Kanye West Shares Convo With Twitter CEO Over Social Media Dangers

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Kanye West is transforming before our very eyes into the artist he aspired to be before the assumed weight of fame and other issues took a toll. Freshly emerged from the “sunken place” as he tells it, Yeezy is continuing to use his massive platform to address issues and took on the problems that social media can cause in a rather unique way.

“[W]e should be able to participate in social media without having to show how many followers or likes we have. Just like how we can turn off the comments we should be able to turn off the display of followers. This has an intense negative impact on our self worth,” West tweeted on Thursday (Sept. 20).

West then shared a conversation between him and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey via his Instagram page that goes into how social media’s numbers game can play into the psyche of users while also examining new methods.

“We’ve been thinking deeply about the follower and like counts, and what that incentivizes. We want to change. What made sense 12 years ago doesn’t make sense today,” Dorsey wrote in the message exchange that West tweeted publicly with permission. “Us making that number bold and big incentivized people to want to increase it, and feel bad if they couldn’t. That’s not right.”

West then shared a video of actor Denzel Washington speaking against the dangers of social media as well, hammering home his larger point.

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