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G-Herbo, Polo G & HotBlock JMoe Elevate Grammy Weekend Luxury

As the 2024 Grammy weekend unfolded, a fusion of music royalty, industry executives, and rising stars converged at an exclusive Beverly Hills penthouse for an event that will undoubtedly linger in the memory of attendees and fans alike. Hosted by the dynamic trio of G-Herbo, Polo G., and Hotblock JMoe, ‘The Labels Brunch’ brought together an eclectic mix of talent, energy, and surprises, painting an unforgettable portrait of the current hip-hop landscape.

The scene was set atop a luxurious rooftop, offering panoramic views of the sprawling city below. The exclusive gathering unfolded, with a buzzing red carpet welcoming guests into the lavish atmosphere. G-Herbo, a magnetic presence on and off the stage, commanded attention on the red carpet, exuding charisma and style. Alongside him, Polo G. and Hotblock JMoe immersed themselves in the festivities, joined by a constellation of fellow artists, industry insiders, and VIPs.

Too Short Shows Up

Among the many highlights that punctuated the afternoon, one unexpected moment stole the spotlight: the surprise appearance of Oakland’s own, Too Short. As he took the stage, the crowd erupted into applause, stunned by the cameo from the hip-hop legend.

While the dice table beckoned with its promise of excitement, Hotblock JMoe took the opportunity to tease fans with a preview of his upcoming music, adding an extra layer of anticipation to the event. The atmosphere crackled with creativity and camaraderie as artists mingled, exchanged ideas, and celebrated the vibrant tapestry of hip-hop culture.

If one were to encapsulate the essence of the evening in a headline, it would undoubtedly read: “G-Herbo and Polo G headline stunning event.” Their magnetic presence, coupled with the surprises elevated ‘The Labels Brunch’ to a league of its own, leaving an indelible mark on the 2024 Grammy weekend and beyond.

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Bernice King Addresses Jonathan Majors + Top 5 Rappers’ Controversial References To Civil Rights Leaders


Bernice King responded to Jonathan Majors after referring to her mother, Coretta-Scott King. Majors’ words add to an ongoing theme of civil rights leaders’ names being inappropriately mentioned. 

‘My Mother Wasn’t A Prop’

On Jan. 9, Bernice King, the daughter of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., shared a post on Twitter (X) featuring a picture of her mother, Coretta Scott King. She accompanied the image with the following caption:

“My mother wasn’t a prop. She was a peace advocate before she met my father and was instrumental in him speaking out against the Vietnam War. Please understand…my mama was a force.” 

The post was a subliminal response to actor Jonathan Majors, who had voicemails revealed in court during his domestic assault trial that he wanted his ex-girlfriend to  “be more like Coretta Scott-King or Michelle Obama,” although she is a white woman. 

Rap Songs That Reference Civil Rights Leaders

Reflecting on the criticism Jonathan Majors faced for making a similar reference brings to mind instances when other hip-hop artists made the same mistake. Here are top five highlights where rappers referenced Civil Rights icons inappropriately in their lyrics:

Kanye West/Emmett Till – ‘Through The Wire’

Kanye West has mentioned Emmett Till several times throughout his career. Till was a 14-year-old boy who was kidnapped and brutally murdered for allegedly flirting with a white woman in 1955. In Ye’s 2004 hit “Through The Wire,” he rapped: 

“How do you console my mom or give her light support? Telling her, her son’s on life support/And just imagine how my girl feel/On the plane scared as hell that her guy look like Emmett Till,” referring to Till’s mutilated face in his open casket. 

Lil Wayne/Emmett Till – ‘Karate Chop (Remix)’

In 2013, rap legend Lil Wayne was under fire for also referencing Till. The controversial lyrics were in the “Karate Chop (Remix)” with Atlanta rapper Future. In the song, Lil Wayne rapped:

“Pop a lot of pain pills/ Bout to put rims on my skateboard wheels / Beat that p*ssy up like Emmett Till.” In an open letter, Lil Wayne agreed to stop using Till’s  name, vowing “to uplift rather than degrade our community.”

In February 2013, Till’s cousin Airickca Gordon-Taylor was among those who condemned the lyric:

“[It is] offensive not only to us, but to our ancestors and to women and to [the artists] themselves as young, black men,” “Our family was very offended, very hurt … [and] disturbed by [the line].” 

Till’s family did not accept his apology

OutKast/Rosa Parks – ‘Rosa Parks’

Legendary Atlanta rap duo OutKast’s 1998 hit “Rosa Parks” included a line that referenced the act that Rosa Parks did in 1955 by not giving up her seat to a white man on a segregated bus. In the chorus, the duo rapped: 

“Ah-ha, hush that fuss/Everybody move to the back of the bus.” 

A lawsuit was filed by attorney Gregory J Reed in March 1999 against Outkast and LaFace Records on Parks’s behalf, claiming that the group had illegally used her name without her permission. The lawsuit was settled on April 15, 2005. 

In the settlement agreement, Outkast and their producer and record labels paid Parks an undisclosed cash settlement and agreed to work with the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self-Development in creating educational programs about the life of Rosa Parks.  

Jay-Z/Harry Belafonte – ‘Nickels and Dimes’

Jay-Z was in an argument with the now-late iconic actor, singer, and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte

In a 2012 interview, Belafonte called out the rap legend, his wife Beyoncé, and other Black artists because “they have turned their back on social responsibility.” When asked if he was happy about minorities in Hollywood in present times.

Jay-Z would respond to Belafonte’s comments on his 2013 song “Nickels and Dimes. ” In the song, the New York native rapped:

“I’m just trying to find common ground / Before Mr. Belafonte come and chop a n*gga down / Mr. Day-O, major fail.”

Tupac Shakur/C. Dolores Tucker – ‘How Do U Want It’

The late Tupac Shakur caused controversy when he targeted C. Dolores Tucker, a former Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and civil rights activist, in his 1996 song “How Do U Want It.” In the song, Tupac rapped:

“C. Delores Tucker, you’s a motherf*cker/Instead of tryin’ to help a n*gga, you destroy a brother/Worse than the others, Bill Clinton, Mr. Bob Dole/You’re too old to understand the way the game’s told.”

Dolores Tucker engaged in a campaign against rap music in the 1990s.  She condemned rap music for its “violent and misogynistic content.” 

Ye compares Himself To Emmett Till

Along with mentioning Emmet Till in “Through The Wire,” Kanye West also compared himself to Till in a rant with media members in October 2022. He also called out Endeavor CEO Ari Emmauel and others for trying to “cancel him,” after his anti-semitic comments. 

Eazy-E’s Daughter Speaks Out

This pattern of rappers facing criticism from family members of late stars is not an isolated incident. In 2021, Ebie Wright, daughter of late N.W.A. rapper Eazy-E, publicly called out Ice Cube in a documentary for avoiding discussions about her father. 

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A Star-Studded Tracklist Unveiled For ‘The Book of Clarence’ Soundtrack & More

NMF 2024-01-12

New Music Fridays is back with more surprises and highly anticipated projects. 21 Savage drops a surprise album, K Camp makes his debut as an independent artist, a star-studded tracklist on The Book of Clarence soundtrack, and more.

‘The Book of Clarence’ Soundtrack

Accompanying the film The Book of Clarence, the soundtrack has become a highly anticipated release in the hip-hop realm. 

This star-studded creation brings together renowned artists like Kodak Black, Lil Wayne, Doja Cat, Kid Cudi, and more. Additionally, rap legend Jay-Z joins forces with D’Angelo, who returns after an eight-year hiatus.

21 Savage – ‘American Dream’

21 Savage has stunned fans with the unexpected release of his third studio album, American Dream. Consisting of 15 captivating tracks, the album showcases an impressive lineup of featured artists, including the likes of Metro Boomin, Young Thug, Travis Scott, Lil Durk, Summer Walker, and more.

 K Camp Is Back!

K Camp has taken a bold step in his career by venturing into the world of independent music. His latest album, Float 2 London, serves as his debut independent project and offers a captivating mix of 18 songs. 

Collaborations with artists such as Fredo Bang, The Arti$t, Vory, SleazyWorld Go, Seddy Hendrinx, and Nocap add an extra layer of flavor to the album.

Kid Cudi – ‘INSANO’

Kid Cudi keeps the momentum going with his ninth studio album, INSANO. Featuring a whopping 21 tracks, the album boasts collaborations with artists such as Travis Scott, A$AP Rocky, Lil Wayne, Pharell Williams, Lil Yachty, DJ Drama, and even a posthumous verse from the late rapper XXXTentacion.

Benny The Butcher – ‘BRON’

Buffalo’s own Benny The Butcher pays tribute to NBA superstar LeBron James with his new single, “BRON.” The track is a teaser for his upcoming album, Everyone Can’t Go, set to drop on January 26.

Lil Nas X – ‘J Christ’

Lil Nas X certainly knows how to grab attention, as he proves once again with his latest release, “J Christ.” The accompanying music video depicts Lil Nas X taking on the persona of Jesus, engaging in a basketball showdown against the devil. 

However, controversy arose when Lil Nas X falsely claimed to have been admitted to Liberty University to study Biblical Studies, sparking heated debates online.

Rick Ross & Rich Brian – ‘LiGhT rAiLs’

Collaboration knows no boundaries as Rick Ross teams up with Indonesian rapper Rich Brian on the track “LiGhT rAiLs.” Produced by media and art collective 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE, this unique collaboration blends the styles and influences of both artists, creating a memorable musical experience.

 Lil Tjay – ‘Told Ya’

Bronx rapper Lil Tjay showcases his confidence and gratitude in his latest single, “Told Ya.” With lyrics highlighting his talents and the blessings he has received, Lil Tjay’s smooth delivery and catchy melodies make this track a standout.

Lyrical Lemonade (Lil Yachty, Joey Bada$$, Gus Dapperton)

Multimedia company Lyrical Lemonade brings together rap stars Lil Yachty and Joey Bada$$ alongside singer Gus Dapperton for their collaborative effort, “Fallout.” The accompanying music video features each artist donning black and gold outfits, delivering their verses with unbridled charisma.

Wyclef Jean, Pusha T, Lola Brooke, Capella Grey & Flau’jae

Fugees rapper/singer Wyclef Jean spearheads a powerful collaboration with Pusha T, Lola Brooke, Capella Grey, and Flau’jae on the track “Paper Right.” This song serves as a partnership with financial service TIAA, aiming to promote generational wealth and financial literacy through music.

Kevin Gates – ‘Birds Calling’

Kevin Gates makes a grand return with his single and music video for “Birds Calling.” Set in a trap house, the video depicts the Baton Rouge rapper surrounded by money and a constant flow of visitors, capturing the essence of his gritty and energetic rap style.

SOHH fam, check out these new bangerz, and have a great weekend!

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G Herbo Avoids Jail Time

G Herbo

G Herbo has managed to evade serious jail time. The Chicago rapper has been sentenced to a few years of probation. 

G Herbo Dodges Jail Time

On Jan. 11, G Herbo pleaded guilty to participating in a scheme that utilized stolen credit card information to fund a luxurious lifestyle, involving private jets and designer puppies. The scheme reportedly enabled him to enjoy a lavish life, including extravagant travels, posting photos and videos of himself on private jets, exotic cars, and a Jamaican villa.

The “Statement”  rapper was sentenced to three years probation after admitting his involvement in a conspiracy to commit wire fraud and making false statements to a federal official. Prior to probation, G Herbo was facing five years in prison. 

Racking Penalties

Prosecutors had recommended a year and a day of imprisonment, as well as 36 months of supervised release. However, the court ultimately decided on probation as G Herbo’s penalty. 

In addition to probation, he was ordered to pay restitution and forfeiture totaling $139,968 each, along with a $5,500 fine, surpassing a total payment of $280,000. 

These penalties are in addition to the $140,000 G Herbo had previously agreed to forfeit, which represents the amount he benefited from the $1.5 million scheme involving others.

Users on Twitter (X) reacted to G Herbo avoiding jail time. One user named @AyoErk commented, “This man’s lawyer is the goat. A regular person with a regular ass lawyer is getting 3-5 years in the pen,” and one other user named @mahdAhunnid commented, “Facts I knew n*gga wasn’t going to jail.”

Updated By: Chris Samuel (1/12/24 at 2:00 pm)

G Herbo Pleads Guilty To Wire Fraud, Faces 20 Years + Concerns Arise For His Children’s Future

G Herbo, known for hits like “PTSD,” is facing serious legal troubles after pleading guilty to wire fraud in an identity theft case. The Chicago rapper admitted to using stolen credit card information to fund his lavish lifestyle and music career, including purchases of private jets, luxury cars, designer puppies, and extravagant vacations. Facing up to 20 years in federal prison, the rapper’s plea deal has sparked concerns about the future of his three young children, born to different mothers, who may grow up with their father behind bars. 

G Herbo Admits To Wire Fraud

Rapper G Herbo, real name Herbert Wright III, has pled guilty to one count of wire fraud and one count of lying to federal agents in an identity theft case. The charges stem from his involvement in a wire fraud scheme, where he and five other defendants obtained stolen credit card information from “dark web sites” and other sources. 

The group used the stolen funds to finance their luxurious lifestyle and music careers, leading to financial losses for the unknowingly defrauded cardholders.

According to the indictment, G Herbo and his co-defendants “purchased private jet charters, private yacht charters, exotic car rentals, luxury hotel and vacation rental accommodations, private chef and security guard services, designer puppies, limousine and chauffeur services, commercial airline flights, consumer goods, and meals, among other things.” 

Indictment Statements

The indictment stated that the defendants used fake IDs, driver’s licenses, and e-mail accounts in the names of aliases and real businesses to defraud people and companies. 

“The actual cardholders discovered these transactions on their accounts and disputed the charges, resulting in payment card companies reversing payments and charging back the transactions to the businesses and individuals, who consequently suffered financial losses,” says the United States Attorney’s Office.

The Chicago drill rapper allegedly sent a direct message to Strong over Instagram around July 7, 2019, requesting a reservation for a private villa in Jamaica, according to the indictment. Strong allegedly made the reservation with stolen payment information, and Wright reportedly stayed at the villa with his associates from July 7 to July 11. 

The indictment outlined several other alleged fraudulent payments, including renting a Maybach S600 and Bentley CGTC on March 6, 2017.

Potential Consequences & Sentence

The wire fraud conspiracy and substantive wire fraud charges carry a maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison, up to five years of supervised release, and a $250,000 fine. Despite this potential sentence, the rapper’s admission of guilt may lead to a more favorable outcome, including probation. 

However, the consequences of his actions extend beyond legal ramifications, raising concerns about the impact on his family, especially his three young children.

What About His Three Kids?

In 2022, G Herbo welcomed his first daughter and shared two sons with different partners; he could face the prospect of his children growing up with their father behind bars if he is sentenced to prison. As the legal proceedings unfold, questions arise about how this potential absence may affect his children’s upbringing and future

Neither of the two mothers of his children has publicly addressed the situation, leaving many to wonder about the family’s well-being during this challenging time.

An Ominous Comparison To Young Thug’s Case

In response to the plea deal, G Herbo made a statement on his Instagram story, expressing confidence in his defendants and indirectly referencing a 2022 RICO case involving Atlanta rapper Young Thug and Gunna. The reference to “telling on Thug” raises concerns about potential implications in the legal proceedings and how it may impact the case’s outcome.

The Chicago artist also faces gun charges in a separate case after being found with a firearm during a traffic stop on July 9. After failing to use his turning signal, he was pulled over by Chicago police, where the officer ultimately discovered a Glock 33 in the vehicle. 

YSL Indicted On RICO Charges

 In 2022, the well-known “Check” rapper Young Thug was indicted on federal RICO charges along with more than 80 additional codefendants, including another Atlanta rapper Gunna.  The “Fukumean” sensation was released after his guilty plea, resulting in speculation which accuses him of snitching.

Originally Written By: Aveon Sims (7/20/23 at 4:14 pm)

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Kanye West Faces Lawsuit For Punching Autograph Seeker 

Kanye West

Kanye West finds himself in yet another legal battle. The Chicago native is now being sued for allegedly punching a fan who approached him for an autograph. 

Kanye Faces More Legal Woes

The incident, which took place near the Soho Warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles, has resulted in a lawsuit filed by Justin Poplawski and his wife Tiffany Marshall, accusing Kanye West of assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, and loss of consortium.

Poplawski, a self-proclaimed “well-respected autograph dealer,” claims that he had previously obtained an autograph from Ye without any issues. However, on January 13, 2022, things took a violent turn. 

According to Poplawski, West shouted at him, saying, “I’m going to make a f*cking example of you,” and referencing his divorce from Kim Kardashian. The autograph seeker alleges that West struck him several times, resulting in severe injuries.

The Lawsuit

The lawsuit further states that Kanye West screamed at those accompanying him, demanding they go to his house and get his children. One of the individuals with West reportedly intervened and urged him to stop. 

It is worth noting that Poplawski asserts he approached West while standing on public property.

In the lawsuit, West is accused of intentionally assaulting and injuring Poplawski, causing harm and damages. The filing describes West’s actions as a conscious disregard for the rights and safety of the autograph seeker and others, labeling it as despicable. 

The amount of damages sought by the couple has not been disclosed, but Marshall is also suing for “loss of consortium.” So far, Kanye West has not publicly responded to the lawsuit.

Kanye Tosses Photographer’s Phone

In a similar incident, a photographer previously sued Ye for throwing her phone into oncoming traffic out of frustration with surrounding photographers. The incident occurred in June 2023 and was captured in a video recorded in January 2023.

Offset Sued For Assault & Battery

In November 2023, Atlanta rap star Offset, formerly a member of Migos, faced a lawsuit by a security guard who accused him of assault, battery, and negligence. This incident highlights yet another instance of a rapper facing legal consequences for alleged violent behavior.

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Paul Wall Dishes On New Music, The Houston Rap Scene & More


Paul Wall recently sat down for an exclusive interview with SOHH. The People’s Champ discussed his latest projects, the thriving rap scene in Houston, viral debates on social media, and more. 

Houston’s Finest Is Back

In recent years, Paul Wall has been focused on releasing quality music independently, with his latest album, The Great Wall, serving as a testament to his positive vibes and true representation. 

“I wanted to put some good positive vibes out there with everything from the production to the lyrics.” Wall also expressed that he wanted the album to represent him. “I want it to be the best representation of me,” Wall said.

Paul Wall x That Mexican OT

Alongside his music, the “Sitting Sideways” rapper also expressed admiration for fellow Houston rappers That Mexican OT and their collaborations, including the popular track “Covered In Ice.” 

“Man, That Mexican OT been grinding for a long time putting in work on a regional scale or an independent scale. He’s got so much talent.” 

Paul Wall also disclosed that he and That Mexican OT shared the same manager, leading to inquiries about feature collaboration costs. Both parties expressed mutual curiosity and admiration, ultimately deciding to collaborate willingly, fueled by their shared appreciation for each other’s work.


Another single that Paul Wall worked on with That Mexican OT is “Johnny Dang,” which is about the famous Houston jeweler, who has been referenced by many rappers in their lyrics for years.  

To many rap fans, the two are credited with popularizing grills in hip-hop. said that he started as a customer for grillz and that he just wanted to set his friends up. Wall credited Dang for increasing his interest in grillz. 

“The same way Johnny Dang gave me my start to sell grillz like that is the same way he gives other jewelers their start every single day.” he referred to Dang as the “number one grill jeweler on the planet.” 

One of the biggest songs that Wall has been a part of is the 2005 hit “Grillz,” with Nelly, along with  Ali & Gipp.

The Houston Rap Scene

As a veteran of the Houston rap scene, Paul Wall shared his enthusiasm about its current state. 

“I love the current state of the Houston rap scene,” Wall said excitedly. The biggest part of it that I love is the fanbase is so diverse. That allows every branch of the Houston tree to flourish,” Wall added. 

The Houston native mentioned that all over Texas, the support is growing for many artists, regardless of where they are from.  

Wall also shouted out fellow Houston artists such as Don Toliver, Monaleo, Sauce Walka, and others for being unique in their sound and bringing more attention to Houston. 

‘Still Tippin’’

When drawing parallels between contemporary Houston rappers and the city’s rap pioneers, Wall refrained from mentioning specific names to avoid offending. He believes that when a new rapper shares similarities with a veteran, it should be regarded as a compliment rather than a critique.

“When I hear new artists that sound like an older artist I don’t think that’s an insult, I think it’s a compliment.” 

The Great Wall rapper says as a fan, the resurgence of nostalgia is beneficial for representing the city. Additionally, he highlights the importance of rap elements such as style, cadence, delivery, and production style.

Toward the end of the interview, Wall gave his thoughts on the viral debate on social media of who had the best verse on the 2004 hit “Still Tippin,”  which featured fellow Houston rappers Slim Thug and Mike Jones. When asked who he thought had the best verse, he said that he went the “hardest,” but he credited Slim Thug for the nostalgic feel to his first verse.” 

“My personal favorite is Slim Thug because of the nostalgia of his original verse of where the hook sample came from.” Paul Wall also gave props to Jones for having many quotables in his verse. 

SOHH Sits Down With DUBG3

In a related interview, SOHH also had the opportunity to speak with 12-year-old rap prodigy DUBG3. Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, and gaining acclaim with the support of Houston rap legend Mike Jones, DUBG3 is making waves in the rap game at a young age.

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Cardi B Scores Small Victory In Security Guard Assault Case

Cardi B

Cardi B has won a slight victory in her ongoing legal battle with a female security guard over an alleged assault that occurred in 2018. 

A Small Victory

On Wednesday, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge dismissed the false imprisonment claim brought against the rapper in the lawsuit filed by the security guard, Emani Ellis. In the lawsuit, Emani Ellis claimed that she approached Cardi B to ask for a photo when the rapper became upset and a heated argument ensued. 

Ellis alleged that Cardi struck her in the head, face, and body, while also spitting on her and using racial slurs, as Ellis identifies as African American. She further accused Cardi and her team of using their influence to get her fired from her job at a medical building. 

Cardi B has denied all allegations. The recent court decision comes as a small victory for Cardi B, as the false imprisonment claim has been dismissed from the lawsuit. 

Court Rescheduled

This means that Ellis no longer has a legal basis to argue that she was unlawfully detained by Cardi B during the incident. The court has rescheduled the trial date from February to April 2024.

Updated By: Yasmine Duhé (1/11/23 at 3:50 pm)

Cardi B Refuses To Back Down In Security Guard Lawsuit

Cardi B is not backing down in her ongoing legal battle. As she gears up for an upcoming trial, the Bronx rapper has made a bold move to have several claims in a lawsuit filed by a security guard thrown out. 

The Bane Act

Recently, Cardi B has asked a Los Angeles Superior Court judge to dismiss two claims brought against her by a security guard. The lawsuit, which stems from an alleged medical office dispute, includes claims of false imprisonment and violation of the Bane Act, a California law that protects individuals from force or threats of violence against their constitutional rights.

The lawsuit was filed by a female security guard named Emani Ellis, who alleged that Cardi B physically assaulted her and “used multiple profanities and racial slurs against Ellis who is African American,” during the incident.

The Incident

Ellis asserted that she approached the “Bodak Yellow” rapper for a photo but was ultimately declined. During this period, Cardi B was pregnant with her eldest daughter, Kulture, but had not yet revealed the news to the world, maintaining a private pregnancy at the time.

Cardi’s defense argues that the claim of false imprisonment should be dismissed due to it being filed past the statute of limitations. The incident in question occurred in February 2018, while Ellis filed the lawsuit in February 2020. 

Additionally, the “Hot Sh!t” rapper’s legal team questions how she could have interfered with Ellis’s constitutional rights to engage in legitimate employment, as alleged. The judge has yet to rule on these motions.

Cardi Demands Dismissal

While Ellis claims that she was fired from her job as a result of Cardi B’s actions, representatives from the medical building deny these allegations. 

Cardi B, who denies all claims, demands the dismissal of all allegations and seeks to put an end to the legal battle. The upcoming trial is scheduled for February 1.

Cardi’s Past Legal Victory

In addition to her current legal battle, Cardi B has been caught up in other legal entanglements recently. 

Notably, she sued gossip blogger Tasha K for defamation and emotional damages, resulting in a victory for Cardi B. This ongoing legal saga highlights her readiness to take on those who spread falsehoods about her.

Offset Sued For Assault & Battery By Security Guard

Interestingly, Cardi B’s husband Offset has also found himself in a similar legal situation. In late November of 2023, Offset was sued for assault and battery by a security guard at ComplexCon. It appears that legal battles seem to follow this power couple, as they continue to face allegations and fight for their innocence.

Originally Written By: Yasmine Duhé (1/4/23 at 5:07 pm)

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Houston Rapper Viper Accused Of Holding Woman Captive For Years 


Houston artist Viper has recently been arrested and charged with aggravated kidnapping. The shocking accusation states that the rapper had allegedly been holding a woman captive in his south Houston home for several years. 


Viper, whose real name is Lee Carter, was arrested on Jan. 4 after Houston police responded to a kidnapping in progress at his residence.

The officer at the scene communicated with a voice coming from a window of the attached garage, where the victim had been confined.

The victim informed the officer that she had been kidnapped by Carter approximately “four or five years ago” while panhandling in Houston. She recounted how Carter had coerced her into getting into his car and subsequently took her back to his property.

Court Document Details

Court documents reveal the horrific conditions the woman endured during her captivity. Carter allegedly kept her locked up in the attached garage, depriving her of a proper bathroom and shower facilities. 

She claimed that he repeatedly sexually assaulted her while feeding her drugs, including crack cocaine and other narcotics, along with a diet consisting mainly of chips. Occasionally, Carter would allow her into the house for brief periods to bathe before returning her to the garage.

In one instance, the woman managed to escape through the garage window, seeking help from the police who took her to the hospital. However, she was eventually released back to Carter. Out of fear, he allegedly boarded up the window and threatened her with physical harm if she ever attempted to escape again.

When the responding officer observed the woman in Carter’s garage, she appeared extremely malnourished and had not showered in two months. Upon prying open the garage, authorities discovered a mattress covered in vomit, bags of chips, and Twinkies, along with a “makeshift toilet” and dripping faucet. 

The woman’s hair was unkempt and dirty, and her clothes were filthy. She had pleaded with Carter daily to release her, surviving mainly on snacks without receiving proper meals.

Viper Speaks Out

Users on Twitter (X) reacted to the news of Viper being arrested. 

One user named @pinkfloatingeye commented, “didn’t expect f*cking VIPER to get arrested for having a sex slave for half a f*cking decade on my 2024 bingo card that’s for f*cking sure,”  and one other user named @maleadanniels commented “Viper got f*cking arrested? End 2024 already for f*cking real dewd.” 

Viper was held in custody at Harris County Jail after his arrest, but on January 9 he took to his Twitter (X) account to announce his freedom and claim his innocence.


No jail sentence has been announced for him at this time. 

Soulja Boy Faces Major Legal Woes

In a distressing parallel, Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy recently faced a similar accusation, as he was found guilty of holding a gun to his ex-girlfriend’s head and threatening her life. The ex-girlfriend claimed that Soulja Boy had instructed his assistant to tie her up with duct tape and forcibly dragged her into the house from the garage, where she was forced to take multiple showers. 

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From Beyonce To Cardi B: 8 Female Celebrities Who Outshine Their Famous Men

Beyonce, Cardi B, Halle Bailey

In the world of celebrity couples, there are often power dynamics that emerge, with one partner’s fame shining brighter than the other’s. From DDG and Halle Bailey to Beyoncé and Jay-Z, these women celebrities have managed to overshadow their significant others in terms of popularity and influence.

Celebrity Cache

DDG & Halle Bailey

When social media personality DDG started dating A-list singing and acting star Halle Bailey, it caused quite a stir. Many have noted that while DDG has built a successful career on social media, Bailey’s star power and talent far surpass his own.

A$AP Rocky & Rihanna

While A$AP Rocky had established himself as a brand before dating Rihanna, their relationship catapulted his image to new heights. Additionally, Rihanna’s billionaire status and their collaborative efforts, such as A$AP Rocky’s recent collaboration with Rihanna’s Fenty line, have also showcased them being a dynamic duo.

Beyonce & Jay-Z

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are considered one of pop culture’s ultimate power couples. However, there is a common sentiment that Queen Bey’s celebrity status outshines her husband’s.

Even in a joking manner, President Obama shared a joke with Jay-Z in 2017 during Jay-Z’s induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, where Obama delivered a speech on his behalf. In the speech, Barack mentioned:

“Although he’s going to have me beat once those twins show up. And let’s face it, we both have wives that are significantly more popular than we are.”

Michelle & Barack Obama

Moving beyond entertainment, the popularity of former First Lady Michelle Obama, often overshadowed that of her husband, former President Barack Obama. Michelle consistently received higher popularity ratings, even being named the most admired woman in the world in 2019.

Cardi B & Offset

Cardi B and Offset‘s tumultuous romance has been the subject of much attention. Despite Offset’s accomplishments with the Migos, Cardi B has become more marketable and gained greater exposure in her career, making her appear to be the most popular of the two.

Angela Bassett & Courtney Vance

In the realm of acting, Angela Bassett‘s popularity has often eclipsed that of her husband Courtney B. Vance. While both are esteemed actors, Bassett has carved out a more prominent name for herself in the industry.

India & Durk

India Royale and Lil Durk have been making headlines with their high-profile relationship. However, it is widely acknowledged that India has achieved greater popularity outside of her relationship with Durk, establishing her own identity.

Stephen & Ayesha Curry

NBA star Stephen Curry and his wife Ayesha Curry have both made names for themselves in their respective fields. However, Ayesha has garnered attention outside of her husband’s sporting world with her endeavors, cementing her status as a notable figure.

Can Celeb Relationships Survive The Limelight?

This conversation about women celebrities overshadowing their husbands brings up another topic within the realm of celebrity couples. It raises the question of whether these relationships can survive under the constant scrutiny of the limelight, as they are always the subject of media fascination.

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DDG Hinted At Baby Halo’s Arrival 3 Times


DDG and Halle Bailey, the latest celebrity couple goals, have sent fans into a frenzy with their surprising announcement. On Saturday, Jan. 6, The Little Mermaid actress confirmed months of pregnancy suspicion with the revelation on social media of the birth of their baby boy, Halo. 

Hints of Halo

DDG and Halle Bailey have announced that they are officially new parents. The news shocked many, as there had been speculation surrounding their pregnancy. 

However, the popular YouTuber had dropped hints about the arrival of Baby Halo, leaving fans wondering if he was simply trolling or if there was some truth to the rumors. SOHH takes a closer look at the top times DDG hinted at the arrival of their bundle of joy:

Baby ‘Halo’

DDG, known for his trolling antics on social media, had subtly hinted at the arrival of Baby Halo in the past. 

In a video from 11 months ago, where he was featured alongside his sister-in-law, Britanny Jones, DDG was asked what he would name his future child. Without hesitation, he replied, “Halo.” This unexpected response sparked curiosity among fans, who couldn’t help but wonder if DDG’s words held any significance.

April Fools!

Another clue came on April Fools Day in 2023. DDG shared a photo of a sonogram and captioned it, “Can’t wait to be your dad.” 

Many dismissed it as a prank, considering the date, but little did they know that there was truth behind the caption. Halle Bailey could have already been pregnant then, leading DDG to drop this hint playfully.

Holiday Hints

As speculation grew about their possible pregnancy, DDG’s social media posts added fuel to the fire. In a Christmas video he posted, viewers noticed a brief moment where Britanny mentioned wanting to give a gift to Halle and DDG but hastily told everyone to turn their cameras off. 

This caught the attention of fans, who were quick to spot a baby rocker and a Christmas present with the name “Halo” on it in the background. These seemingly innocent details further deepened the mystery surrounding the couple.

It’s A Girl!

In the realm of surprise pregnancies, another artist who recently made headlines is rapper Bhad Bhabie, also known for her appearance on Dr. Phil‘s show and her infamous “Cash Me Outside” catchphrase. After announcing her pregnancy, Bhad Bhabie teamed up with fashion icon Marc Jacobs for a gender reveal photoshoot.

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