LeBron James’ ‘I Promise’ School Strikes Production Deal

Words by: Symone Daniels

You can’t mention the word GOAT without thinking about LeBron James.  Not only has he dominated the basketball court, over the years we have witnessed him use his voice to speak up against unjust shootings, transcend over into television, and pour back into the community. The Ohio school, I Promise, created by Los Angeles Laker, earlier this year will now be the subject of a documentary.

According to reports from The Akron Beacon Journal, the Akron Public School has approved a deal with a New York City production company to document the first year of the I Promise School. The I Promise School, which is a partnership between the LeBron Family Foundation and Akron Public Schools, opened in July and is designed to help at-risk children with a curriculum focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. (STEM) Although the school opened with students attending third and fourth grade, the school will be fully operational by 2022 for a first-eighth grade.

Filming for the school year has already started.

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