Lil Wayne Warns Frank Isola and Eli Manning: ‘Keep My Name Out Your Mouth’

Its no secret Lil Wayne is an avid football fan. He has made multiple appearances across ESPN and  FS1 shows where he can comfortably discuss any sport with the likes of Skip Bayless and more.

However, during a recent appearance, he and New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr joined ESPN’s Josina Anderson. Attempting to make sense of Eli and big blue’s early season struggles.

Despite his extensive football knowledge, Eli Manning and reporter Frank Isola weren’t too receptive of Weezy’s presence in the conversation. Isola claimed he couldn’t take OBJ serious while he sat beside Wayne. Meanwhile, Manning seemed to be dismissive of Wayne altogether.

These days Tunchi is getting his business and order and doing well to show fans and critics he can still sit atop Hip Hop. Tha Carter V is finally out and so far, fans are pleased for the most part. Yet, it would be uncharacteristic of him to ignore his haters and naysayers, regardless of what form they may come in.

With this in mind, the Young Money boss took to Instagram to address the shady treatment he received. Standing firm on his words he looks straight into the camera without breaking focus.

“Frank, I know you in New York. I spent a little bit of time on an Island there, called Rikers Island,” says Tunechi. “I don’t know much about you though. Fact is, you don’t know much about me. With that said, keep my name out your mouth.”

Tunechi has always shown love to his New Orleanian brethren Eli Manning. “Like Eli, I’m from New Orleans, I’m a Giant in this bitch. Move the G and add an S and put the I before the N, and put the A in front of that, and that’s what I am to the end,” he said in Gudda Gudda’s 2009 “Demolition Freestyle.”

Addressing the Giants QB, he stated “Every time somebody bad mouth you, I be the first one to say – you can ask Skip Bayless, that’s my homie – first thing I’m gon’ say is ‘man listen, I got an uncle that was doing time that remembers seeing Eli, Archie, Peyton, Cooper, he remembers seeing them at five in the morning every other morning on the schoolyard, way before the students get there, practicing. I’m the first one to back you up,” says Wayne. “And here you talk about you don’t watch Lil Wayne much. That’s fine. I’m cool with you, I don’t care what you watch. But you know, this is hometown love, man. You ain’t gotta do me like that. I didn’t say anything bad about you, man.”

Showing signs of maturity he said “I ain’t gon’ say nothing bad about you now,” says Wayne, to Manning. “It’s still hometown love, I fucks with you Eli. It’s all good, you ain’t gotta watch much of me. You should probably listen, if you could. You probably need to with the way you’ve been playing. You need to bang some Carter V before games.”

“So now I want to say what I think about the whole ordeal,” continues Wayne, in the seven-part clip. “I think that you, you as in all of ya’ll, just a little bit upset that it’s not ya’ll who can get somebody with a number one album (thank God) and one of the greats on the NFL to sit down in a room together and get on camera and get such a great interview. For you Frank, I heard you also say that I didn’t say anything, that I was just a yes man. Frank, you should know that that was edited.”

1He proceeds to rip into Frank. Highlighting the genuineness his presence brought to the interview, which he says went to a “real” place. “Maybe that’s why [Odell] opened up like that,” says Wayne. “He was being real cause I was being real, and Josina was keeping it real. I think you were just upset you weren’t on the other side of the table asking questions. Because I don’t think you’d ever get the chance to do such a thing. Because if I, or Odell, were on the other side of the table of whoever you are, Frank, we probably wouldn’t even answer the questions.”




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