Twitter Calls Out Transphobia & Homophobia In Wake Of Dwight Howard Scandal

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Dwight Howard has found himself the center of a controversy involving a man that he was in a relationship with if allegations are true. The news has sparked a number of memes and jokes at the Washington Wizards center’s expense as expected but also revealed an ugly flood of transphobic and homophobic comments that many on Twitter are calling out.

To bring everything up to the present, Masin Elijè, who some have incorrectly called a transgender woman, outed Howard for his sexual preferences and for allegedly attending parties where transgender women frequent. With a string of text conversations and phone calls, Elijè revealed from his side how their relationship went sour but what has gone overlooked is that he alleges that Howard was arranging to have him killed to keep the secrets from spilling out.

Twitter got their jokes off because that’s just how it is nowadays but after the dust settled, many began noticing how rampant transphobia and homophobia and its hateful rhetoric saw an uptick. Folks such as W. Kamau Bell and sportswriter Dave Zirin all chimed in on that fact, while others are artfully noting that very few people on Twitter are talking about the fact that Howard possibly tried to have someone killed.

We’ve collected some of the responses from Twitter below.

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