Charge It To The Game:#LHHH’s Paris Nearly Drowns K. Michelle With Her Drink After Thief Accusation

Paris Nearly Drowns K.Michelle With Her Drink

Source: Oliver Walker / Getty

K. Michelle’s presence on Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood this season has been drama free for the most part. That was until last night (Oct. 8) when she confronted her former friend and fellow cast member Paris.

If you own ten dollars, you ain’t giving me nine.

Teased last week, we saw the conversation between the two go from 0 to 100 real quick when K. Michelle once again brought up the fact Paris stole from her this time coming with receipts. Not really feeling being called a thief once again for charging roughly $300 on the singer’s credit card she responded by throwing her fruity cocktail in K. Michelle’s face.

Paris definitely caught Kimberly by surprise with the move cause she looked like she was drowning once the beverage soaked her grill. Stunned, the “Very Special” singer read off all the fraudulent charges one by one made by Paris allegedly on her credit card before pointing out her new nose almost was damaged in the process.

As you can imagine Twitter was beside itself after witnessing the dousing. Some feel K. Michelle is wrong and some feel she is definitely within reason for being upset about Paris using her card without permission. Some were just here to see a drink thrown in K. Michelle’s face. You can peep all the reactions to Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood shenanigans below.

Photo:  Oliver Walker / Getty

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