LAPD Investigating Possible Shooting, Stabbing At Nipsey Hussle’s Marathon Store

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Nipsey Hussle is most definitely a product of the tough streets of Crenshaw in California, but he has long since left that life behind to become one of Hip-Hop’s rising rappers. At Nipsey’s store out west, an alleged fight broke out and erupted into gunfire, prompting an investigation by the LAPD.

ABC7 reports:

The store, called The Marathon, carries Hussle’s clothing brand. Authorities were near the area when people began flagging them down to report a shooting.

But when police got to the store no suspects or victims were found. Police said they found blood at the scene and three employees at the store were not cooperating.

Hussle opened the clothing store in June 2017 at a star-studded event that included appearances from NBA players Russell Westbrook, DeMarcus Cousins and some notable rappers.

The location is very popular and gained notoriety around the country.

TMZ has more details, writing that two men were fighting outside with one of the pair getting the upper hand before the other man suffering the beating pulled out a firearm and shot into the air.

A lack of cooperation from store employees and others has stalled movement on the case but it appears that surveillance video may have been taken at the scene.

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