Nicki Minaj Petty Apologizes for Her Husband at Carnival

Oh, Ken Petty? That ain’t nothing… He really just don’t be knowing.

It must be hard being Nicki Minaj’s husband. People always grabbing at her and while most of them just want to show love… you never know who the cooky person with ill intentions might be. There are plenty of examples. Think Selena. Nipsey Hussle. Pop Smoke. Martin Luther King, Jr. Malcolm X. They get in close spaces and they can jam you up, so who blames a loved one for being on high alert.

Even at carnival.

The two are on a float this year at the Trinidad and Tobago carnival and everyone is enjoying their time on the floats, in costume, music pumping and behinds are jiggling. Nicki Minaj Petty shares a Trinidadian heritage, but her hubby…. not so much.

A Trini singer named Iwer George grabs Nicki to get close in the party. But Kenneth Petty, the “Anaconda” singer’s husband was like hold your horses.

In a video shared on social media, he seems to have pushed his arm away from his new bride. Fans responded almost in disgust, and one person even wrote on Instagram, “come again ….tell petty loosen up a bit.”

While we expected Nicki aka the Clap Back Queen to jump in and get buck, she actually was able to tap into some emotional maturity and de-escalate the whole situation with her witty humor and charm, “Oh gawd. Allyuh like sh*t eh? I go cuz all yuh real fkn stink yuh know?” she wrote. “He don’t understand anything about our culture. I apologize on his behalf. He’s always in security mode. All love. Love my country to death. Love my ppl to death. Period … I should’ve told him it’s a very comfortable family atmosphere. He’s never been to a carnival in his life. Not even in Brooklyn babe.”

The couple does look good…

But why he so hot (like in so many clothes)… and why he so mad…

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