Cardi B Reaches Out For Help Dealing W/ A Post-Birth Stomach Mark

Cardi B

New York rapper Cardi B is calling on all her fans to come through clutch with a major solution. The hip-hop star has encouraged followers to let her know how to get rid of a post-birth stomach mark.

Cardi jumped on Instagram Friday (October 19) to show off her tummy and extend her had out to supporters for a fix.

Earlier in the week, Cardi joked about the damage her recently born daughter Kulture Kiari did to her body.

“It was totally harder, she broke my vagina. You know why nobody told you about those things. Nobody told me that they were going to stitch my vagina.” (“Jimmy Kimmel Live!”)

This week, Cardi flexed a bunch of pics donning jewelry inspired by her daughter.

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Recently, paparazzi pics surfaced exposing Kulture’s face to the masses.

Cardi B had a little photo shoot for her baby girl, which gives us our first real glimpse of her … albeit from long distance. Cardi was looking comfy in a robe on a balcony in Miami, and got her daughter Kulture dressed up in a tutu to snap some adorable pics Wednesday. The rapper had a helper to hold her baby girl for the shoot, but we’re not quite sure who she is. It looks like Kulture’s in good hands though. (TMZ)

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