Future Says His 2018 Was All About Vacationing

Everybody needs a break, even a superstar who can be a factory of hits like Future. With his latest album, The WIZRD, getting ready to hit Hip-Hop fans across the world, the Freeband Gang Leader sat with Zane Lowe to discuss his 2018 and plans for this album.

When detailing his 2018, Future reveals that he was a little bit more quiet than normal due to just needing a break from his dominance over the game.

“Five years I was on the road. I didn’t ever get a chance to go home. I’ve been on four or five tours all across the world, from European tour to Australia tour, to just doing it two, three times back to back. Soon as I get off a tour I got to go on another tour in two weeks, go on another tour,” Future revealed.

Anyone would get tired after a five-year run and when you are working like Future, you didn’t even get to enjoy the spoils of your labor. “I never get a chance to vacation. I never get a chance to go nowhere, so 2018 was my first time going different places, and trying different, new experiences, and staying places over two weeks.”

He would eventually get the opportunity to do so and now he is ready to take over the game again.

Future also details how he wants to be less private while also dishing on fatherhood. You can hear that clip below and be sure to visit Apple Music for the additional pieces of his conversation with Zane Lowe.

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