Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted Confirms Yeezy Sales are ‘Very Strong’

Words by: Kevin Keise

Despite Kanye West’s controversial political antics, his Adidas sales are doing just fine. Many people believe since the MAGA hat wearing rapper openly supports the 45th president that his shoe value would take a hit, especially during the U.S. midterm elections, but that wasn’t the case. The resell value of Yeezys might have declined in recent months, but Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted confirmed that Yeezys are in good shape as far as shoe sales.

“We had a very strong third quarter in our Yeezy line,” Rorsted told CNBC. “We expect to continue strong business with Kanye West also in the years to come. So far, we’ve seen absolutely no slow down in the Yeezy business and in our collaboration with Kanye West.”

When asked about Kanye’s current political state and his relationship with Donald Trump, Rorsted kept it neutral.

“If he stays away from politics, that’s his choice. We don’t sign up to all of the statements he makes, we sign up to the creative work that we jointly do, which has been extremely successful for both parties,” the CEO said.

So while it may appear that people aren’t supporting Mr. West, the shoe sales show otherwise.

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