Lee Daniels Taps Viral Star Superb*tch For Gay Superhero Movie

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Lee Daniels teased the idea of creating a superhero film with a gay person in the central role, and he’s finally secured someone that fits the bill. Superb*tch, a rising star on social media, will play the character after Daniels took to Instagram to make the big reveal.

Complex reports:

“Y’all remember maybe 10, 12 years ago I said my dream was to make a gay superhero film?” he said. “Dreams do come true. And I found my superhero. America, world, get ready.”

SuperBitch seemed equally excited about the project, writing in the caption that it was a dream to meet Daniels.

“You’re an amazing man filled with great ideas,” he wrote. “I can wait to work with you!”

The actor and comedian who created the character of SuperBitch is already a bit Instagram-famous for his clips of a cartwheeling and twirling crimefighter dressed in a silver belly shirt and thigh-high hot pink boots.

The Southeast DC native has filmed a bunch of DIY scenes where he fabulously beats up homophobes and other villains to the sounds of over-the-top electric guitars.

Check out the video announcement below.

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Photo: WENN

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