Lightskint L: Twitter Shoving Jesse Williams Out The Paint For Tasteless Meme Of Emmett Till’s Mom

Jesse Williams has lunch at Fred Segal

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Jesse Williams has a reputation of being one of the wokest actors in the game, but Black Twitter gathered like a swarm of bees after he made a huge gaffe. In promoting a film about the tragic death of Emmett Till that he’s set to direct, Williams posted an image of Mamie Till, Till’s mother, crying at his casket and tried to flip it into the recent Nike “Just Do It” ad style. 

Williams wrote in superimposed words “Believe In Something. Even If It Means Sacrificing Everything” in the spirit of the Colin Kaepernick ad. As expected, Twitter has been gathering Williams up as they should for implying Mamie Till put her son up for an offering to be murdered by racists pigs hellbent on believing what appeared to be a lie.

So, just to be open and honest about things, we’re here for this dragging. Please, not everything needs to be a meme, Black people. Do remember.

Check out the tweets of Jesse Williams effectively getting bombed on below.

Photo: WENN

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