Nick Cannon Asks “Why Bill” In New Video Highlighting Cosby’s Rise & Fall

Nick Cannon Why Bill Video

Hollywood actor Nick Cannon has some strong words for jailed TV icon Bill Cosby. The hip-hop artist delivered an emotionally-driven new video message to the fallen celebrity days after his prison sentence getting handed out.

Cannon went to Instagram Sunday (September 30) with a must-hear and see clip reflecting on Cosby’s rise and fall.

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Why Bill? Why do we have to question if this is actually real? Why? because Bill was the father figure to niggas who didn’t have values instilled? Why Bill didn’t hold up the bargain of the flawless patriarch that we all loved and revered, weekly we smiled as you kept our souls, households and dreams fullfilled. Warmed our hearts from poverty’s chill Why Bill? Why Bill didn’t just deal with his Queen at home? Why Bill let lust enforce us to distrust and allow him to be dethroned? Why Bill wasn’t a better example for me? Why Bill got me thinking I’m better off not being on TV. Maybe I should just focus on my degree Even though my academic quest to profess and teach could still be breached with a reach of accusations against me? Why Bill couldn’t see, that if he really wanted to lead, it wasn’t about preaching and reprimanding this generation But warning us that regardless of our income and occupation the system will still forsake us Take us, for a joke Make us go broke, Stay in your place nigga And when you brag about the black man being hung. Our arrogance is just a different kind of rope. Because fuck racism, Sexism is the biggest issue known to man kind And Why a kind man like Bill Could find the time to combine pills and lies as an evil cocktail is what my Grandmother asked? She was a fan. Now she’s afraid Afraid of you Afraid for you Afraid what you couldn’t afford to do Defend yourself Why Bill? Why am I so perplexed and confused Why is it so difficult for men to comprehend the differences between abuse her right chose Why Bill? Why Bill Want us to be said for him Like he didn’t have the right to lose. #spokensundays [Link in Bio]

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This week, vixen Amber Rose ripped people trying to show sympathy for Cosby.

Over the past few days, various hip-hop artists have shared different reactions to Cosby’s sentencing.

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This is. Amerikkka. 😖😣sad day today

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So I guess Bill Cosby, isn’t America’s number 1 dad anymore. Is this y’all epitome of a man? How about we haul him away in cuffs! Tarnish that legacy, concept, & positive image. Of a strong family man! In which he projected on television. Out of 60 accusers, they were able to find one case. That wasn’t past the statute of limitations. Just in time, because this case was reopened In 2015. And the alleged incident, happened in 2004. The statute in Pennsylvania is 12 years. 🤔 Take him to PRISON today!!! Never-mind the fact that he was a very productive member of society. Who cares if it’s his first offense. So what this man donated, to numerous charities. Including 20 million to spelman.( The Elite black woman’s college) Forget the fact that he’s a 81 year old, legally blind man. Coincidentally these accusations were made. Right around the time “Cosby” was said to be in the process… of purchasing NBC. #metoomovement Personally I’m not buying this bs. I DO NOT condone rape in any shape, form, or fashion. But I believe he’s not guilty!

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According to reports, a judge handed Cosby his sentence this week for the drugging and sexual assault of Canadian woman Andrea Constand in 2004.

Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill also declared Cosby, 81, a “sexually violent predator” early Tuesday, ensuring that the former Cosby Show star must undergo monthly counselling for the rest of his life and report four times a year to authorities. As a result of the classification, he’ll also have to appear on a sex-offender registry sent to schools, neighbours and victims. The judge denied Cosby’s legal team’s request for bail pending appeal. (ET Canada)

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