Rev Run Says Kobe Bryant and Run-D.M.C. recorded a Song Together

Many stories have been told about the life of Kobe Bryant over the past week, but not many have come from his rap days. Rev Run now reveals The Black Mamba had once recorded a song with Run-D.M.C.

To give you an idea of when this went down, Kobe was still an adidas athlete and he would meet the iconic rap group and the magic would happen.

“We met at the studio [in L.A.], because Kobe at the time had a relationship with Adidas, and we had that big record, ‘My Adidas.’ So we hung out all night and discussed options of how we should make the record. He liked to rap, we knew he was a good basketball player that wanted to rap with us, and we had a great night, took pictures,” Rev said to Yahoo Entertainment. “He was excited to meet us, and we were excited to meet him. It was just beautiful hanging with Kobe — and starting to record a record that we never finished.”

Unfortunately, we will never hear the song because Rev Run has no clue where it was. “Maybe it’s in the archives of some studio, or a demo that we made in our house that we was going to give to them to download their vocals,” Run added.

If you are a holder of that track, please show yourself.

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