NSFW: Kanye West Wants To Be Creative Director For adidas

Source: Kanye West leaving a hotel in Soho Featuring: Kanye West Where: Manhattan, New York, United States When: 07 Oct 2016 Credit: TNYF/WENN.com

It seems that Kanye wants to do more than get his product distributed by adidas. According to a new interview Yeezus wants a corporate job with the sportswear giant.

Shayne Oliver, founder of luxury streetwear label Hood By Air, recently did an in-depth feature with Interview magazineOn the other side of the tape recorder was Kanye West who gave the fashion designer some insight on his own personal journey to get YEEZY Supply to where it is today.

When discussing Oliver’s recent collaboration with minimalist label Helmut Lang, West pointed to the fact that the announcement was viewed by many in the fashion industry as a formal job appointment for Oliver. “When I saw it coming, it read to me that you had become the creative director of Helmut Lang — and it read to other people that way, too. And it felt right, and it felt deserved” West explained. To the contrary it was just a residency.

Ye’ went to share that he too is seeking a CD gig, at the Three Stripes. “The reason I’m on the phone with you right now is that of our generation of designers, you are the strongest of all of us. Of this entire crew that came up around the same time, you are the most deserving of one of these positions. So it’s interesting to me when you get these situations, because, like, I’ve been fighting and struggling and arguing and talking and having conversation after conversation about being the creative director of adidas.” He followed up the reveal by simply saying “It’s just f***ing obvious, right?”

The news came as a surprise to many of his fans as the “Gold Digger” rapper went on a now infamous campaign voicing his frustration for ownership in the fashion industry in June 2013. Fast forward to three years later he announced a long-term partnership with adidas which granted him financial backing and design autonomy for his YEEZY sneaker line. In 2018 YEEZY was valued at roughly $1.5 billion dollars, allegedly.

adidas has yet to comment on the West’s interest in a Creative Director job.

Photo: Bruce Glikas/Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

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Game Delivers Crushing News & Says New Album Is His Last – NO CAP


West Coast rapper Game is done-done. The hip-hop veteran has announced his new Born To Rap album is the end of the line for his studio releases collection.

The Los Angeles native hit up Instagram Thursday with a final request to fans and let his 10 million followers know this is his last album.

Story updating….

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2 Chainz Reveals Kendrick Lamar, Young Thug, Travis Scott & Lil Wayne-Featured RAP OR GO TO THE LEAGUE Tracklisting

2 Chainz

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz is giving fans a last-minute taste of his new Rap Or Go To The League album. Deuce went to social media to bless fans with a preview of his new LP.

Deuce jumped on Instagram Thursday with some fresh bars and audio off the new project.

Chainz also blessed fans with his new LP’s official tracklisting.

A few days ago, Chainz went to Instagram to announce NBA champion LeBron James helped create the new LP and reveal its March 1 drop date.

In December, Chainz promised his new album would go down as the best rap LP of 2019.

Initially, 2 Chainz aimed to drop the long-awaited LP before 2019.

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Rick Ross Celebrates Dwyane Wade’s Unforgettable Career Moment: “Wade County”

Rick Ross

Maybach Music Group’s Rick Ross is putting a little respect on Dwyane Wade’s name. Yung Renzel is the latest celebrity to react to the Miami Heat star’s game-winning shot last night against the Golden State Warriors.

Ricky Ross hit up Instagram Thursday with a major shout-out to his hometown hero.

On Thursday, rap veteran N.O.R.E. hit up IG to geek out over the Miami Heat icon’s heroics.

Last night, Wade shocked fans by putting up a last-second epic shot.

Even Wade had to hit up his Instagram page to relive the moment.

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2 Chainz Taps Kendrick Lamar, Ariana Grande for ‘Rap or Go to the League’

Just hours before it drops, 2 Chainz has revealed the star-studded tracklisting for his new album Rap or Go to the League.

ATL’s trap MVP drafts an all-star team of players for his fifth project. A&R’d by LeBron James, the 14-track set boasts appearances from Kendrick Lamar and Ariana Grande, plus Travis Scott, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne, Young Thug, Kodak Black, and more.

Rap or Go to the League marks 2 Chainz’s first album since 2017’s Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. “It’s been quite the journey to get here and I know I’ve kept y’all waiting long enough,” he said. “All night studio sessions, dialing in, reflecting & opening up on these records or as I call it therapy! This is my each one teach one body of work, I wanna celebrate black excellence!”

Rap or Go to the League drops at midnight. See the tracklisting below.

Rap or Go to the League Tracklisting

1. “Forgiven” (feat. Marsha Ambrosius)
2. “Threat 2 Society”
3. “Money in the Way”
4. “Statute of Limitations”
5. “High Top Versace” (feat. Young Thug)
6. “Whip (feat. Travis Scott)
7. “NCAA”
8. “Momma I Hit a Lick” (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
9. “Rule the World” (feat. Ariana Grande)
10. “Girl’s Best Friend” (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
11. “2 Dollar Bill” (feat. Lil Wayne & E-40)
12. “I Said Me”
13. “I’m Not Crazy, Life Is” (feat. Chance the Rapper & Kodak Black)
14. “Sam”

Source: Rap-Up.com

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Tory Lanez

R&B singer Tory Lanez is in work mode. The crooner has teased fans about putting a low-key new project together with fellow musician Davido.

Tory went to Instagram Thursday to get fans geeking out over new collaborative work getting put down.

Tory recently went to Instagram to share his current state of mind.

The same week, Tory announced his plans to fall back on entertaining negativity.

Earlier this month, Lanez announced plans to release a new freestyle.

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HOT 97 DJ Enuff DJ MUSIC MEETING – Feb 28th

Source: HOT 97 on YouTube

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Michael Jackson’s Nephew Taj Jackson Reveals the FBI Spent 10 Years Investigating His Uncle

As the premiere of the controversial documentary Leaving Neverland draws near, the family of the late pop icon, Michael Jackson, continues to fight in his defense against the biased incriminating project. This morning, Jackson’s nephew, Taj Jackson, who is the son of his brother Tito Jackson called into the Breakfast Club with his uncle Marlon Jackson to debunk the credibility of the HBO documentary and the accusers.

Charlamagne tha God started off the segment by mentioning Dan Reed’s, director of Leaving Neverland, Dan recent claim that accusers Wade Robson and James Safechuck were not being compensated and Taj does not seem to find any truth in the statement. “You can turn being relevant into making money. They have an appeal going on right now with the [Michael Jackson] estate, so it’s in their best interests to get the public on their side so they can make as much money as possible.”

The dialogue went on to touch base on the Michael Jackson Estate’s lawsuit against HBO, in which the Breakfast Club hosts questioned if the dispute will encourage the network to pull the documentary from premiering on Sunday (Mar. 3). Taj expressed he believes the network is in dire need for the attention due to a foreseen demise thanks to Netflix.

“I think that there is too much at stake for them. I think HBO is in a certain position where Netflix is eating their lunch and I think they need this publicity.”

According to ET, the lawsuit presented by Optimum Productions and co-executors of the Michael Jackson estate claims the HBO project violates a non-disparagement clause that is sanctioned in a contract made with HBO in 1992 which prohibited the network from making any disparaging remarks about the King of Pop or any of his representatives that may harm or deface his public image. The contract was made after the release of his classic album Dangerous and Michael Jackson Live in Concert in Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour special.

When asked if he found any of the child molestation accusations to be true, the vocal nephew of the pop legend spoke in Jackson’s defense as the allegations being false and went on to reveal that the Federal Bureau of Investigation investigated the Thriller singer for 10 years and have found no evidence proving the claims to be true.

“One hundred percent no. My uncle was one of the most scrutinized people in the world. He has a secret ten year FBI investigation going on him that no one knew about,” Taj said. “Three hundred pages of documents, not one shred of evidence. They would have locked him up if they had something.”

According to a 2009 CNN report, just six months after Jackson’s shocking death, the FBI published 17 years worth of accumulated data on Jackson online. The information was made publicly available in lieu of the Freedom of Information Act.

Taj went on to say, “When your name is Michael Jackson, you’re just a target.”

Towards the end of the call, Taj gave his stance on the popular collusion that Jackson’s death was a plotted murder by highlighting the supreme entertainer’s league of music publishing ownership.

“My uncle pretty much-owned half of the music industry publishing company. We’re talking everything from the James Bond theme,” he said. “He was getting paid and paid and paid. He became too powerful. He has a deal where he owned half of Sony Music’s catalog.”

This includes the catalogs of Babyface, ’90s rock band Oasis, and the infamous case of the Beatles.

Over the past month, Taj Jackson, along with his brother TJ Jackson has been sensationally vocal about the biased documentary, especially through the social networking platform of Twitter. Both have merged with dedicated fans to vocalize and present a pure defense for the beloved entertainer due to the mere fact that he is no longer here to voice his own defense. Their activism has started to receive appropriate media attention as the days of Leaving Neverland approach and the family refuses to back down.

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Facebook’s Delayed Clear History Privacy Tool Slated To Launch Later This Year

Facebook logo seen displayed on a smart phone...

Source: SOPA Images / Getty

Facebook is trying desperately to earn back the trust of its users it took for granted by mishandling their data due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. In response to its poor behavior, the social media giant promised to release a Clear History Tool that would wipe away information that is collected from third-party apps, that is supposed to arrive later this year.

Facebook promised users the tool which was just an idea at that point, would have been released back in May of last year according to a BuzzFeed News report about the Clear History Tool’s troubled development. Mark Zuckerberg in a note posted on his Facebook page described the app as a step forward in repairing the company’s image, and it would mainly work like clearing your internet browser’s history.

“In your web browser, you have a simple way to clear your cookies and history. The idea is a lot of sites need cookies to work, but you should still be able to flush your history whenever you want. We’re building a version of this for Facebook too. It will be a simple control to clear your browsing history on Facebook — what you’ve clicked on, websites you’ve visited, and so on,” Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook note posted to his personal page. “We’re starting with something a lot of people have asked about recently: the information we see from websites and apps that use Facebook’s ads and analytics tools.”

There are no details as to how exactly the tool will work or how it will look, but in a statement to BuzzFeed News, Facebook admits to the delay stating, “We want to make sure this works the way it should for everyone on Facebook, which is taking longer than expected.”

Photo: SOPA Images / Getty

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Charmaine Is Super Woke, Enlists The Crew To Protest R.Kelly, Lily Moves On & More #BlackInkChi Moments

Celebrities Visit Build - July 10, 2018

Source: Steve Zak Photography / Getty

Black Ink Chicago put the ratchet behavior on hold last night to tackle the R.Kelly issue, police harassment, mental health and more.

After calling out Lily for her excessive use of the N-word, Charmaine is feeling super woke. The reality star/radio host decided to put on her protest hat and join in on the boycott of the king of R&Pee R.Kelly. She informs the crew of her intentions to join in on the canceling of the singer for his predatory behavior. After a discussion, everyone gets behind Charmaine on her fight against the troubled R&B singer despite having some reservations.

Lily who is currently on a Ryan-recommended break from the shop after the heated discussion about her abusing the n-word. She decides to use the time to focus on her art and chooses to work on an exhibit detailing the harsh journey Mexican immigrants endure to cross the border into the United States. Ryan and Bella show up to support the embattled tattoo artist. Lily finally understands that she has offended people by using the slur and apologizes but when given the opportunity to come back by Ryan she declines. She admits to her former boss she won’t be able to work with Charmaine who she feels has a vendetta against her.

Junior fresh from dealing with his anger management issues he revealed he has on last week’s episode is put to the test. While driving to the shop with Charmaine, he is pulled over by the police and things gets pretty intense. Charmaine completely upset makes it to the shop and details the whole situation to the 9 Mag crew describing how the cops were just harassing them and had no real reason to pull stop them. While searching Junior’s vehicle they find a gun which he legally owns and slaps handcuffs on him. She reveals she has no idea where he is when Ryan asks if he is okay, Junior later walks in the shop to their relief explaining that they had nothing on him and had to let him go.

Last but certainly not least, Phor who’s battle with depression took a scary turn forcing him to take a break from the show returns. The crew looks extremely happy to see their fellow 9 Mag member back and looking very healthy once again after taking some time off to be with family in Atlanta. With the original crew back together it’s time to go back to regular ratchet order.

Now, of course, people had a lot to say about Charmaine’s sudden wokeness, Ryan’s reaction towards Lily and Phors return. You can see all of the #BlackInkChi inspired commentary in the gallery below.

Photo: Steve Zak Photography / Getty

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