Safaree Struggles With Seven-Figure Peen Mold Offer, Clowns Fiancée & Other #LHHNY Moments

Safaree Clowns Fiancée Erica Mena & More LHHNY Ridiculous Moments

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Last weeks episode of Love and Hip Hop New York was heavy on the sadness, but we return to regular ratchet order this week. It’s a whole lot of woe is me, situations that could have been easily avoided and people who have no business being in a studio.

Safaree has a dilemma, and we’re not talking about Erica Mena…yet. His man parts put him on the radar of the well-known sex toy company Doc Johnson securing him a reported seven-figure deal. This deal should be a no brainer right? Well, doubts fill the Samuels’ head after speaking with Rich Dollaz and Papoose after they suggest people won’t take him seriously as an artist because of the dildo opportunity.

Newsflash we already don’t.

Anyway, the unnecessary drama drags on despite Safaree already signing the deal, so we see he just needs a storyline. But one hilarious moment did occur on the show while he was speaking with Rich when he clowned his fiancée’s singing revisiting the struggling track Mena recorded on a previous season of LHHNY.

L O L!

Moving on, Yandy is out here “unknowingly” illegally harboring a foster child for the sake of a storyline and ratings. Now in her defense, she was trying to do some good by helping the young lady named Infinity by taking her into her home because she didn’t want her to fall victim to the system. Only after a conversation with Jonathan and speaking with the child’s caseworker who warned her that harboring Infitiy could result in her own children being taken away did Yandy realize if she wants to help the girl shes gotta do it the right way.

She has a conversation with Infinity having to break the bad news to the girl that she can’t stay in her home anymore. She reassures the young woman that she is not abandoning her and she is going to figure things out. We already know that Yandy has adopted Infinity but buckle up we will have to endure the process on the show more than likely.

Sidney Starr is still dead set on insulting our eardrums with her pipe dreams of a rap career. For some reason, they think Nya Lee (who doesn’t have a much of career either) is the person who will help unlock Starr’s “hidden” potential.  Instead of just focusing on the music, Lee thinks they need fix Sidney’s image by changing her look, mainly how she dresses. If you have seen how Nya Lee parades around you should be rolling your eyes at this.  Anyway, after an intense debate between the two, Starr puts on one of the outfits and looks nice but long story short the bars are still T R A S H.

Last but not least Joe and Cyn’s problems are not getting any better. Instead of fixing the issues in his home himself, Joe enlists the help of Remy Ma. He wants his State of The Culture co-host to sit down with his child’s mother to discuss her battle with postpartum depression. Cyn was not feeling the move she admits during her confessional but goes along with it for the sake of her relationship with Joe.

The conversation between the two moms goes very well with Cyn willing to compromise and create a schedule so that she can have more time with Joe. The couple meets up later and with Santana looking very optimistic but that quickly goes out the window because Budden feels she did not really tackle the issue by coming up with a gameplan to address her depression. Cyn insists she can handle it on her own and does not want to resort to taking pills. So it looks like this long-winded drama between the two will continue.

Of course, Twitter had thoughts on all of the mess, you can see the hilarious reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Matteo Marchi / Getty

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