Comedian Barry Brewer to Use His Stand-Up Special to Provide $1 Million to Chicago Schools

Barry Brewer is using his gift of comedy to give back to his hometown of Chicago. The BET Comic View alum will release his latest comedy special Chicago I’m Home this coming February and will attempt to raise $1 million to give to Chicago Public Schools and Chicago Charter Schools.

Chicago I’m Home will focus on the background and upbringing of Barry Brewer in what is referred to as the “other” Chicago. The Chicago referenced is the opposite of the skyline and Michigan Avenue that is flaunted to tourist and instead is his home neighborhood of Englewood, which was an area of survival and will carry the details of his mother’s drug addiction.

Looking to make a positive impact on his city, Brewer will look to make a positive change to those growing up in Chicago now and will donate a percentage of the proceeds of his debut special to the school systems. Aiming to donate $1 million apiece to both.

“Being born and raised on the South Side of Chicago and being a product of the Chicago Public School System, I personally know what it’s like to be offered basic programs and be underserved as a student,” Brewer said. “That is why I am making it my mission to give back to CPS, so we can have better programs to further educate our children, expand their interest in different professions and keep them off the streets. My hope is that the money we donate can help fund the supplies teachers need to help provide a better experience for our youth.”

Aside from Comic View, Barry Brewer has been featured on TV One, Comedy Central and more. You can view the entire trailer below and pre-order the special here.

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