Cassidy Confirms Official Return to Battle Rap in 2019 with URL

Well, #BARSISBACK. At this point of his rap career, Cassidy is staunch on strictly feeding the mouths of lyricist lovers and he is taking a route rap fans to favor his presence, the battle rap arena.

This past weekend, founder of the Ultimate Rap League, Smack White made an official announcement confirming the Philly rap veteran’s position to battle on SMACK/URL. According to Smack, Cassidy will officially return the ring in 2019.

“I got an opportunity to make history with my brother. I needed to make that happen for my legacy and I was able to accomplish that. So 2019 look for it,” said Smack. “Motherf*cking Cassidy and URL TV!”

Despite not having a grand presence in modern-day battle rap culture, Cassidy has managed to participate in battles that are deemed iconic. Primarily, in the infancy of his hip-hop coming with fellow Philly rap veteran Freeway and his most recent match against battle rap notable, Dizaster.

Back in June, he shared a telling video hinting a return to the ring under the guise of surprise.

“Me and Smack been talking lately and we got a surprise for y’all real soon.”

Ever since the boom of social networks, especially ones with a strict visual appeal like Instagram, Cassidy (in a respective right to being lyrically inclined), took on and marbled the phrase #BARSISBACK, insinuating an unapologetic return back to the mic. Periodically sharing several off-the-tops on his social media feeds, the “I’m a Hustla” spitter clearly has not lost a step in his rhythm and has even showcased a grand sense of evolution in overall content. Call it an upgrade, but with bars marbled in a message along modern-day corruption, street realities, and hip-hop controversies, Cassidy is beyond equipped for the battle arena, once again.

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