[Watch] Nivea Talks Motherhood, Career and New Music in New Mini-Doc

In the early 2000s, Nivea’s voice seemingly battled with Ashanti over who was controlling the airwaves. Now in 2018, Nivea is making a comeback but not after letting fans know exactly why it’s been so long.

On Friday (Sept 21), BET released the Finding Nivea mini-documentary that allowed the former Hip-Hop/Pop Princess to tell her story leading to her road to success.

“I started singing and trying to get a deal at 14. From 14 to 18 I was hopping from place to place to get on any hook I could. I finally put together a demo with like 36 songs from all the hooks I did and we took it to New York.”

Nivea also talked about her engagement to Lil’ Wayne and how the Young Money head honcho used his industry muscle to woo her.

“I met Wayne when I started taking off after the hit with Mystikal and Lil Wayne called my label and said he wanted to do a song together. When I got to the studio he told me he lied and wanted my number [laughs]. He would come to my shows and sit in the front row. We were so in love because it was like finding someone who understood you because we were both young in the industry.

Nivea also revealed that her choice to be a full-time mother is what halted her career.

“I love my kids, they are my air. If I would have gotten a nanny or sent them to boarding school like I was told, yes my career would be as big as their fathers but I have to be at PTA meetings, I have never missed a meeting ever for years. Wayne and Dream can’t come, so I have to, but now that they are older I am going to start making music again. I’ve already come up with a concept and it will be a dual disc. One side will be my face made up with long weave and it will be called Mirrors and it will feature me being real about my life like I am now. The other side will feature me without makeup and with my natural hair and I will call that Randy Watson because that’s my alter-ego [laughs].

Watch the full documentary here or below.


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