Lil Yachty Smokes New Life Into How High 2, Lil Boat Set To Star In Method Man & Redman’s Delayed Sequel

Lil Yachty

Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty is going to flex his Hollywood chops in a certified stoner classic franchise. The hip-hop artist is set to star in the upcoming How High 2 movie.

According to an MTV press release, the long-awaited sequel to 2001’s How High has officially started production.

How High 2, the highly-anticipated sequel to the iconic and outrageous stoner comedy starring Method Man and Redman, began shooting today in Atlanta, with Grammy®-nominated artist Lil Yachty in the lead role. The follow up to the 2001 cult classic is produced by MTV and Universal 1440 Entertainment, the production arm of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. How High 2 will premiere on MTV in 2019. How High 2 chronicles two young “potrepreneurs” on a magical hash-fueled journey to fund their on-demand munchies delivery start-up. Lil Yachty plays “Roger, an entrepreneur and the younger brother of one of the protagonists from the original film.

Back in 2009, comedian Mike Epps talked to SOHH about his disinterest in resurrecting his “Baby Powder” character in a potential How High sequel.

“Yeah, I mean, you know, you know, I’m really, really really trying, no offense to anybody, Redman, Method Man or the project, I’m really trying to move on,” Epps explained. “I’m really trying to get some opportunities where I can really show my acting chops and get some respect. I’m approaching a certain age in my life, you know, some of those roles are kinda like, they’re old for me man. You know what I mean? Those roles are for younger guys that are entering the business now.” (SOHH)

Blaming Universal for not allowing him and Method Man to move forward with their film, Redman previously said he wanted to find a new movie deal for How High 2.

“Yo, Red and Mef, we coming too,” Reggie Noble promised in an interview. “Thanks everybody for buying the Blackout 2! album and everyone who’s wondering about the How High movie, listen, we’re trying to get a deal for it. Universal is not allowing us to use the name or the characters because of paperwork, right, so y’all know the deal, we gonna work around that. But the most important part, the video will still be marijuana-related, and that is the very important part.” (The Life Files)

Redman previously spoke with SOHH about his issues with Universal not pushing forward with the movie’s production.

“As far as Universal, bad move,” Red to SOHH. “Everybody that we promoted the [movie] to, all our fans, we thank you for listening and rooting for us and wondering when the new movie coming out but it’s not our fault. It’s a business move. Universal are not pushing. They’re not opening that money door for us to shoot it. We promoted the sh*t out of that movie. We got the whole world waiting for a How High 2. [They’d] be stupid not to just throw money and say let’s just do it because it’s already promoted. That’s the real deal. It’s business, paperwork, not us.” (SOHH)

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