Lauryn Hill’s Cousin Found Guilty Of Finessing Her Out Of $65K

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In recent years Lauryn Hill has taken loss after loss—mostly due to her own mistakes. This time one of her family members was caught being messy.

Back in July, the Grammy winner sued her cousin Gerald Hill with claims that she fronted him $65,000.00 dollars. According to the contract that both parties signed he promised to pay the money back within 90 days. He also agreed that if he did happen to miss the three month deadline he would also pay 10% interest. Almost a year later L-Boogie has still not received her coin.

Bossip exclusively reports that Lauryn’s cousin was found guilty of defaulting on the loan. It seems Gerald failed to formally respond to the original complaint forcing the court to take action. A judge has now ruled he will have to pay L-Boogie every cent back plus monetary damages. Lauryn’s lawyer has declined to comment.

This legal victory is presumed to be a breath of fresh air for the “Doo Wop” singer as she has some explaining to do herself. A portion of her recent “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill 20th Anniversary World Tour” has been postponed due to production issues and unfavorable fan reviews. More recently she was hit with a lawsuit by American Express. The merchant claims she rang up a tab of almost $375,000 dollars in credit card debt.

Let’s hope things continue to turn around for her.



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