Them Bills Ain’t Laughing: Katt Williams Hit With $300K Tax Lien

Katt Williams performance at James L Knight Center in Hollywood

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Katt Williams has managed to carve out quite a long and fruitful career over the years, but some poor bookkeeping appears to be afoot according to the IRS. The comedian and actor was hit with a $300,000 tax lien for failing to pay outstanding taxes from 2015 and 2016.

The Blast reports:

On November 5, the Georgia Department of Revenue filed a tax lien over unpaid taxes Katt allegedly owes for 2015 and 2016.

The lien claims he owes $189,043.63 (2015) and $119,002.22 (2016) for a grand total of $308,045.85 in back taxes.

Katt’s tax bill would have been lowered but the $308k includes $29k for interest, $42k for penalties and $39k in collection fees.

The lien warns if the comedian doesn’t pay up quick, they will begin the process of seizing his property and assets to collect on their money.

This adds to recent legal troubles for the comedian after he was arrested for punching a driver while in Portland, Ore.

Better hit the road and go tell some jokes STAT, Katt Williams! We suggest that humbly and respectfully, of course.

Photo: WENN

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