You Thought?: Kanye Sadly Mistaken, Beyoncé Was Not Wearing His Yeezy Shoes

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Guess the Carters and Kanye West are not “famleeeeee” after all, well at least not for now. 

Kanye West is currently in rebrand mode cause he really wants us to listen to his forthcoming new album. He has been very active on social media lately especially on his Instagram account. Jay-Z and Kanye’s friendship has been on the rocks since West expressed his sadness about Hov and Bey skipping his wedding.

Kanye gave fans a glimmer of hope for a Throne revival when he shared a picture of Jay-Z and Beyoncé on his Instagram account with the caption “famleeeeee” cause he thought the singer was wearing a pair of his $650 shoes from his YEEZY season 5 collection.

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Welp, they were not, Beyoncé was instead rocking a pair of stylish $50 shoes from Public Desire. Ye should have known Beyoncé has better taste than that. We don’t know if Kanye has been informed of the mistake yet because the picture is still up on his timeline.

We honestly hope Kanye and Jay-Z have worked on their issues because frankly, he could use his big brother back in his corner. Yeezy may think he is out of the sunken place, looks like he is still trapped in there and is trying his best to claw his way out.

Photo: New York Daily News Archive / Getty

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