#VineBack: The Beloved Social Media Platform Is Coming Back But With A New Name

Twitter killed off Vine much to the displeasure of many users who loved the short-form video app. But the platforms creator has announced some good news that should make fans of the app very happy.

Vine is coming back, well sort of.

In a tweet Wednesday (Nov 8), Dom Hofmann who created Vine before subsequently selling it to Twitter in 2012 announced his new looping video app called byte. He has been teasing the return of the app since 2017, and at the time it was called V2, but it was put on hold because of the costs with developing the app. He was more than happy to announce that plans are back on.

No details have been revealed on how this iteration of looping video app will work, but one can assume it will work the same way as Vine. Hoffman left the company a year later after it was acquired, but it was still at the time one of the most popular video sharing platforms in Apple’s App Store. When Twitter announced it was killing the app, users took the social media platform to share the best Vines created by its users.

We are quite sure folks are happy to hear a version of Vine is coming from Hoffman.

Photo: byte co

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