Netflix to Release ‘Fyre Festival’ Documentary on January 18

What likely was the worst day of Ja Rule’s life is going to be able to be viewed by everyone in the new Netflix documentary, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened. The film is directed by Chris Smith and details the festival that was supposed to be a luxury offering, but ultimately became one of the biggest jokes in the history of Twitter.

The documentary will cover the festival from the idea to host a high-end festival that brought attendees close to their friends to the tents and cheese sandwiches that hit social media. One of the subjects of the documentary will be the partner of the Murder Inc. rapper, Billy McFarland.

The Fyre Festival documentary will be available on January 18 and will features video directly from the festival grounds along with first-hand accounts from those who were just looking to have fun.

You can see the entire trailer below.

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