Kendall Jenner is Accused of Culture Appropriation Again

After Kendall Jenner’s racially insensitive Pepsi commercial, the reaction over her Vogue India cover, and obviously, the unauthorized use of Tupac and Biggie’s brand, the Kardashian-adjacent supermodel has found herself in the center of the culture appropriation topic again.

In the most recent incident, Kendall is facing backlash for her recent photoshoot for Vogue with teased hair to resemble an afro and plumped limps. Many argue that the magazine could’ve just hired a naturally Black woman with thick hair.

“Why was her hair teased into a fro when you could use an actual MODEL WITH NATURAL HAIR,” one user wrote, under the Vogue photo, which celebrated the magazine’s CFDA Fashion Fund.

Next time a person with actual freckles and an afro that would be [fire] Vogue,” another wrote.

“Really an afro on a Caucasian model,” a user wrote. “Stop doing this Vogue, it’s getting ridiculous. Hire a model with natural Afro hair.”

“Or instead of forcing Kendall down our throats every month, get a model with a natural afro and freckles,” another said.

In another photo celebrating the fund’s 15th year commemoration, which gave upcoming American designers a shot in the fashion industry, Kendall Jenner poses with Imaan Hammam, who has a fringe cut, while Kendall rocks a frizzy fro.

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