Nike & Concepts Link For KYRIE 5 Ikhet Sneaker [Photos]


Concepts x KYRIE 5 Ikhet

Source: Nike / Concepts

Kyrie Irving‘s signature sneaker has been quietly becoming a favorite among sneaker enthusiasts thanks in large part to its price, design and fire colorways. The KYRIE 5 is continuing that trend with Nike announcing a collaborative effort with Concepts to bring a very unique version of all-star PG’s shoe to life.

The KYRIE 5 is getting a sleek colorway based on Ancient Egyptian lore thanks to Nike and Boston streetwear staple Concepts linking up. The sneaker draws inspiration from the all-seeing-eye located inside Irving’s Hamsa tattoo. Intricate details like the tongue being red in reference to what the Ancient Spinx’s nose looked like before degradation, Hieroglyphics on the heel and the purple sole to recreate the color of the sunset against the Ancient Pyramids.

Concepts Creative Director Deon Point had this to say about Kyrie making time to work on the shoe, his excitement being involved and his love for the Boston Celtics:

“With Kyrie being such an amazing basketball player, you’d really think he has no time to do anything else. But to see him sit down with the Nike Basketball guys and hash out these details — things I know are painstaking and probably tough to even bring to fruition — is nuts, man.”

“To us, nothing is more exciting than the Boston Celtics. I used to sit outside the Garden listening to games on the radio, just wishing I could score a ticket to get in when they were dominating throughout the ’80s. Being able to work with someone as talented as Kyrie is not only a dream come true, but to have him be in a Celtics uniform while we’re doing it — it’s mind-blowing.”

Irving adds:

“These guys are unbelievable creatives. What I love is that Concepts has always identified specific cultural touchpoints and pushed things that make them their own.”

This isn’t the first time a Kyrie’s signature shoe has embraced Nike SB, his previous shoe, the KYRIE 4 was blessed in Concepts famed “Lobster” colorway. Looks like we can keep looking forward to these collaborations going forward. The Concepts x KYRIE 5 Ikhet launches on December 26 mark your calendars accordingly.

Photos: Nike x Concepts

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