50 Cent Calls Himself New Don King & Announces Deal: “Y’All Thought I Was On Some Bow Wow Challenge S**t”

50 Cent

New York rapper 50 Cent is gaining some serious clout right now. The hip-hop heavyweight has announced a new Viacom and Bellator MMA deal.

Fif went to Instagram Thursday to celebrate the major sports power move and low-key fire some shots.

“You already know. We here, I’m celebrating, just did a new deal. Viacom. Bellator. MMA. It’s going down. You see I got the WBA right here. This right here, next year it’s gonna just be me versus me for Hustler of the Year. I’m doing it big. I’m the heavyweight champion of this sh*t right here. I got this sh*t going. You see me. Don King ain’t Don King. Don King’s old. I’m Don King. I’m the American Dream around this motherf*cking championship scene. Working the room like a motherf*cker. But they paid me, so, check this out. Give me something, a little watch, something like that, I send something over there. All that little money, the money you were upset you didn’t put into the actual boxing sh*t, I’m not upset about that sh*t at all. Not at all. If we were cool, I wouldn’t be making a deal like this right now. My n*gga, you did it. You did it, Sha. I know you didn’t mean to do it, you little retarded motherf*cker but you did it. [laughs]”

50 also went to his IG page to announce a new deal with Bellator MMA and some new signature Get The Strap apparel.

At a recent Bellator 199 MMA event press conference, company head Scott Coker said Fif’s next project would come out this summer.

During the press conference, Coker was asked if there was a business deal with 50 yet and he replied with a surprising answer that the G-Unit boss is releasing a new album in a few weeks. “Yeah, he’s got a new album dropping in about six weeks,” Coker said around the 5:45 mark. “It’s like, look, he loves MMA. And when a big star like that loves MMA and wants to be involved, it just makes a lot of sense. And he wanted to come and check it out. This was his first time to a Bellator fight,” he continued. (Hip Hop N More)

In early June, 50 teased fans about new music in the works and promoted his now-infectious “Get the strap” catchphrase.

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