Snoop Dogg Smoked Blunt In Front Of White House, Says “F*ck The President”

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Snoop Dogg has made strides in balancing the act of being a true blue Hip-Hop superstar and a pop culture phenom who has crossed over into arenas few would have seen for him two decades ago. The Doggfather took to his popular Instagram page and risked a charge by smoking a blunt in front of the White House while telling off President Donald Trump.

Page Six reports:

On Wednesday, the rapper, 47, posted a series of videos to Instagram of himself smoking a blunt outside the White House in which he made it clear just how much he dislikes the president.

“While you n—as is voting and doing all this other bulls–t, I’m at the White House smokin,’ n—a. F–k the president,” the rapper said between puffs of the blunt in the third video.

In the fourth and final video, the rapper, still smoking while laying in bed, speaks to the camera from his hotel room, saying, “Back from the White House. Everything was smooth, baby. Back in my room watching Netflix. Netflix and chill. Sometime you just got to do it.

While Washington, D.C. has decriminalized marijuana and is on the path of hopefully passing recreational usage, the drug is still considered illegal to smoke in public and most especially on federally-funded land. However, as noted in the videos below, the Doggfather strolled off without a care while getting his darts off towards Trump.

Photo: WENN

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