Kodak Black Wants All The Smoke With A Boogie And Don Q [Video]

Source: WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 26: Rapper Kodak Black at Echostage DC on January 26, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Brian Stukes/Getty Images) Uploaded By Godspeed

Not even a month out of prison Kodak Black is clearly back to his old ways. The Florida upstart feels in a way about certain rappers and he is calling out names.

Kodak took to Instagram Live on Saturday, September 15 while on the road. In what seems to be at a hotel, the Project Baby held nothing back when it came to both A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and Don Q. “I wanna beat A Boogie up… and Don Q. I’m finna punch you f*** ni***s up.”

By the looks of the clip he appeared to be a little tipsy which lead to additional smack talking. “I’m gonna beat up A Boogie, Don Q, whatever,” while using a heavy amount of gun fingers. “I’m gonna beat these f*** ni***s up. Listen, I don’t even care about rap music. Listen, I got so much money I ain’t even gotta rap a day in my life.”

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Kodak and A Boogie have collaborated in the past in “Drowning” and “Reminiscing” so it remains unclear why he has issues with the Bronx native. Don Q is close with Boogie so we assume he was targeted simply because of their relationship.

Naturally the news of video traveled fast and eventually made it onto Don’s laptop. He didn’t take the threats seriously but still responded with some disrespect. “He can’t seriously wanna Fight me 😂😂😂 EVERYBODY tell @kodakblackSUCK A DICKKKK 🌭🍆🌭🍆”.

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Last week Bill Kapri was captured acting super reckless outside of a Los Angeles nightclub for unknown reasons. He was soon stopped by police nearby.

Kodak was released from Jail in August after serving seven months for having marijuana and firearms around his son. Let’s hope this was just the liquor talking because he will only get but so many chances to play with his freedom.

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