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Apollo Blaze – “Break the Cycle“ (Album Review)

Apollo Blaze from Washington D.C. has just released his newest album titled “Break the Cycle”. This 13 track album is insatiably dark dealing with deep disturbing topics such as sexual assault, the death of a loved one, heartbreak and more. This album is a woeful ode that explores the varying feelings of grief that gets associated with loss. From trauma to triumph, Apollo Blaze seeks to break the cycle of grief and achieve contentment and happiness. This album is the full personification of grief and the demons that come with it. 

We start with his first track break the cycle, this track is interesting because we start the album with the resolution to the cycle of being sad. Apollo Blaze knows that in order to break the cycle, he must go through the stages of grief that will help him get there. The concept of the album is interesting because he is not only grieving over one loss, but is mourning the multiple tragedies at once. He is dealing with the deepest sadness that one human can feel. He explores emotion through an experienced lens, lamenting over the death of his mother. 

Apollo Blaze weaves through heartbreak and the feeling of not belonging in the opening tracks of this album. “Don’t Belong” demonstrates the feeling of detachment one feels after experiencing trauma and loss. We then move onto “Dark Rose”, a name he has coined for his beloved. The imagery of his beloved is cloaked in black representing sadness and loss. Yet she still encompasses all the beauty of a rose. We then transition in to borrowed time, where he laments on the fickleness of time passing and how it isn’t his to control. It seems that even his mere existence is cause for anxiety and angst. Holidays that are suppose to be filled with joy and warmth are replaced with anger and grief. 

At least Apollo Blaze realizes that there is nothing on earth that can get to him at this point because he’s been to hell and back. Whether he’s giving us a first person narrative or sharing someone else’s tale, we all can relate to the struggle and triumph of what is means to lose something or someone you once loved. Join Apollo Blaze on his journey to self discovery in Break the Cycle, available now on all streaming platforms.

Score: 6/10

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Grammy-Winning R&B Icons 112 Reveal Cover Art and Track List for ‘112 Forever (Slim & Mike)’ EP

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With a fresh look and reinvigorated sound, Grammy-winning R&B icons 112 today revealed the cover art and tracklist for their newest body of work, 112 Forever: Slim & Mike EP, dropping this Friday, August 28 via distribution partner ONErpm. Recorded in their hometown of Atlanta during quarantine, the project is a meticulously curated reflection of the heart and soul Slim and Mike have tirelessly poured into building and continuing the legacy of 112.  

Fans can now access exclusive merchandise such as masks and shirts, music on the band’s official website, Collectible physical copies of the 112 Forever: Slim & Mike EP will also be available soon.

112 Forever (Slim & Mike) Track List:
1.  Forever Intro
2.  No Where
3.  Exclusive
4.  For US
5.  S.I.A.  Interlude
6.  Spend It All
7.  Looking For Love
8.  Anytime
9.  For Us Outro 

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2 Chainz Announces New Album ‘So Help Me God’

Pablo Escobar's Family Sues 2 Chainz Over Restaurant Name

A while back Kanye West stated that he would be releasing an album titled So Help Me God, that title now belongs to 2 Chainz.

Chainz, fresh off his VERZUZ battle with Rick Ross, slid through The Breakfast Club and announced the title and details about the forthcoming album. Speaking with the trio he let everyone know that everything is finished, including the visuals and more. 2 Chainz would also let The Breakfast Club know the second collaboration with Lil Wayne, ColleGrove 2, will be on the way.

Last night 2 Chainz also let off a new single titled “Money Maker.” You can here that here and peep the album announcement courtesy of HipHop-n-More below.

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Nah, Bean: LL Cool J Remembers When Kobe Bryant Played Him His Gangsta Rap Album

While the outpouring for Kobe Bryant is more than justified the all-star athlete wasn’t a legend in two fields. One MC looks back at when he tried his hand at rapping.

As spotted on Billboard, LL Cool J shared a heartwarming story about the late great Los Angeles Laker. Back in 1999 record executive Steve Stoute signed the player to a recording contract. Even though his teammate Shaquille O’Neal proved to the world that some ballers can rhyme too, Mamba’s efforts weren’t as seamless. The G.O.A.T. detailed the interaction in hilarious fashion.

“He played me this album, this gangsta rap album, and I was like, ‘Kobe.’ I said, ‘Come on, dog. That’s not what you need to be doing,’” the “Rock The Bells” rapper laughed as he thought back. “He had a gangsta rap album. He played me that album, we’re sitting in a parking lot. I was confused. I was sitting there, like, ‘What are we doing? You got endorsements, what are you doing?’ It had to be the funniest moment of my life, listening to him do gangsta rap.”

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A month ago I was sitting in a restaurant talking about how great you were. Now although you’re physically gone, your spirit lives on. You meant so much to so many people worldwide. We watched you grow from boy to family man. We watched you overcome adversity. We watched you tap in to your GOD given talents and potential. You inspired us to dig deeper and strive to go higher. You showed us metaphorically what was possible. And although I always move in the spirit of humility; there aren’t many men who could inspire me to write these words. You truly represented greatness to me. Although I’m sure you would have preferred that you all lived. I’m also sure you would have preferred to be there with your child at the end of her life; rather than to have her transition alone. I believe that deep in my heart. Real men and women understand that. So I salute you my brother. And I pray that you, your daughter, and the other victims reside peacefully in the next dimension. God bless you 8/24 !!! You’re forever great!!! Vanessa, you and your girls stay prayerful and as strong as you can. May God bless you 🙏🏾

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Cool James also recalled when #8 actually performed his first single at the 2000 NBA All-Star Game. That wasn’t pretty either. “We’re not gonna pretend like we wasn’t laughing,” LL Cool J said in regards to the 2000 live performance. “The world was laughing. That was not… but, you know, he took a shot. He took a shot.”

You can watch the ill-fated live set below.

Photo: Guillermo Proano/


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Evidence Drops A New Instrumental Album. Check Out 26 Beats From A Proven Master

Nearly 25 years into his career, Evidence’s music continues to get better and better. That says a lot for an artist who took audiences by storm with the Dilated Peoples across several albums since the late 1990s. However, in the solo department, releases like last year’s Weather Or Not offer tremendous depth to the man and the artist. It was voted the best LP of 2018 by the readers of Ambrosia For Heads. Although Evidence is “Step Brothers” with Alchemist, he’s made incredible songs with DJ Premier, Kanye West, and Kutmasta Kurt (to just name a few), Evidence is a highly-accomplished producer. Outside of his crew, E-V has made songs for ‘Ye, Raekwon, Sean Price, Westside Gunn, and Vince Staples. In the last month, Evidence laced a surprise Brother Ali album (Secrets & Escapes), which also packs an exceptional feature across the two Rhymesayers label-mates. Evidence Explains How Weather Or Not Is A Personal & Therapeutic Album (AFH TV Video) In the midst of that, a recent Step Brothers two-pack (Burnt Tree), and touring (dates embedded below), Evidence releases Squirrel Tape Instrumentals Vol. 1. The 26-song Instrumental Hip-Hop album (“beat tape” doesn’t quite seem to do  it justice) follows in the tradition of Evidence’s Tape series (where he released batches of beats as Yellow, Red, Purple, and Green) between 2004 and 2008. Highlights within the collection include the harmonic vocal opener “Real Diamonds 93706,” the depth-charge fuzz of “Pocket Full Of Empty,” and the plush ’70s velour-sounding “Tuff Gong.” A few beat titles within the batch hint at the MCs they were made from “Eligh” to “Mach.” Throughout the collection, Evidence cues up references to squirrels making this more than just a studio dump. The Los Angeles, California veteran has many styles, and he’s happy to show them to the fans on their own. Alchemist & Evidence Reunite The Step Brothers & Bring Big Bars To Calabasas At AFH TV, there is a video interview with Evidence. We are currently offering free 7-day trial subscriptions. Press photograph by Stephen Vanasco provided by Rhymesayers Entertainment. 9th Wonder Closes Out An Incredible Year With More Than 40 Beats & Songs #BonusBeat: Evidence and Brother Ali’s current tour dates:


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Doja Cat Announces Sophomore LP ‘Hot Pink’ Dropping November 7

Doja Cat announced on Friday that she is dropping her second album this month. The “Tia Tamera” rapper is dropping Hot Pink on November 7th.

She also released the tracklist for the LP which will give fans 12 new songs with features from Tyga and Smino. Doja has one other feature on the album but it is blurred out.

“My heart is f—ing pounding and I know a lot of these song titles aren’t ones you guys are familiar with. You know I love teasing stuff but I wanted to surprise you so here it is,” Doja wrote on Instagram. Doja Cat dropped the visual for her song “Rules” late October and currently has more than 7 million views on YouTube.

The Los Angeles born rapper blew up in 2018 with her viral song “Mooo” that currently has 57 million views on YouTube. The song’s comedic element turned Doja into a viral sensation, but a year later she’s still thriving making music.

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Gang Starr’s Album Is Here & It’s One Of The Best Yet (Audio)

Less than six weeks ago, Hip-Hop Heads suddenly learned that a Gang Starr album was on its way. DJ Premier had spent more than a year producing songs around previously unreleased vocals from his longtime creative partner, Guru. The MC/producer had passed away in 2010, nearly seven years removed from the duo’s previous LP, The Ownerz. Now, approaching a decade since Guru departed, Gang Starr’s legacy lives on through One Of The Best Yet. The new collection of songs and interludes involves some of the group’s closest affiliates, along with some noteworthy Rap peers that stand for the duo’s everlasting message. Earlier this week, a New York Times report by Paul Cantor revealed that this TTT/Gang Starr Enterprises LP may be the first of two potential albums from the group. Regardless of when and where these verses were recorded, O.O.T.B.Y. has messages that feel destined for the Rap group that Guru (as “Keithy E”) had co-founded in 1980s. The J. Cole-assisted “Family And Loyalty” plays like a decree to the Gang Starr brotherhood, complete with Big Shug in the video (as well as Guru’s son). Shug was with Guru back in the first iteration of Gang Starr, in mid-1980s Boston. He remained a fixture in Gang Starr Foundation after Premier and Guru had carried on the group together, meeting in New York City later in the decade. A New Report Details How DJ Premier Rescued Guru’s Lost Recordings Like “Family And Loyalty,” album closer “Bless The Mic” is another prophetic reminder of the Gang Starr bond. “Whether wrong or right / A lot of people fight / But I’m here the mic,Guru raps in what has become the chorus. Those words carry perspective for a complicated period between 2003 and 2010 for the two men. Guru’s verses flaunt the kind of wisdom that Elam loved serving “dumb rappers” on songs like “Speak Ya Clout” and “Just To Get A Rep.” For this listener, it is hard to imagine the song recorded to any other beat. It has that tailor-made chemistry that outlasted trends in Hip-Hop, a changing business model, and so much more that the industry witnessed between 1989 and 2010. Through their respective mediums, these men are communicating with each other, getting the last word to their brilliant history. One Of The Best Yet also allows proper sendoffs from affiliates like Jeru The Damja and Group Home. These artists became Gang Starr’s proteges, eventually stepping away on later albums. “What’s Real” with Lil Dap and Melachi The Nutcracker has that trip down the New York back-streets. Royce 5’9 joins the moment, a disciple from the dark imagery of Group Home, and Preemo’s more recent beneficiary, thanks to PRhyme. As he did so well during the mid-1990s, Jeru hits the pocket of “From A Distance” with his nimble flow and distinct brand of lyrical substance. Billy Danze and Lil Fame give the M.O.P.-assisted “Lights Out” two shining verses. Freddie Foxxx (aka Bumpy Knuckles) and Shug honor “The Militia” series with a fourth installment, with some fresh raw denim bars, over-top some crisp scratches and pounding percussion. Gang Starr’s New Video With J. Cole Keeps Guru’s Legacy Alive (Video) Pre-album single “Bad Name” stands tall within this body of work. Guru’s love for Hip-Hop culture permeated everything he did. Repping for fallen comrades Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur, Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal’s call for better behavior in the community sounds brand new and relatable. Those sentiments echo on “So Many Rappers,” as well as the brief-but-potent “Bring It Back Here.” So many of these songs defy feeling 10-plus years old, a testament to Guru’s pen and plausibly, the behind-the-scenes surgery of Premier. This group had intricate ways of making its albums in Calliope and D&D Studios from the very beginning. Now, with Guru’s ashes at the control panel, that chemistry still bubbles at Queens’ HeadQCourterz, named after another fallen Gang Starr family member. Gang Starr’s impact on Hip-Hop cannot be understated; DJ Premier and Guru’s love and brotherhood can never be undone. Heads have known these facts for decades. One Of The Best Yet is a pleasant reminder for your speakers. DJ Premier Discusses The Making Of Gang Starr’s Hard To Earn 25 Years Later At AFH TV, DJ Premier provided a 20th-anniversary “Making The Music” in-depth interview regarding Gang Starr’s Moment Of Truth. There are other videos related to Preemo and Nas. We are currently offering free 7-day trials. “Bad Name” and “Family and Loyalty” are presently included on the official AFH Playlist. Gang Starr Press photo (by Chi Modu) provided by TTT.


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Teyana Taylor Says She is Dropping Her New Album December 6

Teyana Taylor lowkey dropped a bombshell on Twitter Tuesday declaring she’s dropping her new album on December 6. Taylor dropped this news responding to a fan’s meme about a lack of new music from the G.O.O.D. Music artist.

Teyana Taylor’s latest single “How You Want It” featuring King Combs charted on Billboard peaking at #28 on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. The “Rose in Harlem” performer is also still riding the wave of her album, K.T.S.E., a long-awaited project entirely produced by Kanye West.

Taylor also teased a collab in the works with Kehlani that is expected to be on the currently untitled album. Taylor told fans on social media that they’re shooting a video for the track on Friday.


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Tekashi 6ix9ine is Reportedly Working on a New Album Already

It’s hard to tell where Tekashi 6ix9ine will be on this day next year, but he’s hoping that it’ll be out of jail and he’s already working on his DUMMY BOY follow-up.

We recently reported that his sentence date was pushed up to December of this year, so the disgraced rapper may be home in time for Christmas. He allegedly declined witness protection to continue his music career, and these recent reports suggests that it’s true.

Page Six said 6ix9ine has been reaching out to music producers, as per a music industry source. The Brooklyn native is in talks with a rising New York producer and someone from his team paid for two exclusive beats. “It looks like he will be making music right away when he comes home,” the source said.

Do you think Tekashi 6ix9ine will be able to pick up where he left off after being labeled a rat?

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ScHoolboy Q Announces Release Date and Tracklist for Third Album ‘CrasH Talk’

It’s been more than two years since ScHoolboy Q dropped his Sophomore LP Blankface but now the Hoover Street representative is returning with his new LP, CrasH Talk.

Groovy Q took to social media to reveal the artwork and release date for the album that was jumpstarted with his single “Numb Numb Juice” and followed up with the Travis Scott assisted single “CHopstix.” The album is scheduled to drop April 26th.

The Los Angeles native has a lot to talk about on this album given the recent tragedies in Hip-Hop. The “THat Part” rapper delayed working on music after the passing of his close friend and fellow rap artist Mac Miller last year and Nipsey Hussle who was shot late last month.

Q released a preview of the new album on Monday but waited until Thursday to reveal the tracklist. The 14-track Top Dawg Produced album features Lil Baby, YG, Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, 6Lack, Ty Dolla Sign and 21 Savage.




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