Juelz Santana’s Tooth Struggle Gets GoFundMe Effort, Pearly Whites Back Like Cooked Crack Though

2018 A3C Festival

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The Diplomats are making a return to the scene in a big way on the back of their new video and single “Sauce Boyz” but something appeared to be missing with the crew’s youngest member. Juelz Santana‘s front teeth looked to be missing in the video in some shots and a fan launched a GoFundMe in wake of the Twitter clowning that ensued.

Never wasting time, 50 Cent was one of the first to hop on the joke bandwagon on Instagram.

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And in true Petty God fashion, Fif showed off his pearly whites in another photo.

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This went along with a number of folks online noticing that the “Human Crack In The Flesh” rapper might be what the game’s been missing but he’s clearly missing his chompers right along with it. The clowning online was relentless and because we’re kind souls, we’re going to link to the GoFundMe page although Juelz Santana’s fronts seem to be back in order based on the photo below.

Hit the gallery below for some of the online chatter.

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