Mike Colter AKA Luke Cage Talks Character’s Chances In Going To The MCU

New York City Premiere of 'Marvel's Luke Cage' Season 2 - Arrivals

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In the Marvel Comics world, Luke Cage is by most measures a pretty significant player, but he hasn’t been implemented into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Actor Mike Colter talked about the character’s chances in graduating from the Netflix world into the MCU, although nothing has been made official.

ComicBook.com reports:

“I mean it’s just, contractually, there’s always a possibility,” Colter replied. “I mean, as long they keep making them they’re going to have to use me a bit at some point. They keep making them and they’re either going to run out of ideas or they kill off some people. I don’t know, too many people are going to be dead they’re going to have to use me or they’re going to run out of ideas, one or the other, but hopefully by that time I’ll still be able to able to play him because I don’t know, I got a few years left on these knees and back, you know, we’ll see. “

Though Marvel’s Netflix series don’t crossover directly with Marvel Studios films, they are a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even there Luke’s future is uncertain. Marvel’s Luke Cage Season Two ended with Luke ascending to become the “kingpin” of Harlem. Netflix has not yet announced the third season, though Colter says there are plans in place.

At the same event, the outlet reported that Colter teased there may be a second season for The Defenders but all the focus right now is rightfully on the upcoming third season of Daredevil with Iron Fist also recently concluding its second season.

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