Beyoncé Throws Up The “LA” Hand Symbol In Newest On The Run II Tour Pics


Grammy-winning singer Beyoncé is making sure fans experience her final On The Run II tour dates. The crooner hit up social media this week to share pics from her Los Angeles stops.

Queen Bey hit up Instagram with a handful of new moments in Hollywood.

In-between Los Angeles shows, footage surfaced of Bey and co-headliner JAY-Z looking stunned during a breakdance performance.

Jay & Bey were seen at an after-party thrown on the heels of their show in Pasadena, where they sold out the Rose Bowl for night 1 of 2 of their last couple performances in L.A. Their ‘On The Run II’ summer tour wraps in Seattle next week. During the shindig, two break dancers were putting on their best moves in front the couple … and they did not disappoint. Check out Beyonce’s reaction — she’s definitely into it. Never hurts to impress Queen Bey … we know she could always use more dancers. (TMZ)

On Sunday, Queen Bey shared a grip of new On The Run II shots including pics of JAY.

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Thank you Phoenix. 6 more shows. Hey LA!

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A few days ago, Bey called Houston the loudest city from their tour.

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