Basketball Cyborg Kawhi Leonard’s Creepy Laugh Has Twitter Flipping Out

Toronto Raptors host their media day before going to Vancouver for their training camp.

Source: Steve Russell / Getty

Kawhi Leonard has never been known for his brilliant personality, making him a perfect fit for the efficient if emotionally stoic San Antonio Spurs. In his first interview with the Toronto Raptors, the talented basketball star broke tradition with a smile and laugh that has Twitter officially creeped out.

No shots at Leonard, but him explaining at the presser that he’s a fun guy rang a little hollow considering when the Spurs won the chip in 2014 over the Miami Heat and the forward winning Finals MVP, he barely smiled or seemed to enjoy himself then.

Check out the moment below and some of the reactions in the following list of tweets. And as a bonus, we’ve added a clip of Leonard looking a lot more relaxed than we’re all giving him credit for.

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