Twitter Dogs Law Degree-Holding Becky Megyn Kelly Over Blackface Apology

Megyn Kelly TODAY - Season 2

Source: NBC / Getty

Megyn Kelly got smoked online after being casually racist by saying she didn’t get the big deal over Blackface despite its well-documented racist past. The former Fox News and current NBC News host has since apologized, but Twitter isn’t letting her off the hook that easily.

Kelly was all over the news on Tuesday (Oct. 23) after stepping way outside her bounds to challenge the fact Blackface, which is the practice of blackening one’s face, isn’t a racist act despite the history of minstrel shows and the like. Kelly was gathered swiftly by some of her colleagues, including TODAY‘s Al Roker, who normally does not unleash the smoke on anyone.

Here’s where we remind you that Kelly once stated that Santa Claus, a fictional character can and only should be played by a white person so clearly her bias and way of thinking isn’t humanist in its approach. Twitter has been snatching up those blonde tresses since yesterday, and we’ve got the best reactions listed below.

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