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Brandon Bally Takes Hip-Hop To The Nightclub Dance Floor

Brandon Bally’s latest hit, ‘Pew Pew‘, is an electrifying fusion of Hip-Hop and R&B that’ll have you hooked from the first beat. Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, Bally brings a fresh vibe to the scene, blending introspective lyrics with infectious hooks. ‘Pew Pew’ is the ultimate club anthem, drawing on Jersey Club Music influences to deliver a dancefloor banger that’ll keep you moving all night long. Authentic and energizing, Bally’s music is a must-listen for anyone craving good quality music.


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Stefan Rossi and Keith Kugo Deep Dive Sonic Exploration in Lucid

When an innovative sonic master producer/artist with beautiful exploration like Keith Kugo & and intricate writer with performative force like Stefan Rossi get together.. you get an explosive combinational hit of stylistic & relatable music.

Lucid’ their first single off their upcoming EP hears a calm yet catchy groove that always has you engaged, singing along with bursts of excitement throughout.

With their debut single “Lucid,” the duo sets the stage for what promises to be an exhilarating musical journey. Seamlessly weaving together calm yet catchy grooves with bursts of excitement, “Lucid” invites listeners to immerse themselves in a world of sonic exploration. From the opening notes to the infectious chorus, each moment is infused with a sense of creative energy that leaves a lasting impression.

But “Lucid” is just the beginning. With an upcoming EP on the horizon, Keith Kugo and Stefan Rossi offer a tantalizing glimpse into the diverse range of flavors awaiting listeners. From introspective ballads to high-energy anthems, this duo refuses to be confined to one genre or style. Instead, they embrace the freedom to experiment and innovate, pushing the boundaries of what modern music can achieve.

In an industry often saturated with predictability, Keith Kugo and Stefan Rossi stand out as a breath of fresh air. Their commitment to artistic expression and sonic exploration makes them a duo worth remembering. So, keep an eye out for Keith Kugo and Stefan Rossi as they continue to redefine the musical landscape one electrifying track at a time.


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Tommy Marsh Tells You A Lil Somethin ‘Bout Him In Latest Single Surf Ct

Tommy Marsh, is a 21-year-old rapper/singer-songwriter from Maslins Beach. Tommy’s been writing his own songs since he was 9, and performing live is his absolute favourite thing in the world. The energy from an audience enjoying his music is an incredible feeling that he cherishes.

Starting out in a creative school, Tommy was fortunate to unlock his musical talents at a young age. His big dream? To make a positive impact through his music, motivating others to make positive changes in themselves and the world around them.

Surf Ct is a bold heavy rap track that dives into Tommy’s experiences growing up. The lyrics touch on overcoming bullying, playing sports, and finding resilience through personal passion. The memorable hook revolves around “Surf Court,” a steep street where the Tommy grew up, adding a nostalgic and relatable element. This song is a response to fans wanting more personal insights, showcasing Tommy’s growth in storytelling and his ability to seamlessly blend poetry with rap. Overall, Surf Ct offers a raw and authentic glimpse into the artist’s past, marking a significant step forward in his musical journey.


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The Hoodies Drop Kid Capri-Produced Single ‘I’m Hot”

New York-based duo The Hoodies released their What Pressure Makes‘ EP earlier this year. The six-track project served as a prelude to the duo’s forthcoming full-length album Hidden Gems, produced entirely by the legendary Kid Capri. The group is comprised of brothers E-Class and Young Poppa.

Today they drop their 1st single “I’m Hot“. The track showcases the group’s impressive wordplay, sharp flows, and unrivaled ferocity over Capri’s hard-hitting production and DJ scratches. Here’s what the fellas had to say about the record:

Our new record ‘I’m Hot’ was inspired by the golden era of hip-hop. It’s 50th anniversary of hip-hop so why wouldn’t we bring back that nostalgic boom bap feel? The creation process was incredible. Kid Capri threw some mixes and scratches right there on the spot to compliment the beat, while Pop and I delivered with the witty, punchline, metaphor heavy lyrics. ‘Hidden Gems’ will be the album to restore that classic hip-hop feel back to culture. Real concepts, real lyrics, real life

– E-Class

The creative process is always easy when we’re working with Capri. As far as the inspiration goes we wanted to highlight our rapping ability and Capri’s legendary dj skills. The title for this song is self explanatory, this is a song you put on when you feeling yourself. When you’re winning

-Young Poppa

If you’re in the New York area, The Hoodies will be headlining SOB’s on November 16…Let us know what you think of their latest record in the comments!


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Vishisdead Releases His Second EP ‘Never Been Enough’

Vishisdead is a moniker for Port Macquarie’s very own Emo Hip-Hop star. Love, Lust, Heartbreak, Grievance – it’s all covered sonically by Vishisdead. His first major release ‘Anxiety’ via Renegade Records set the 20-something year old on a trajectory that is ever climbing. With over 4 million views on massive YouTube AMV channels and over a million streams on Spotify with Editorial and Algorithmic support Vishisdead is a go-to outlet when you just need to hear a sad rap song.

“Never Been Enough” is a captivating collection of songs that seamlessly blends somber, melancholic pop and infectious hip-hop. Each meticulously crafted track within this EP serves as a conduit for a variety of profound emotions, intertwining layers of neon-shaded gray that resonate deep within the soul.


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DEM MOB ‘Soul Of The Lion’ Music Video Premiere

Underground Hip-Hip Blog is thrilled to have DEM MOB back for the premiere of their highly anticipated music video for ‘Soul Of The Lion’ directed by Capital Waste. Hailing from the vibrant Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjantjara (APY) Lands, DEM MOB is a hip-hop collective that is redefining the cultural landscape through their sound and narratives. With a unique blend of Pitjantjatjara and English lyrics, they have become the first rappers to perform and record in both languages, making a resounding impact on stages like WOMADelaide, Wide Open Space Festival, and sharing the spotlight with esteemed artists such as BAARKA, J-Milla, and Electric Fields. 

With the premiere of their music video, “Soul of the Lion,” DEM MOB takes us on a transcendent journey of resilience and determination..

As their star continues to ascend, DEM MOB recently received the monumental honor of being booked to perform at the prestigious Primavera Sound in Barcelona, Spain. Sharing the stage with luminaries such as Blur, Kendrick Lamar, and Rosalía, the rap group is poised to leave an indelible mark on the international stage, further cementing their place as trailblazers in the music industry.


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Dizzy Wright, Demrick, & Friends Kick-off “It Gets Greater Later” Tour in Los Angeles

The Underground at Catch One reeked of the finest weed smoke while rap lovers gathered around the stage to spark the beginning of Dizzy Wright’s “It Gets Greater Later” tour. Supporting acts included: Los Angeles-based Demrick, Jarren Benton representing Decatur, GA, and Reezy from the capital of sin, Las Vegas. 

As I pushed the doors open, I was met by a sweet herbal smell and a huge cloud of Dizzy OG (the award-winning strain of our headline act). There were merch tables filled with tees, vinyl records, CDs, stickers, and marijuana paraphernalia. The bar was surrounded by men and women in the freshest streetwear, high-end snapback hats, and clean sneakers. 

The post-Dodgers opening day traffic made my drive from DTLA to Mid-City a little hectic, so I was late to the show and missed a few of the opening acts. As I got settled, Reezy was on stage performing songs from his latest release – BLVD Volume 2. The opener vibes were in full effect as the crowd was unfamiliar with the trappy-sounding beats.

Reezy’s microphone levels did not match his backing tracks, so I couldn’t hear the braggadocious lyrics that accompanied his bass-ridden music. His stage presence was that of an entertainer who was too cool for school, or maybe the lack of crowd enthusiasm created his lack of energy. Hopefully, this was just the prelude tour show jitters. He has the potential to gain fans with his music, I hope other cities treat him with more respect than the stereotypical superficial LA hip-hop fans.

After a brief DJ switch, I could sense a positive shift in the overall energy of the night. In less than a minute Demrick hopped on the speakers and slapped hands with fans in the front row. 

Demrick has the stage presence of a star, his time supporting Xzibit & B-Real could be the reason for his calm and collected aura during his performance. I was astonished when I realized Demrick performed 2 full songs with a drink in hand (without spilling a drop). 

I was impressed by the call and response effort from Demrick, the crowd was actively engaged. It wasn’t long before he grabbed a fan’s phone and rapped some of his verse in a selfie-video style, then passed it back to its joyous owner. This type of work ethic should be respected and applauded.

Before I knew it, Demrick thanked the fans and exited the stage to roar from the crowd. I looked at my watch, and realized his 30 minute set flew by. If he didn’t gain any new fans, I’d be surprised.

The flow of the night was not broken up, Jarren Benton was front and center directly after Demrick’s exit. Benton brought a rock star stature to the lineup, wearing a black Supreme varsity jacket, skinny jeans, trucker hat, and sunglasses.

Benton’s stage show was filled with heavy crowd interaction; he invited fans to stage dive. He even saw DJ Hoppa in the audience and called him to the stage to get the props Hoppa rightfully deserves. The only negative about Benton’s show was the sound setup, I could hardly make out his vocals – which meant Catch One should invest in a better sound technician.

A quick midnight intermission ended when the headliner, Dizzy Wright, joined in the night’s festivities. Draped in an iconic Dickies Eisenhower jacket, black-and-white windowpane plaid pants, Wright looked every part of a Los Angeles local. His two-step dance to the stage was met with applause and camera flashes.

Wright’s hour-long set included hits like “Killem with Kindness”, “Roll My Weed”, “Still Movin”, and “Hotel Stripper”. Bringing Demrick & Jarren Benton back on stage to perform their respective tracks made the event feel like a family affair.

For most of the show, Wright performed tracks from his latest album, Live at Daddy Macs (fully produced by 3 Ninjas a.k.a. Mike & Keys and MyGuyMars).The album officially released at the same time as Wright debuted the tracks live. “You Get What You See”, “Willing & Ready” and “Get Out My Business” were a few highlights from his performance.

This new album has all the Los Angeles signature sounds and vibes – it’s definitely worth adding to your next beachside drive. There was a moment in his set where Wright proclaimed his gratitude for this highlight moment.

Tonight’s show was the beginning of a multi-city tour that will stop within every state on the west coast. If you enjoy high-level raps, smooth but hard-hitting beats, and an appreciation for weed, I highly suggest you check Dizzy Wright & friends. Tickets are available on Wright’s website.


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BLU’s Bridgetown Homecoming

Catch me on the freeway, 110 South ‘til it ends at Bridgetown, USA

 – Blu & Exile “Simply Amazin”

In a quiet hillside neighborhood, the amber colored lights of El Principe lit the streets for BLU, San Pedro’s rap king, to return to his humble small-town roots. The Bridgetown Homecoming also featured performances from local stalwarts Block Scholars, Cashus King, Yuckee, SPVCE, and Mike G.

Street Status Studios organized a night of homegrown talent and implored the local residents to celebrate their champions from around the block. El Principe is known for hosting live bands and karaoke, so this hip-hop show was an alternative twist from their usual events.

As I walked in the nightclub, I was amazed at the colorful murals that covered the walls – the neon paint was accented by the black lights, which emulated a psychedelic vibe for all to experience. The sounds provided by DJ Lapaz created a party atmosphere, for the women enjoying their buckets of beer, while also respecting the hip-hop lovers in the crowd.

Mike G performs on stage at El Principe in San Pedro, Calif. on Saturday March 18, 2023

I didn’t have much downtime before the host called Mike G to the stage to kick off the night. His quick set gained attention from the guys playing pool in the back of the club. Halfway into his performance, he introduced new music produced by fellow Odd Future alumni Leftbrain – the sound system highlighted the eerie and deep bass production. While debuting the new music, Mike G slipped up on his lyrics but bounced back with no problem. His performance left me wanting to hear more from his new output.

Block Scholars perform on stage at El Principe in San Pedro, Calif. on Saturday March 18, 2023

The next performance was energized by the Block Scholars. This trio calls San Pedro their hometown and the local crowd showed them lots of love. The three emcees traded verses and slapped hands with the enthusiastic people in the audience. Seasoned veterans is what I would call them after watching their showmanship and signature production.

Yuckee performs on stage at El Principe in San Pedro, Calif. on Saturday March 18, 2023

As the clock neared 11:40pm, renowned bassist Yuckee took the stage. Although, he is known as a supporting member of alternative reggae rock band Special Blend – this instance he was backed by DJ Kut Kaper. Yuckee is now exploring his love for rap and focusing on a solo career. His blend of boom-bap beats and introspective rhymes made fans get closer to the stage to take in the vibes. At one point, Yuckee made his way into the crowd to give the crowd that face-to-face interaction and created a deeper connection to his music. His set was met with applause and appreciation.

Donel Smokes performs on stage at El Principe in San Pedro, Calif. on Saturday March 18, 2023

The conclusion of a Yuckee’s set was met with a fan favorite track from JayLib. This set up a great alley-oop for one of the special guests of the night and an exceptional producer set from Donel Smokes. Smokes used the Roland SP-404 like a wizard concocting specialty spells to snap the necks of every person in the crowd. Their heads bobbed in unison and bodies swayed to every filtered sample and beat drop. As a frequent collaborator with BLU, Smokes production fell in line with the soundscape of the event’s headliner.

Cashus King performs on stage at El Principe in San Pedro, Calif. on Saturday March 18, 2023

30 minutes after midnight, Cashus King graced the stage and brought his thought-provoking lyrics to the forefront. He was wearing a shirt that featured an iconic image of LA rap legend, Tupac Shakur – the stark similarities of their ideals and lyrical content reminded me why I supported Coss (King’s former pseudonym) in the mid-2000’s. He was backed by SPVCE on the turntables and their chemistry was on full display. To get a grasp on King’s musical offerings, check his latest album “Lost in the Wilderness”.

BLU performs on stage at El Principe in San Pedro, Calif. on Saturday March 18, 2023

The night had reached its tipping point, when the hometown hero BLU invited everyone to the front of the stage. He was met with cameras, “bridgetown” chants, and a clamorous welcome. The smile on BLU’s face, while kicking off his set with last year’s Fatlip-assisted “Gangsta Rap”, was great to see. He then jumped into “The West” a familiar tune (produced by Bombay) from his 2014 ‘Good To Be Home’ album. BLU’s appetizer provided an opportunity to bring the supporting acts Block Scholars and Donel Smokes to the stage and perform a posse cut that cemented the hometown brethren’s legacy.

M.E.D. joins BLU on stage at El Principe in San Pedro, Calif. on Saturday March 18, 2023

Fans graciously approved when Oxnard’s finest, M.E.D. hopped on stage to perform hits alongside BLU from their Madlib-produced ‘Bad Neighbor‘ LP.

Exile joins BLU on stage at El Principe in San Pedro, Calif. on Saturday March 18, 2023

The crowd erupted when Exile joined BLU to perform “Simply Amazin’” – it was great to see these two trade verses, and more than likely you will be able to catch BLU & Exile perform together very soon. Overall, BLU’s Bridgetown Homecoming was adrenaline-pumping night for San Pedro’s hip-hop scene. Hopefully, more shows in the area will inject the energy needed to sustain the platform for others to ascend. Peep more flicks from the show below:


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DEM MOB Release Powerful Anthem ‘Soul Of The Lion’


Hailing from the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjantjara (APY) Lands, DEM MOB are carving a new path in hip hop, strengthening culture through song and stories. The first rappers to perform and record in both Pitjantjatjara and English, DEM MOB have already graced the stages of NSS WOMADelaide, Wide Open Space Festival and supported artists such as BAARKA, J-Milla and Electric Fields. With family roots tying back to Coloured Stone, No Fixed Address and Yothu Yindi, it’s no surprise they are making waves in the industry.

“Music is the last link we have to our culture. Everything in our world has a dreamtime story, a song to teach the procedures. If we lose our dreamtime stories we will lose our culture. Language is changing because of western influence but our song lines are still strong. Music is literally the only reason our culture still exists,the one thing that white people can’t take away from us. Music is everything to us. This is why we do what we do.” – Elisha Umuhuri 2022

Soul of the Lion” by DEM MOB is an energetic and inspiring sonic journey that captures the essence of perseverance and determination. The track kicks off with a strong beat and an infectious guitar riff that sets the tone for the entire song. The vocals are powerful and emotive, conveying a sense of strength and resilience that is sure to resonate with listeners.

The lyrics of the song are particularly impactful, touching on themes of self-belief and the power of the human spirit. “I got the soul of the lion,” serves as a powerful mantra that encourages listeners to tap into their own inner strength and overcome any obstacle in their path.

The production on “Soul of the Lion” is top-notch, with a polished sound that showcases the skill and talent of DEM MOB. The mix is well-balanced, with each instrument and vocal part standing out clearly without overpowering the others.

DEM MOB have crafted a powerful anthem that is sure to resonate with listeners of all genres and backgrounds.

The group celebrated release day with a massive live show at WOMAD the worlds festival in Adelaide, Australia – it’s clear that this group has a bright future ahead of them.


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Skyzoo & Friends Bring “The Mind of a Saint” Tour to Los Angeles

Skyzoo performs at Catch One in Los Angeles, Calif. on March 5, 2023.
Skyzoo performs at Catch One in Los Angeles, Calif. on March 5, 2023.

It was a dark and rainy March 5th evening, but the neon lights from Catch One’s marquee attracted the brightest emcees and Hip Hop connoisseurs to Pico Blvd. The renowned venue hosted Skyzoo’s “The Mind of a Saint” tour with supportive performances from Big Twins, Rigz & Mooch, Lenox Hughes, & Los Angeles’ Oshea Boyd.

This event was a benefit concert with all proceeds being donated to A Place Called Home in South Central, or “South LA” as the gentrified population know it. The night started off with a boom-bap soundtrack provided by DJMIKEC, while early patrons ordered drinks and consciously bobbed their heads. In the corner, there was a crew of guys in leather jackets surrounded by aromatic clouds of weed mouthing the words to every classic rap song that pumped through the speakers.

Annette LBC (of Hold You Down Entertainment, one of the promoters of the night), did her best to keep the crowd entertained and gaveaway tickets to the upcoming Rhymefest concert to a few lucky people. 

Oshea Boyd performs at Catch One in Los Angeles, Calif. on March 5, 2023.
Oshea Boyd performs at Catch One in Los Angeles, Calif. on March 5, 2023.

A few seconds later, she introduced the first performer Oshea Boyd. He calmly walked on stage draped in a LA Kings jersey, with a denim hat covering his braids. His smooth demeanor quickly faded away as his energetic verses filled the void that an opener is usually tasked with. Boyd’s comfortability on stage was a relief. He interacted with the crowd just as a seasoned veteran would. A brief break in his songs was compensated with an incredible acapella verse that solidified the intention of his lyrics. His quick stint on stage was closed on Boyd’s feelings of gratitude and the importance of this show. I’m looking forward to the emergence of Oshea Boyd’s career.

Lenox Hughes & Planet Asia perform at Catch One in Los Angeles, Calif. on March 5, 2023.
Lenox Hughes & Planet Asia perform at Catch One in Los Angeles, Calif. on March 5, 2023.

Next up on stage was Harlem-born & Los Angeles-based MC, Lenox Hughes. As he graced the microphone in an all black outfit with his muscles breaking out his t-shirt, his entourage hopped backstage to provide physical support. Hughes’ set made me reminisce of a rapper spitting rhymes with homies on the corner of the block – but I guess that’s what Gold Chain Music is all about. Midway through his set, he calls a special guest to join him for a song – it’s none other than Planet Asia. These two artists have chemistry that is showcased not only in the recorded form, but in the live show atmosphere as well. There was a point when Planet Asia took over DJ duties to provide music dropouts, so Hughes’ lyrics could be fully understood. The end of the set felt like a family affair as K. Burns provided vocals on “Off the Books”.

Rigz & Mooch perform at Catch One in Los Angeles, Calif. on March 5, 2023.
Rigz & Mooch perform at Catch One in Los Angeles, Calif. on March 5, 2023.

The New York soundscapes were on full display for the night. Rigz & Mooch added their Rochchester, NY sensibilities and Big Twins represented for Queensbridge. Mooch gave respect to the California weed that improved his performance, while Rigz showed love to the Dodgers by donning a conveted Dodgers jacket. These two performers traded verses all while keeping their energy high. Big Twins performance was brash and raw due to the self-admitted hangover, however DJ Mishaps made sure not a single soul in the audience cared.

Big Twins performs at Catch One in Los Angeles, Calif. on March 5, 2023.
Big Twins performs at Catch One in Los Angeles, Calif. on March 5, 2023.

All the performances thus far were a great showcase of the talent on both coasts. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed themselves by the amount of hands in the air and “ayes” being screamed. As trumpeter Sean Taylor soundchecked his instrument, the entire crowd knew something big was about to happen. Within a minute, Skyzoo stepped to the stage while the audience came closer to embrace the headliner. His set opened with the jazzy backdrop of “Eminent Domain”, the bass of the track hit my stomach and gave my heart an extra beat.

The productions of The Other Guys compliment Skyzoo’s lyrics like coffee and creamer. Skyzoo’s storytelling skills have excelled at a pace of top tier athletes. A short vocal break for Skyzoo was filled with Sean Taylor’s freestyle trumpet performance of Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “T.R.O.Y.”. To see and hear this in a live setting was the cherry on top of this rap ice cream sundae. The Mind of a Saint is a concept album that interpolates the story of Snowfall’s Franklin Saint. Skyzoo treats the LA-based story with respect and reverence while presenting auditory content that begs the listener to engage their brain on the topics of hustling drugs, government hypocrisy, and moral empathy. I enjoy the boom-bap aesthetic and styles of the 90s, but seeing Skyzoo perform in a live setting reminded me why I fell in love with this artform. This performance got me as high as one of Franklin’s fiends, all in the name of Hip Hop.


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