50 Cent & Funk Flex Call Out Dame Dash & Nick Cannon For Insinuating Jay-Z Had Relations Foxy Brown

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It’s not a secret that whenever Dame Dash does an interview and is asked about Jay-Z he goes into a Trump like tantrum and shoots down any attempts to answer Jigga related questions. But Nick Cannon actually got him to say more than anyone expected.

Recently Dame spoke on how Jay-Z’s collaboration album with R. Kelly affected their him during a clip from an interview he did with Nick Cannon for Cannon’s Class, but in a newly released clip from said interview, Dame insinuated that Jay-Z might’ve had a fling with a teenage Foxy Brown in the mid 90’s.

After the Wild ‘N Out host asked Dame how old Foxy Brown was when she signed to the label. Dame immediately shot that question down saying “I wasn’t paying attention to Foxy Brown. I didn’t sign Foxy Brown! Stop putting me in that! You keep asking like I’m on the block, I’m responsible for everybody. I don’t know nothing about that. Don’t beat around the bush. What do you mean by that question? are you insinuating?” After Nick said he felt that Foxy was 16 at the time, Dame responded with “It seems like you got a question for Jay.”

Needless to say it seems like Dame and Nick were trying to pull some cards out of a 90’s deck here and people took notice and immediately called out Dame Dash Nick Cannon for trying to throw Jay under the bus.

50 Cent was the first to take to social media and called out Dame Dash and Nick Cannon saying that their interview should’ve been called “2 suckers chatting class.” Funk Flex also chimed in commenting “2 Grown men giggling like b*tches concerned about Jay-Z and who he touching! Nick always commenting on a man chick… But can’t keep his chick! Dame intern/wife took all his sh*t. Y’all 2 are a f*cking disgrace from my era!! FOH.” Well, damn.

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Nick Cannon responded to the heat from 50 and Flex trying to downplay the situation replying “Ha!! That’s what you got out of that big Homey??? Interesting! I was taught Solid recognize Solid and sucks recognize suckers… Let’s talk about it,” but that just led to more anger from Flex responding with “What the next man d**k got to do with y’all. FOXY smart and always wanted to get ahead and always lied about her age. I remember because for awhile she couldn’t get in the tunnel! She never told the truth about her age!”

Check out the original post below and let us know your thoughts on the situation.

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