New ‘Daredevil’ S3 Trailer Reveals Deadly Foe Bullseye

This month, the world of Marvel welcomes back the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, aka Daredevil, for the third season. With the reemergence of Wilson Fisk, better known as the Kingpin, a new and extremely formidable foe has also entered the stage.

In a stunning new trailer coming in at over two minutes, the journey of Matt Murdock continues as he rises back from the dead after the conclusion of The Defenders and Danny Rand taking over in his role as a protector as the Iron Fist. But while Murdock wrestled with his demons and his purpose as a crime-fighting, rule-breaking vigilante, it appears he is embracing a darker side of himself while raining down violence in the same fashion as those he aims to stop.

Fisk is looming and the criminal mastermind has hatched a plan to not only boost his image to the city but also frame Daredevil as a reckless crusader in an attempt to turn New York City against him. In the trailer, it appears Fisk has shifted the public perception of Daredevil and as the two men prepare to clash, the appearance of a man clad in the all-red Daredevil costume with similar skills to Murdock appears.

While it isn’t known in the trailer who the mystery man is, savvy fans connected the dots to figure out that it was none other than Bullseye as noted in this report. In the comics, Bullseye is a proverbial thorn in the side for Murdock, who is already feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders along with his driving purpose. And as expected, the fight scenes are especially top-notch as they were over the past two seasons.

Netflix will debut Daredevil’s third season on Friday, Oct. 19.

Check out the new trailer below.

Photo: Netflix

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