Mac Miller Leaves Behind Fortune To Parents, Brother Named As Trustee

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The death of Mac Miller is a moment in time fans and his peers are still processing, with questions about how the young Pittsburgh rapper passed still unanswered. It has come forth that Miller did have a will in place and reveals that his parents will get the largest share of his fortune.

The Blast reports:

According to a probate filed into the court, Mac Miller set up a trust in 2013 and executed a will at that time. He named his parents as trustees, along with a lawyer named David Byrnes to serve as administrator of the estate. It states he has no spouse and no children.

There could be other people named under the late 26-year-old’s trust as beneficiaries, but it appears his parents are getting the lions share.

If the lawyer can’t fulfill his obligations, he named his brother, Miller McCormick as administrator. His brother is also named as a trustee in his trust.

The total amount of Miller’s assets is not known.

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