Coonye Back: Kanye West AKA Ye Came Up Lame In ‘SNL’ Performances According To Twitter

Saturday Night Live - Season 44

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Kanye West duped the world into thinking we were getting, at the very least, Graduation Yeezy back. However, it appears that the “free-thinking” Chicago producer is hellbent on undoing whatever goodwill folks were willing to extend his way after his SNL performance.

The MAGA hat made a return just as it did earlier in the week, and West pushed a pair of new songs onto the masses that we can assume are from his upcoming Yahndi release, which didn’t drop on Saturday (Sept. 29) as promised. Ahead of the performance, West says he’s now changing his name to Ye for still unspecified reasons.

The profanity-laced “I Love It” alongside Lil Pump and “We Got Love” with Teyana Taylor were the featured songs. Oh yeah, there as also that unnecessary pro-Trump rant he dropped along with accusing SNL producers of bullying him while demanding he not wear the MAGA hat on air.

Conservatives, desperate for a win these days, are praising West for his stance but Twitter is keeping its foot on Yeezy’s neck as a result of what went down. Candace Owens went on a Twitter spree celebrating West’s cooning for Trump, joining a growing chorus of others who thought the act was brave.

Check out some of the reactions to Kanye West’s SNL performances, along with jabs at his rant, below.

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