BMI Issued the Trump Campaign a Cease and Desist on Rihanna’s Behalf

Words by: Kevin Keise

Multi-platinum R&B singer Rihanna wasn’t playing when she said her music wouldn’t be played at President Donald Trump’s rallies for long.

BMI sent a cease and desist to the 45th president’s campaign notifying them that they can no longer use Rihanna’s music without her consent.

The letter comes three days after the Barbadian singer sent Trump a message of her own when she learned that her song  “Don’t Stop the Music” played during Trump’s Chattanooga, Tennessee rally on Sunday.

The cease and desist issued by BMI, the company that deals with Rihanna’s music publishing, made it clear that Rihanna is no longer apart of the “Donald J. Trump For President, Inc. Political Entities Agreement.” That agreement allows for the payment of a blanket license in exchange for the use of any song tied to BMI. Now that agreement is valid for any song that isn’t Rihanna’s.

In a letter obtained by Rolling Stone, BMI said,

“BMI has received a communication from Robyn Fenty, professionally known as ‘Rihanna,’ objecting to the Trump Campaign’s use of Rihanna’s musical works.”  The letter continued, “As such … this letter serves as notice that Rihanna’s musical works are excluded from [an agreement between BMI and the Trump Campaign for song usage], and any performance of Rihanna’s musical works by the Trump Campaign from this date forward is not authorized by BMI.”

The BMI letter is the legal backing to what Rihanna said just three days ensuring Trump would no longer use her music. The letter also prohibits Trump’s team from using their agreement with BMI as a loophole.

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