out.

See how loyal gamers are?

The Last of Us Part II is high on our list of games to play this year, and we cannot wait to load it up on our PS4. If you missed the State of Play presentation, you can watch it below and also peep the reactions to it immediately after.

Photo: Naughty Dog / The Last of Us Part II

Source: HipHopWired.com

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