Stir Fry Way: Quavo Extends Invite To Clemson Tigers For A Real Meal Fit For Champions

Quavo Invites Clemson Tigers To QC Headquaters

Source: Bernard Smalls / iOne Digital

Donald Trump’s fast food jamboree at The White House had Twitter users stomachs hurting from laughter at his cheap ass and the idea of consuming all of that greasy food. Quavo wasn’t feeling it and decided to extend an invite to the Clemson Tigers for real meal fit for champs.

The “Workin Me” rapper was not here for Potus’ disrespectful meal for College Football National Champions. Quavo hopped on his Twitter account to let Dabbin Dabo and his Tigers know that they are welcomed at Quality Control headquarters anytime for quality cuisine possibly Stir Fry.

In response to the well-deserved slander that was coming his way, Trump and his team of liars placed false blame on the Democrats for having to dig deep in his pockets to purchase all of the fast food. Due to the Trump shutdown, a lot of the White House residence staff is furloughed.

A real President would have waited till the Government was open before holding a celebration for a championship team. Dabo Swinney should have also put the idea on hold as well cause his team deserved much better. We wouldn’t blame any of the Clemson players for wanting to take Huncho up on his offer at all.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / iOne Digital

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