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22 yr old artist from Charlotte NC DMVC BLVCK, just recently moved to LA to pursue music, I like to experiment with different sounds an consider myself pretty versatile when it comes to my artistic process and creative approach, Not many songs of mine will sound like others as I like to explore other genres in hopes to make pieces of work for all different types of audiences.

I just dropped a ep called “Gekyume” a word created by artist xxxtentacion which means the next level of thinking, which is something I’ve always felt and thought of myself in comparison to my peers. The project contains real life experiences an sacrifices I’ve made to move from my comfortable home in Charlotte NC across the country to LA California in pursuit of my dreams. I live a lifestyle that most can’t relate to but for those who can I feel they will resonate with it most.

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Jade River & Myka 9 – “A New Suspiria” (Album)

Hot on the heels of their last single, “My Whole Life,” ever-evolving Portland based producer, Jade River, and the iconic Myka 9, an undisputed legend of the Los Angeles hip-hop scene, finally drop their highly anticipated collaborative LP, “A New Suspiria“.

UFO Empire – “Signs” EP

Orlando based Hip Hop trio UFO Empire, comprised of Skipavibez, Trey Duce, and Clay the King, release their new highly anticipated EP titled “Signs“.

Mixing an eclectic blend of sounds, lyrics, and imagery; SIGNS EP is an offering that solidifies the groups namesake.  This EP represents a shift in sound for the Hip Hop/Pop genre.  Defined by emotionally honest content painted thru descriptive lyrics against a dynamic sonic canvas, their sound is truly not of this world.

Praise – All Praises Due (EP)

Promising potential, slick rhymes, and highly regarded as one of the next big Hip-Hop stars to come out of the East Coast, New York rhymeslayer Praise follows up his breakout release with a new EP, properly-titled, ‘All Praises Due’.

‘All Praises Due’ is a two song package featuring Praise two new singles, “I Don’t Remember You Callin'” and the title track. The producer/recording artist shines bright on the new collection with impactful wordplay, charismatic energy, and undeniable sound. Since its release, Praise has been receiving rave reviews from critics, describing the project as one of the summer’s best work from new discoveries.

‘All Praises Due’ follows up Praise previous collective, ‘More’. This year alone, Praise has been causing a lot of attention as he has been rocking stages throughout the Tri-State area. Making himself a hot commodity for major label executives eager to sign the next big thing.

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Cross King – “Cross King The Album”

Rising Houston, TX based underground Hip Hop artist Cross King releases his new album titled “Cross King The Album“.

“The album is titled ‘Cross King the Album’ because it intends to show who I am as a person as well as my personal opinions on a diverse subject matter through the variety of songs found on the album. Each song has it’s own message and could stand alone among the others. I had to pull from the depths of my emotions in order to make such a diverse album. As you listen to each track, you will find yourself taken on a experience you couldn’t find any other way. This album will open your thoughts and force you to think more in depth about your life and current situation.”