Quavo Invites Clemson Football Team to Quality Control HQ

Quavo wants to show Trump how champions are supposed to be treated.

It is a common tradition for every college and professional team to visit the White House upon winning a championship. Since Trump’s presidential term, many teams have denied the invitation to visit the White House. The Golden State Warriors have won 2 championships since POTUS 45 took office. They have denied the visit for consecutive years. They are the favorite to three-peat as NBA champions, so we won’t be surprised if they don’t show up again.

The 2019 College Football Champion Clemson Tigers were the first team to visit the White House a week after their win over Alabama. They were greeted with a fast food buffet for a meal upon entering the White House dining room.

Earlier in the day, Trump said he was going to order fast food when the team arrived.

“I think we are going to serve McDonald’s Wendy’s and Burger King’d with some pizza,” he said. “I would think that’s their favorite food.”

With many of White House staff out due to the government shutdown, Trump purchased the cheapest food he could find.

“Of all the crazy things Trump said and did over the weekend, this might be the craziest,” said Jimmy Kimmel on his late-night show Monday night.

Although Trump is a notorious tweeter, he forgot to use spell check when tweeting about the visit.

Many of the Clemson players said the visit was a joke after being treated as such. Well, Quavo caught wind of this and has extended an invitation to the Clemson Tigers. Although Honcho is a perceived Georgia Bulldogs fan, he wants to show Trump how you should treat a National Champion. It is obvious that Quavo knows more about hospitality than Trump. He is homegrown in Southern roots. As for Trump, it is unsure if he is homegrown in any aspect of hospitality. Hopefully, the Tigers take Quavo up on his offer.

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